Masturbation Addiction: Causes of Excessive Masturbation & Ways to Control it

Masturbation addiction is a common problem in both men and women. There are many issues related to it as well that may prove to be harmful when performed beyond limits. In that case, one needs to check out the causes of excessive masturbation that may help a person to control it. Masturbation is done when watching the pornography, some may spend long hours in doing so or may undertake risky activities, which can increase the health risks too. It is necessary to know about masturbation addiction, its causes and control of excessive masturbation.

What is Masturbation Addiction?

What is Masturbation Addiction?

While masturbation may be a way in which one can understand their sexual preferences in a better way, masturbation addiction can also be troublesome for some people. Many people get into the habit of masturbation to the extent that they need to do it more often or that they spend extended periods indulging in the activity. As long as masturbation addiction does not affect the health, sexual and social life of the person, it can be managed.

However, if the person begins to prefer masturbation over natural sexual methods or remains withdrawn from the society, it may be a matter of concern. Masturbation addiction may pose health risks too in some cases and use of abnormal or dangerous things to ensure satisfaction may be more troublesome. Indulging into masturbation for prolonged periods can affect a person’s health and life in various ways. It necessary to understand the causes of excessive masturbation addiction and ways to control it.

Causes of Excessive Masturbation

Masturbation promotes release of hormones which naturally provide sexual gratification and a sense of satisfaction. There can be varying causes of excessive masturbation. People may indulge in masturbation while they are exposed to pornography in some or the other way. Masturbation may be chosen as an alternative to normal sexual activity due to disturbed family or sexual life.

Some people may have lower levels of hormones required for sexual gratification, which makes them more comfortable with masturbation activity. Masturbation promotes release of hormones after the act, which can make a person feel relieved and tend to prefer it more and more. Some may involve in excessive masturbation to feel relaxed and seek temporary comfort from everyday worries. The pleasurable feeling after masturbation makes it more addictive, which can eventually result in excessive masturbation or masturbation addiction.

How to Control Excessive Masturbation?

Excessive masturbation is mostly a result of involvement in the act that leaves the person with a pleasurable feeling and helps to get away from real worries. Managing stress and everyday worries in a healthier way can help to control excessive masturbation to a great extent. You can stay focused on your daily activities so that it is easier for you to channelize your thoughts in a right manner.

Some measures to control excessive masturbation include:

  • Limit watching the porn to help to control the excessive masturbation or masturbation addiction.
  • Avoid solitude as it can easily develop thoughts and increase the urge for masturbation. If a group of friends makes you feel the urge for masturbation, it is better to avoid them and join a group that focuses on healthier activities.
  • Divert your mind when you get the urge for masturbation, which will help you in controlling your thoughts and subsequently help you have control over excessive masturbation or masturbation addiction.
  • Prefer healthy activities, regular exercises and play activities for recreation, emotional relief and general well-being in order to control excessive masturbation or masturbation addiction.
  • Plan a healthy diet including fresh fruits and vegetables and make sure you take plenty of water. A healthy diet can keep you emotionally and physically healthy.
  • Follow a healthy routine with adequate sleep, which can help to reduce stress and promote good health.
  • Practicing stress management techniques, meditation, deep breathing or yoga to relax your body and mind can help control excessive masturbation or masturbation addiction.

Along with a perfect plan to deal with excessive masturbation or masturbation addiction and controlling it, you should still keep your mind busy, to be able to control your thoughts and activities. You must make up your mind to indulge in the physical activities that may decrease the level of cortisol in your body. If this hormone gets reduced then you can have good thoughts and will be able to keep such urges at bay. Therefore, to save your mental and physical well-being it is always better to keep yourself busy and occupied in to productive things.

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