Glue Sniffing Addiction: Effects, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Glue Sniffing Addiction?

Glue Sniffing is one of the ways that teenagers and adolescents have found to get high. Glue when inhaled in a vapor form tends to have a toxic effect on the body. Teenagers and adolescents have found this way of getting de-stressed and simply passing time as it is very cost effective and is not easy to detect. Glue Sniffing Addiction can be quite detrimental to the health of the individual as it contains various toxic chemicals.

Glue Sniffing Addiction is on the rise in the United States as narcotic drugs and other forms of recreational drugs are hard to get and glue is something which is easily accessible and the effect of glue sniffing is almost instantaneous. After sniffing, the individual will have a feeling of increased energy and will feel as if he or she can do anything.

The most common way of sniffing glue is to empty the solvent in a plastic bag and wrap the plastic bag around their mouth and then inhale deeply. Some people also heat the glue and then inhale it. Due to the instant effects of glue sniffing people tend to start using it chronically leading to Glue Sniffing Addiction.

Long term Glue Sniffing Addiction may lead to various complications and health concerns including dependency and once stopping to use it causing severe withdrawal symptoms. Long term Glue Sniffing Addiction may lead to respiratory failure and even coma. Using high amounts of glue for sniffing may also lead to heart failure.

What is Glue Sniffing Addiction?

What are the Effects of Glue Sniffing Addiction?

Some of the effects of Glue Sniffing Addiction are:

What are the Symptoms of Glue Sniffing Addiction?

An individual with Glue Sniffing Addiction will experience the following symptoms through which it may be detected that the individual has a habit of sniffing glue:

  • Smelling of glue always
  • Always having a feeling being invincible and exhilaration
  • Having problems with concentration
  • Problems with doing tasks at work, home or school
  • Deterioration in personal relationships
  • Lack of interest in normal activities.

How is Glue Sniffing Addiction Treated?

Once an individual is identified as having Glue Sniffing Addiction then prompt treatment is necessary to prevent any long term complications. Treatment is mainly aimed at reducing the physical and psychological dependency on glue sniffing so that any potential serious complications due to Glue Sniffing Addiction can be prevented.

Medications will be given to the patient to prevent any damage to the heart during the withdrawal phase of treatment for glue sniffing addiction. A process of detoxification will be carried to remove all the toxins of glue from the body which may have accumulated over time due to glue sniffing addiction.

Glue Sniffing Addiction is more of a psychological illness than a mere physical illness and hence admission to a de-addiction center is recommended where a thorough counseling of the patient will be done so that the patient is able to understand the harmful effects of Glue Sniffing Addiction and can come back to lead a more normal sober life.

At the de-addiction center, the patient will also be given certain methodologies which will be helpful during the withdrawal phase and also help the patient make necessary changes in lifestyle to prevent any relapse after discharge from the de-addiction center of Glue Sniffing Addiction.

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