Smokeless tobacco is a form of tobacco that is consumed without burning. This type of tobacco is also called chewing tobacco or oral tobacco. In this type of tobacco people chew or suck the tobacco in the mouth. In such a case, the nicotine that is present in the smokeless tobacco is absorbed through the lining of the mouth and thus it also has a dangerous effect on our health. The health dangers of smokeless tobacco are many and we must be aware of them.


Health Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco

Many people think that chewing tobacco is much safer than that of smoking. However, it is not and as per the recent research, it is found that smokeless tobacco is as harmful as smoking it. It is therefore important to know about the health dangers of smokeless tobacco.


Cancer - It is found in the research that smokeless tobacco can also cause cancer in the mouth. Due to excessive consumption of smokeless tobacco, white patches or red sores may occur in the mouth which in turn can cause cancer. These are the most important health dangers of smokeless tobacco.

It is also found in research that more than 28 chemicals are present in the smokeless tobacco which can cause cancer. Tobacco-specific nitrosamines are some of the most harmful chemicals present in the smokeless tobacco. However, the amount of tobacco-specific nitrosamines present in the smokeless tobacco varies from product to product but there is no denying that all such products have a more or less harmful effect. In recent years, scientists have found that tobacco-specific nitrosamines are directly related to the risk of various forms of cancer.


Oral Health – Smokeless tobacco can promote decaying of the roots of the teeth and also pull the teeth away from the gums. It is also found in the research that smokeless tobacco decreased the ability to eat. Moreover, due to smokeless tobacco, you may have difficulty in speaking or it may also happen that you lose the ability to speak completely. In addition, smokeless tobacco decreases the production of saliva. As a result, it may lead to dry mouth, which can further cause more problems.

Smokeless tobacco may also affect your teeth. Smokeless tobacco usually stains the teeth of the individual and thus causes very bad breath. That is the reason why it is said that that person who is using smokeless tobacco product or had previously used it should visit the dentist at regular interval of time. Regular checkup or healthy oral care can help in detecting and preventing the harmful side effect of smokeless tobacco. This will help in reducing the risk of various problems.

General Health - Smokeless tobacco is also associated with various health problems such as pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, and pressure stroke. The health dangers of smokeless tobacco may even extend up to causing emotional disturbances and depression.

Complications in Pregnancy - Smokeless tobacco can also increase the risk of early delivery in case of pregnancy. Hence, it is always advisable to stay away from all kinds of smokeless tobacco at the time of pregnancy. The health dangers of smokeless tobacco can also affect children and their health in case of excessive consumption.


Thus, it is true that smokeless tobacco has a serious side effect. If you are habitually using any smokeless tobacco product, it is very essential that you get rid of it as soon as possible. It is found in the research that both tobaccos in a cigarette, as well as smokeless tobacco, can cause the same type of effect on our health. Some people think that smokeless tobacco helps in giving up smoking. However, the health dangers of smokeless tobacco are many and it too can increase the risk of cancer and other serious diseases.

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