How Long Does a Gout Attack Last & Home Remedies to Get Rid of it

If you have been bogged down by gout, you are fully aware about the unfortunate signs of a gout flare-up. You may wonder as to how long does a gout attack last? You need to understand this for better management. There’s probably nothing that you can do to prevent a gout attack once it has begun, but there are home remedies that can take care of the gout flare-up, without having to resort to costly medication. Know some of the most effective ways to get rid of a gout attack.

A gout attack is triggered when a person has higher than normal levels of uric acid in their body, and has a build-up of uric acid around the joint area. Uric crystals form, leading to gout flare that is painful. A number of things, including alcohol, a selection of foods, stress, and some medicines, can pump up your uric acid level, making you susceptible to a gout attack.

How Long Does a Gout Attack Last?

How Long Does a Gout Attack Last?

An acute gout attack could last from three to 10 days, this could mean with or without medication. Some people may only suffer one gout attack in their lifetime. However, this is without treatment or a drastic change in diet and risk factors. These gout attacks could increase eventually every year, in some cases.

Some people who fall prey to gout, also referred to as gouty arthritis, say a gout attack stems from a burning, tingling or itching feeling in a joint about an hour or two before the gout flare-up starts. The joint may feel stiff or a bit sore. After these warning signals show up, the telltale signs of gout start to take shape. If you start getting repeated gout attacks, your body will send a signal to you that a gout flare-up is about to begin.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gout Attack?

If you have been diagnosed with gout then your physician will prescribe medication for a gout flare-up. Ensure you follow the advice properly and do not skip taking medicine, especially during a gout flare-up. In most cases, it will probably be as soon as the first signs of gout start to manifest.

In addition to medication, these self-care tips and home remedies can help you get rid of a gout attack or a flare-up:

The Cold Connect

If the pain associated with gout has just started and is still bearable, try cold packs or cold compresses on the joint. This helps to ease the inflammation and relieve the gout pain. You can also apply ice packs on the joints for about 20 to 30 minutes several times daily. Using effective ways to get rid of a gout attack or flare up may have an impact on how long the gout attack lasts.


A little rest and relaxation doesn’t hurt anyone, especially when you are suffering from a gout attack or a flare-up. It’s a good idea to rest till the pain associated with gout subsides. Most people plagued by an acute attack of gouty arthritis will not want to exert the joint much anyway. You should raise the joint on a pillow to ease the gout pain. Try not to engage in a heavy workout during the course of the day. Also, if you can, work from home to avoid much travel. A lot of rest will have you up and about in no time. This effective home remedy will ensure a better recovery time and may help to cut down the period of gout attack.

Increased Water Intake

An increased intake of water can take care of many problems and it can also be a useful home remedy to get rid of gout attack as well. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it also ensures your gout flare-up is eased. A lack of water in your body can lead to a spike in uric acid levels, especially if they are already high. When you drink a lot of water, your body stabilizes the uric acid to a normal level. When the gout eases up, you will be able to go about doing your normal chores.

Watch Your Diet

Another important natural home remedy to get rid of gout attack is to watch your diet. You need to keep a tab on what you eat and drink. Foods that are high in purines (some seafood, organ meats like liver, and fatty foods) may spike up uric acid in your blood considerably. This apart, fructose-sweetened drinks and alcohol can also lead to high uric acid levels. These are some of the factors that trigger a gout attack and can also worsen an already existing flare-up.

Support System

Walking with the help of a cane during an acute gout attack will help keep the pressure off your painful joint. You can use this only when at home or as required. Carrying a cane to your place of work might be a little difficult, but if needed, do so. Keeping your foot elevated will also help ease the pain.

Sheet Remedy

The weight of your bed sheets can also add to the woes of an inflamed, gouty toe. You can tuck the sheets on both sides to ensure the end falls at calf level, thereby giving your painful toe a little extra breathing space.

Gout-Friendly Socks

Yes, you can create your own socks at home. Cut the big toe out of an old pair of socks. This will ensure the affected toe gets a bit of air while the entire foot remains warm as well.

In addition to all this, listen to your body signals. If your gout attack or flare-up does not improve or continues to bother you despite trying out some of the home remedies, seek medical help at the earliest.

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