Benefits of Oleander Flower & Its Side Effects

Flowers are the most attractive part of a plant. They are rich in color and they have a sweet fragrance. They are used to express various emotions like love, happiness, sadness, grief, celebrations, lost etc. and many more. However, flowers are also known to have several benefits to mankind. In this article we will take a look on some of the benefits of Oleander flower as well as its side effects. Hope this would be a beneficial read for you.

Benefits of Oleander Flower

Benefits of Oleander Flower:

Commonly known as Oleander, is a beautiful flower which is also known as “Sweet scented” and is used in Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Chinese therapies for treating various diseases. Below are some of the best benefits of Oleander flower.

  1. Benefits of Oleander flower in Reducing Heart Pain:

    Oleander flower is used in reducing heart pain. Taking 100-200 mg of bark of its root after meals helps in causing heaving urination which cures the heart pain. It even benefits in curing disorders related to the heart.

  2. Oleander Flower is Beneficial in Treating Headache:

    Oleander flower is also known to treat headache. All you need is grind the flowers of oleander with Indian gooseberry in kanji (A fermented drink made by using beets, carrots and mustard). Then, you need to apply this paste on the forehead for getting immense relief.

  3. Benefits of Oleander Flower in Treating Piles:

    Oleander is also used in treating piles. You need to grind the root of oleander with cold water and apply on the boils. It cures the boils.

  4. Use of Oleander flower as a Face Pack:

    Oleander flower are also used as a face pack. All you need is grind the flower of white oleander and apply on your face. This improves the texture and complexion of the skin.

  5. Oleander Flower is Beneficial in Treating Snake Bite:

    Oleander can also be beneficial in treating snake bite. Take 125 to 250 mg of bark of its root or 1-2 leaves of Oleander repeatedly after a short interval, in case of snake bite. It causes the victim to vomit which then actually releases the poison out of the body.

  6. Benefits of Oleander Flower in Reducing Joint Pain:

    Joint pain can also be reduced with oleander. You need to grind the leaves of Oleander and apply on the painful joints. An individual can also use the decoction of white oleander for rinsing the ulcers and wounds.

  7. Helpful in Treating Eczema:

    Oleander can also be used for treating eczema. Just prepare oil from the root bark of white Oleander and apply on the affected parts. It aids in curing all types of eczema, itching, etc..

Side Effects of Oleander Flower:

Though Oleander is known for many of its healing benefits; there are also some deadly side effects when taken or prepared incorrectly. Below are some of some of the side effects of Oleander Flower.

  • There have been many cases of poisoning and death because of taking oleander, oleander leaf tea and its extract.
  • It is also known that honey prepared from the nectar of the plant can produce dangerous side effects.

Precautions to Follow While Using Oleander:

Below are some of the precaution one must follow while using Oleander or Oleander flower:

  • Oleander should never be eaten raw. Its raw extract form are highly toxic
  • Supplemental use of Oleander should only be done under the guidance of a trained herbalist or a doctor.
  • It is not recommended as a daily supportive health supplement; and must only be taken in cases of disease support.


So, here we saw some of the best benefits of Oleander flower. However as we also know about the side effects and contraindications of the flower, one must consult a doctor before using it as a natural healing remedy for any diseased condition. One can do proper research, check with a trained and expert herbalist too, before ingesting any supplements with Oleander extract in it.

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