7 Things To Know About Shatter Canada

With numerous innovations of cannabis edibles, vapes, and extracts, the Canadian medical association has raised some concerns over the complication in decision-making for Canadians. Despite being legalized, not all cannabis products are evenly regulated by the country.

7 Things To Know About Shatter Canada
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Cannabis extracts like Shatter can only be inhaled with a vaporizer pen. It is because of its heavy, solid composition. Not only this, it is expected to have 70-90% THC content and other cannabinoids in it. Due to its recent introduction into the cannabis industry, it is relatively unknown to the general public. Let us begin the process of learning new things about the new Shatter Weed.

What is Shatter?

To begin with, imagine Shatter to be a more potent and high-inducing cannabis derivative. It has a comparatively higher concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in it. In its raw form, it is observed as a solid glass-like, brittle substance. Hash oil, which is usually considered a cannabis product, is related closely to the Shatter weed.

What is Shatter?
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Shatter had its production in the late 90s as a refined THC concentrate. The name of this cannabis strain accurately denotes its nature. It means it would shatter as soon as you drop it on the ground. One can compare it with the consistency of a resin as soon as it dries. You see a clear and brittle candy-like form of a highly potent THC extract. One can get Kush weed dispensary to enquire about the product in full detail.

What position does Shatter weed hold in Canada?

The previous years marked particular cannabis substances as legal throughout Canada. However, various concerns are made over the product’s usage and popularity among the younger generation. It puts the public acceptance of Shatter weed in a complicated position.

For first-time users, the psychoactive effects of Shatter weed could be overwhelming. It is so because of its THC content which is more potent than the average weed. It is supposed to give an intense high for a long time. It is because of its highly variable concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol. If you are searching for a way to step into more facts about this weed, we have tried to gather most of it.

What are the 7-things to learn about Shatter Canada?

We know how confusing it can be to have an opinion about a new product when the product happens to be a cannabis derivative. Nevertheless, we have laid important information regarding Shatter weed that one may find helpful.

  • History

Even though Shatter is the latest discovery in the cannabis industry, its foundation can be traced back to the 90s. It was a refinement process that led to the production of which is now called Shatter. Since its introduction, the Canadian authorities have shown concern over the health and well-being prospects of the Canadian public.

  • Psychoactive effects

THC is the main ingredient that induces a high. However, imagine an extract that is multiple times more potent than THC. Shatter is a highly concentrated extract of tetrahydrocannabinol. It is why using it in the same way as cannabis would be a life-threatening choice. Its psychotic effects are evident and can leave you in a temporary state of psychosis.

  • Physical aspects

In its natural state, Shatter weed looks like a sheet of translucent candy which is golden in color. It is hard and easily broken. Its odor is just like any other cannabis extract but slightly hashish-like. Individuals that choose to consume Shatter, heat the substance and inhale its vapors; like vaping.

  • Cost price

Among numerous averagely priced cannabinoids, Shatter weed is sold at incredible prices, as high as most drugs. It could even touch the mark of $100 per gram of this weed. This fact appropriately justifies how its high THC content and undisputable intensified high contribute to its price range.

  • Side effects

Because shatter weed is 4x more potent than traditional marijuana, it could result in more intense and intoxicating side effects. It implies that vaping Shatter could be a lot of risk for a beginner. Shatter consumption can cause the following :

  • Increased heartbeat
  • Respiratory infections like asthma and bronchitis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Sore throat
  • Weak immune system
  • Red eyes

The effects of Shatter on the mind can be severe. It might result in anxiety, panic attacks, and even paranoia. Apart from this, a heavy dosage of this extract can weaken your brain’s memory and can also be lethal in some cases.

  • Withdrawal symptoms

Cannabis compounds do not usually show evidence for product dependency or addiction. However, a person might start to depend emotionally on Shatter. And once you start depending on the product physically, you might need a heavier dosage to feel the effects of the extract; this becomes a sign of addiction.

Some notable withdrawal symptoms for Shatter weed are—

  • Fright
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Easily irritable
  • Difficulty in staying asleep
  • Insomnia

Continued heavy usage of Shatter can negatively affect the endocannabinoid receptor system, a system responsible for regulating physiological functions in the body. The normal signaling of the impulses is blocked, and brain circuits are poorly modified. It can affect the way an individual remembers the details and how they act.

  • Legal status

The federal government has initiated the legalization of specific cannabis products, including Shatter. There are different regulations regarding the product’s possession, distribution, and consumption. Most consumers are still confused about the policies it might have once it is legalized.

The bottom line.

We have tried to sum up the beneficial information on Shatter weed in Canada. Although cannabis enthusiasts might find this extract better than the conventional ones, its high THC content is a reason for concern. It is a solid reason to consider its regulations as directed by the Canadian authorities.

These rules aim to refrain Shatter from the hands of youth. And only make legal cannabis available to the approach of the general public. It can ease the pot situation in the country while also contributing to the health welfare of the people.

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