Pseudogout Vs Gout: Differences Worth Knowing

Pseudogout and gout both are arthritic diseases where crystalline deposits collect in the joint and causes pain, stiffness, swelling and redness. Mostly the symptoms of pseudogout and gout are similar; however there are some notable differences between the two. The differences between pseudogout and gout will be studied in the following arrays of the article.

Pseudogout Vs Gout: Differences worth Knowing

Pseudogout Vs Gout: Differences worth Knowing

  1. Pseudogout Vs Gout: Differences Based on Symptoms

    Though both pseudogout and gout cause sudden and severe pain in one joint with little or no warning; both these conditions affect different joints. Pseudogout most frequently affects the knee and can also appear in the ankle, shoulder, wrists or even hip. However most of the cases of gout are caused in the big toe and other common sites are the heel, fingertips, wrists etc.

  2. Pseudogout Vs Gout: Differences Based on Causes

    Both, pseudogout and gout are caused by excess of a certain substance in the body which crystallizes in a joint and leads to pain. However the problem causing substances are different in pseudogout and gout. Pseudogout is caused from excessive calcium pyrophosphate while gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid.

  3. Pseudogout Vs Gout: Differences Based on Risk Factor

    Age, genetics and previous injury in the affected joint along with the family history are some of the risk factors for occurrence of both, pseudogout as well as gout.

    However gender and ethnicity does not affect pseudogout but affect the risk of gout. It is known that men are more likely to have gout than women and also the African-American men have higher chances of getting gout than Caucasian men.

  4. Pseudogout Vs Gout: Differences Based on Treatments and Prevention

    Both, pseudogout as well as gout are treated in the same manner. The treatments include pain medications, rest, ice etc for treating pain of immediate attacks, while longer term treatments include cortisone injections and also surgery in some cases.

    However, coming to prevention, it can be said that pseudogout attacks cannot be prevented while gout attacks may be preventable with changes in lifestyle. Individuals can avoid purines found in alcohol, fish, meat, beans and specific vegetables like spinach and asparagus etc so as to prevent the gout attacks. Apart from this, weight loss and some prescription medications may also aid in preventing gout attacks.

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