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Simple Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches

“Migraines are God’s own way of letting you know your head is going to explode!” Someone who lives with migraine would surely let you know how painful migraine headaches can be. There are some home remedies, which can be beneficial to some extent in reducing migraine headaches when taken properly. In this current article we will take some simple and effective home remedies for migraine headaches.

Migraine Headaches: An Overview

“Migraines are neurological disorders, not just headaches.” As per Susan Broner, the Medical Director of the Manhattan Headache Center in New York; “Migraine is a serious neurobiological disorder which involves both the neurological as well as the vascular changes in the brain during a migraine attack.” Migraines are recurrent throbbing headaches which are often accompanied by vomiting, nausea and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Usually migraines occur in one side of the head. Migraines may include a stage marked by visual disturbances and known as the stage of “Aura”.[1]

Simple Home Remedies For Migraine Headaches: Things To Follow

So, here let us know about some of the things to follow for getting rid of migraine headaches at home. Below are some of the home remedies for migraine headaches you can keep a note.[2]

Home Remedies For Migraine Headaches

  1. Drinking plenty of water can be a simple home remedy for migraine headaches: Dehydration can be a big cause for triggering migraine headaches. It is essential to take at least 6 glass of water every day and keep away from unnecessary dehydration which may lead to migraine headaches.
  2. Adding Magnesium to your Diet Can Help Deal with Migraine Headaches Naturally: Migraines which are associated with menstruation in women and the migraines which are associated with the aura, can be reduced or control to a good extent by taking about 400 to 600 gm of magnesium daily in the diet. However, it must be noted that taking more of magnesium can lead to diarrhea.
  3. Caffeine is an effective home remedy for migraine headaches: “Caffeine can be a double edge sword!” It is known that drinking caffeine can benefit in reducing the pain and migraine headaches. However, taking more of caffeine can also trigger migraine headaches or make the existing headache worsen.
  4. Adding Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin to Your Diet Can Help You Treat Migraine Headaches Naturally At Home: Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin is an essential nutrient which can help in reducing the symptoms of migraine or migraine headaches. It is found that taking 400 mg of riboflavin or vitamin B2 every day can reduce the number of migraine headaches after 3 months. Lean beef, whole grains, yogurt, eggs, almonds, low fat milk, spinach, mushrooms etc are some of the food sources which contain vitamin B2 or riboflavin.
  5. Taking Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Fish oil) can be a Simple Yet an Effective Home Remedy for Migraine Headaches: Omega 3 fatty acids are known to be beneficial in reducing migraine attacks. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acid which can be taken in the diet.
  6. Adding Ginger to Regular Diet can be a Useful Home Remedy for Migraine Headache: Taking Ginger or ginger capsules regularly can work well in treating migraine headaches in some patients.
  7. Peppermint Oil- A Home Remedy for Migraine Headaches: The smell of peppermint oil is known to be effective in reducing migraine headaches in some patients.
  8. Applying Grinded Lemon Peel for Migraine Headaches: The peel of the lemon can be grinded and applied on the forehead to reduce the pain in headaches. One can try this simple home remedy at home for getting relief in migraine.
  9. Applying Paste from Sandalwood Powder to Treat Migraine Headaches Naturally at Home: Making a paste from Sandalwood powder and applying on the forehead during headaches can help in reducing the pain in migraine attacks.
  10. Garlic and Camomile Tea- Migraine Headache Home Remedy: A tea made from garlic and camomile can be a simple and effective home remedy for migraine and can reduce the inflammation and pain in the migraine headaches.
  11. Carrot Juice and Grape Juice to Treat Migraine Headaches Naturally at Home: Grape juice in concentrated form or without adding water can help in reducing migraine attacks in some people. Carrot juice is also known to be a simple home remedy for migraine headaches.
  12. Taking Coenzyme Q10 can be a Simple Home Remedy for Migraine Headaches: Taking about 300 mg of Coenzyme Q10 every day is known to be effective in reducing migraine headaches in patients. However, it is pretty expensive.
  13. Herbs that Work as Natural Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches: Butterbur and Feverfew are two herbs which work as a simple and effective natural home remedy for migraine headaches. Feverfew is an aromatic herb plant which helps in reducing the throbbing pain associated with migraines by reducing the inflammation in the blood vessels of the brain with minimal side effects. Taking 250 mg of the herb a day can be beneficial in migraine headaches. Butterbur is one of the best natural remedies for treating migraines.
  14. “Low dose estrogen contraceptives”-Home Remedy for Migraine Headaches in Women: As said by Andrew Michael Blumenfeld, the MD of Headache Center of Southern California; “Women usually suffer from a steep decline in estrogen level before menstruating, which can be a trigger for migraine. It is said that taking low-dose estrogen contraceptives may help in women who suffer migraine headaches during menstruation
  15. Acupuncture as a Simple Home Remedy for Migraine Headaches: Acupuncture can be a wonderful alternative therapy, which can work great in relieving migraine headaches at home. It is said that the acupuncture needles actually stimulates the pain relieving chemicals of the body and thus help in easing pain in migraine headache.
  16. Cold or Hot Compress” as Simple Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches: Hot and cold treatments work as a nice home remedy for migraine headaches. You can either warm up or cool down for reducing migraine attacks.
  17. Exercise is the Best Home Remedy for Migraine Headaches:Exercise is the wonder treatment!” Exercise can help in preventing or reducing migraines in patients. Exercise actually help in removing tension and stress which are the obvious triggers for migraine. Apart from this, exercise also releases endorphins, which act as mild sedative. However, make sure intense and over exercise can worsen the migraine.
  18. Rubbing the temples gently can be a simple home remedy for migraine headaches: “A simple head rub can do some magic!” It is all about feeling good when you are trapped inside a well of pain. You can find some relief with gentle rub of your temples when you have migraine headaches.
  19. Massage-The Best Home Remedy for Migraine Headaches: A study found that migraine patients who suffered migraines on frequent basis had headaches after six weekly massage sessions. So, massage can be a simple home remedy for migraine headaches. It actually relieves stress and tension and this can work fine in preventing more of migraine attacks.
  20. Meditation is an Effective Simple Home Remedy for Migraine Headaches: Meditation is a simple and effective proven stress reliever. You can get relief from pain and stress by practicing meditation regularly. Migraine headaches can be managed to a fair extent with meditation.
  21. Breathing Exercises- The Simple Home Remedy for Migraine Headaches: Breathing exercises are known to be pretty effective in relieving stress and helping you ease the pain in migraine headaches.
  22. Sleeping Well -An Effective Way to Treat Migraine Headaches Naturally at Home: Effective sleeping is one of the best home remedy for migraine headaches. It is important to have sound and proper sleep in order to relieve from stress and tension which can trigger migraine. So, try to have proper sleep and make sure you have a calm and quiet environment around you for getting an uninterrupted sleep.

Ways to Prevent Migraine Headache!

  1. Avoid alcohol that can cause migraine headaches: It is always good to avoid alcohol or smoking for keeping a good general health. However if you are very much in to alcoholic intake; then make sure you are avoiding the alcohol which gets you a hangover in just one drink, which may be a migraine attack; and also avoid the alcohol that gets you a headache within 8 hours of the consumption.[8]
  2. Avoid skipping of meals as that can trigger migraine headaches: It must be noted that fasting actually increases the chances of getting migraine headaches. So, make sure you are eating in every 3 to 4 hours so as to keep away from empty stomach.
  3. Avoid foods that trigger migraine: There may be some foods like chocolates, aged cheese, etc., which can trigger migraine in some people. If you experience the same, eliminate these foods which can trigger migraine attacks.
  4. Avoid Sleeping Forcibly to Prevent Migraine: “Sleep is good for health; but not a forced sleep!” If you are not getting sleep do not try to sleep forcefully which cannot bring you sleep and keep you more awake and cause more of headache. Try to do some quiet and light activities like, read or be calm and lie down until you feel drowsy.
  5. Avoid Distractions That Can Cause Migraine Headaches: There may be more of migraine headaches with distractions like loud noise, television etc. Keep away from such distraction in order to have some relief from the attack.
  6. Avoid Direct Sunlight to Prevent Migraine Headaches: Direct sunlight exposure can also trigger migraine attacks. Make sure you avoid more of exposure to the direct sunlight.[3]

Activities that Can Help Get Rid of Migraine Headaches Naturally:

Retreat self from your usual activities and make a calm environment for self: “No treat can be a better treat than a treat gifted to self!” Why not take a break from the work when you feel exhausted or stressed and take a relaxing massage or have a day out with friends for some smiling times? The best things you can do is keep a special time for self, at least for 15 minutes every day and do the things which you like the most; like playing video games or gardening or anything else you love doing. It helps in keeping a good balance in your mind and helps you keep away from the stress of daily life which can trigger migraine attacks. You can have a special time for self and be with the best of you in a calm, quiet and pleasant environment. It feels relaxing![4]

Simple Tips to Manage Migraine Headache Triggers!

Maintaining a migraine diary can be pretty effective in managing the triggers for your migraines and in managing migraine headaches to some fair extent. You can have a diary to note down the things which trigger your migraine, you can note down when your migraine start, how long they last and what provides the best relief in your migraine attacks. By keeping the record, you can adopt the things which work as the best remedy in your migraines and avoid the things which worsen your condition in migraine.[5,6]

Final note for Migraine Headaches:

“No pain can be ignored; but they can be managed!” People who strive against migraine or migraine headaches must be having their toughest time when the migraine attack strikes them. But they cannot ignore or skip off the pain moment. However, there are some simple home remedies for migraine headaches, which can help them manage their pain to some extent. Hope the above mentioned home remedies work well in managing migraine headaches.

“Keep calm, rest, adjust and move on!”


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