Various Causes Of Deterioration In Mental Health

Have you ever been feeling low about doing any form of work? Do you find less interest in performing any form of social activity? Do you feel like running away from the current reality that you currently perceive? Are you too scared of certain ideas, people, events & things? Do you find yourself often isolated? Are you often lonely? Are you often sleeping in the day rather than staying awake? Are you not ready to see the reality as it is? Do you find life to be awful, purposeless & meaningless? If yes, you are in a vicious mental state of bad wiring.

Various Causes Of Deterioration In Mental Health!

Have you ever experienced excellent mental health ever in your life before? The chances are that you would have experienced it only when you were a newborn toddler. As a child you were gifted with a load of energy from nature while being fed with great nutrition as a child in all probability. Once you went to school wherein you were being conditioned to certain rules & behavioral patterns by your mentors, guides, educators, tutors & others apart from being taught discipline by family, relatives & friends at home, it is almost certain that you were not nurtured to become an excellent mind, body & spirit that always produces excellent results.

The beliefs, certain half-truths, they influenced you with shaped your perception about how the world works within your personal, professional, social & family life. Bad wiring of the human mind usually leads an individual to harbor misconceived notions, prejudices, half-truths, false interpretations & negative beliefs about what life really is. This way the wiring of the human brain goes awfully wrong as time progresses. It builds gaps within a human mind that ultimately at times leads to vicious states of mind such as malfunctioning of the brain, hallucinations, schizophrenia & chronic depression.

For now, you need to look at the variety of factors which make you feel blocked from receiving all the amazing natural benefits that life offers.

Lack Of Money, Opportunities, Privileges, Good Nutrition & Physical Exercise In Life Deprives Natural Mental Exercise

Today, as life has become solidly competitive, the importance of money, opportunities & privileges set the tone of life, especially for those living in big cities. The idea of being entitled to privileges has taken precedence over giving respect & courtesy to other people in society. The society has become so competitive that every individual in society today wants to influence the other. Racism in the form of who has more money, better opportunities & the best privileges possible has set in rather than who contributes to improve the character of society. This unholy game of comparison & competition has added unhealthy confusion & unnecessary complications to people’s lives. This game has lead to devastation in mental health due to long working hours, very extravagant expectations, unhealthy lifestyle & complicated relationships leading to a certain large class of people being deprived from the basic right to fulfill basic needs through a basic amount of money. The better opportunities are being directed towards people who are more influential than the rest & so are the privileges. The rich are getting richer & the poor are getting poorer because of the incessant exploitation of nature by the influential, high & mighty. A significant part of people in society today run after the single most important factor that influences the lifestyle of people today: money. With everyone chasing money, there is not enough time for good nutrition, effective sleep & good amount of physical exercise in people’s day-to-day lives. This slows down the progress of the human mind. A society cannot have a large number of people with great mental health if those who influence society do not have a healthy mind & undertake social responsibility towards making people’s lives saner & healthier.

An Unhealthy Body Makes An Unhealthy Mind

When kids are born disabled or with diseases or with certain physical disorders, more often than not they are victimized by society for being disabled or just being physically weak. Usually the disabled, diseased or those with physical disorders are not accepted by society. This creates huge amount of resentments within the disabled, diseased & those with physical disorders. It isn’t that these people who are born with disabilities, diseases & physical disorders are mentally unhealthy or born with mental illness. It is the society today which ignores the pain of these individuals in distress that causes them grief leading them to agonizing times while some of them even attempt & commit suicide. Those who are very normal according to society often inhabit certain mental attitudes which cause them to take up addictions to tobacco, nicotine, alcohol, marijuana & other very harmful drugs. A body full of harmful chemicals causes the mental wiring of the brain to deteriorate as time progresses.

Lack Of Love & Connection Deprives Nutrition For The Mind

Just as what good nutritious food is for the body, a good dosage of care is for the mind to keep it healthy. Dopamine in the brain increases the presence of love in a person’s life whereas the lack of dopamine decreases the presence of love. People usually want simple things such as to be appreciated, acknowledged, accepted & admired by the people around them for all the simple good little things that they have. However, today’s life has become so demanding that people are forced to do things to impress others rather than express their heart out while loving themselves. Parents are much busier in fulfilling daily basic needs & aspirations that they do not have the time to love their children often than not. Lack of love keeps an individual lonely & isolated from other people in an environment. Love means a crystal clear connection or bonding with self or any other individual. If a person is disconnected either with themselves or others or both, he/she will be surviving a life full of unhappiness, sadness & misery which affects their mental growth.

Negative Impact of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt on Mental Health

Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt if not dealt with clearly block you from the real unique relative contextual truth. How? Fear is nothing but just an indication that an individual is uncertain about a certain idea, person, event & thing because of incomplete surety of a fact known or unknown. Fear does not indicate that a certain thing is right or wrong, good or bad, legal or illegal, justified or unjustified, valid or invalid; or just ethical or unethical. Fear is nothing but insecurity. Fear leads to the awareness of uncertainty.

Uncertainty sub-consciously creates a validation in the human mind by default that any idea-person-event-thing within the brain is not aligned or placed adequately in its rightful meaningful purposeful order. Uncertainty denotes that a meaningful purposeful goal has not been set in his/her mind.

Any individual not having meaningful purposeful goals set in his/her life will be driven off-the-track due to the uncertainty that sets doubt in his/her mind. All meaningful purposeful goals eliminate doubt sporadically from the human mind leading to happiness in its pure original form.

Here’s How No Self Belief Leads To A Decline in Mental Health

There is something that is spectacular about the universe in its present form. Why is it that we are able to gauge that a specific sunrise will happen at a specific second-minute-hour-day which does happen in reality? How are we able to gauge that a specific disaster is going to take place at a specific date, time & place with our scientific methods & even at times with our spiritual intuition? Why can birds fly & airplanes move in air at breakneck speed? Why is it that an apple falls right on the ground & does not go upwards? How can dogs tell that a certain man or woman is a crook or a saint so intuitively? The answer is that this universe is blessed with its own unique system that is certainly built around certain principles of certainty, accuracy, speed & precision. There is a higher self – a whole universe with a system with natural laws very well crafted just like the human body which is very well engineered. There is certainly always an element of certainty within this universe. Newton’s Law says that every action has an equal & opposite reaction. Every individual is unique & has the right to be & live their unique lifestyle. It is often but not the lack of self-belief in an individual that he/she does not become an excellent mind, body & spirit that produces excellent results.

Here’s How Assumptions Lead To A Deterioration In Mental Health

People often are known to be naive & gullible to believe whatever has been told, said, felt, expressed or implied by anyone on the planet. The biggest problem with most human beings is that they assume a certain false reality without being able to see through & interpret the relative true contextual reality of life. Most people do not verify the facts, but make an assumption loosely based on whatever they have heard, seen or has been implied as the true reality by others in society. Information in the human brain based on assumptions is dangerous as it is mostly not factual & can lead to confusions, complications, complexities & conflicts in a human mind. Most people with wrong wiring of their brain relatively see life as ‘absolute’ & based on those absolute perceptions relatively do not substantiate the facts that all experiences of life offers. Life is not absolute but uniquely relatively contextual in reality. Life isn’t black or white; life is grey.

Man Is A Social Animal Forced To Obey The Society

Living in a complex society today, individuals today are forced to obey the rules of society unlike the days of the Neanderthal man who would go hunt for food in the jungle with barely enough protection for their body & use the stone to lit fire. Today, the pressure of performing according to the standards of other people has come into play in a very big way, which creates acute amount of stress, vagueness, anxiety, worry, tension, burden, fear & stress in the minds of people today. The standards of society have become norms or rules which when broken creates havoc in an individual’s life. An individual has to fight for his own original unique individual time & space in order to retain his/her dignity in society. Every individual, especially due to the pressure of performing according to other people’s standards, often falls prey to the pressure than live their unique lifestyle.

Religious Misconceptions Deprive The Human Brain Of Natural Growth

Most children are taught religion at an early age but every religion has some myths which have not been busted by their respective religious teachers, preachers, leaders, saints & gurus. These myths have a negative impact on the way the wiring of the human brain works & thus, an individual does not see the true reality that life is nothing but atoms, electrons & neurons together in a certain ‘light’. To interpret religion clearly is usually a challenge for kids, especially those who have been forced to worship god in the manner & way a particular religious leader delivers sermons to its followers. Kids are often dictated to follow religion without questioning it. If an individual does not question the fundamentals of a religion & the way it is preached, he/she will not have natural mental growth & wouldn’t be able to ponder over issues correctly all by themselves. Often individuals misinterpret religion which leads them to do the exact opposite of what a particular religion has actually mentioned in their holy books for implementation of those rules & laws in daily life.

Blind-Faith Often Misleads People

People often find themselves in a space they are not able to wonder – how’s, why’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, which’s & who’s – in a specific situation wherein they are stuck. Ignorant people who cannot wonder enough over a subject often fall prey to fake gurus, black magic, false tantras, false mantras, false omens, false prejudice, false taboos, false phobias & a false belief of the locality they are living in. People who don’t have enough of their own individuality often fall prey to what the society misleadingly believes is the true reality by being a part of a herd of sheep rather than being the shepherd themselves. People in hopeless situations aren’t taught how to be a hope to their own self by helping themselves & have a strong fighting spirit.

Spirituality Is A Religion: A Misconception

Often people have this misconception about spirituality that it is some sort of a religious exercise. Spirituality is nothing but the context of an idea, person, event & thing itself. Spirituality is all about relativity. It talks about the purpose of each of our actions & helps us gain clarity in our consciousness of who we are, how we are, what we are, which way we are moving towards & why are we moving towards a certain destination. Spirituality does not dictate to us what we must do but helps us comprehend our own mind & belief system in the right “context”. This way it only guides us to follow our heart while staying true to our conviction. People often avoid the path of spirituality wrongly believing that spirituality is some kind of blind-faith that cages them in a way of life. The real truth is that spirituality in fact encourages people to discover who they are & what they really want from life. With spirituality, one can simply & easily increase the speed & accuracy of one’s judgment, assessment & comprehension of life’s realities much better than any other pathway available these days.

A Life Without Goals Is One Without A Destination

Often than not kids in schools are trained to memorize the education imparted to them rather than be imaginative. Einstein once said “Imagination is everything. Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Children are not trained right from childhood to be unique, master a specialization they prefer and have a passion in, dream big, take small steps, make mistakes, set goals, fail more & build effective relationships in order to achieve those goals. A traveler without knowing his/her destination may stray away from the original path where the individual is originally meant to find happiness in. An ignorant traveler may get confused & break away from the path that leads to achievement thus leading to low or no self-achievement. An individual who is disappointed because he/she did not achieve much in life degrades an individual’s mental health through the feeling of worthlessness & low self-esteem.


A society that instills all the clear cutting-edge sharp values of ethics, integrity, character & talent within all its members always succeeds in maintaining a balance over the prevailing circumstances wherein money is more important than character which is indeed a disastrous situation. The global society must now collectively work towards greater mental health, harmony & balance of all its members by restoring the benefits of mother nature back to planet earth. This revival will indeed make sure that we will see greater amount of improvement in the area of mental health.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:February 28, 2019

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