8 Factors That Can Help Attain a Good Height

Everybody wants a good height as it enhances the personality. Height is a sensitive topic and many of us are not satisfied with our height. People look out for various solutions and techniques to gain height. Let us look at the factors that can help attain a good height.

8 Factors That Can Help Attain a Good Height

8 Factors That Can Help Attain a Good Height

There are various factors that influence height, the most important being the genetic factor, other being environment, nutrition, and exercise. Every individual has a different pace of growth. The height stops growing once the puberty passes, which means that an adult may unlikely observe an increase in height. There are a few simple things which if followed can help ensure a good height spike in the growing years.

Based on the factors that can help attain a good height, here are a few things that are the most influential.

  • Balanced Diet – Everything our body needs is hidden in food and a healthy, balanced diet is one of the major factors that can help attain a good height. A well-balanced diet with a good combination of protein, calcium, zinc and vitamin D, has a very good potential to make you taller. Add fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, and protein to your diet and avoid all the packaged and processed food. It helps in promoting bone health and muscle growth.
  • Exercise – A regular exercise routine has many benefits as it strengthens the muscles and bones and helps maintain a healthy weight. Exercise helps in lengthening and straightening of the spine which is one of the vital factors promoting height. Hence, exercising particularly those giving a stretch and strength to the body are one of the important factors that can help attain a good height. Children should indulge in one hour of exercise every day. The exercise can be anything from swimming to aerobics, skipping, yoga, flexibility exercises, or sit-ups. Teens can join various sports like tennis, badminton, or cricket classes, as it is also a way of keeping them physically active. When we exercise our body demands more healthy nutrients thereby increasing the absorption of the same.
  • Sleep – Our body grows while sleeping, therefore, it is very important to get a good amount of sleep. While in deep sleep our body releases HGH (a growth hormone), which decreases in the individual who does not sleep well. It affects the height. Sleeping well may increase the HGH production and help attain good height. Never compromise on the sleeping hour if you need a good height.
  • Rest and Relaxation – After a day full of activities it is very important to allow your body to relax to get rid of the tiredness and stress. A short nap is an awesome approach to help the body relax. It really improves the optimum growth and is one of the essential factors that can help attain a good height. Other ways of relaxation like reading a book or listening to music too must be tried in order to relieve the stress.
  • Exposure to the Sun – Sunlight is a very important factor our body needs to grow. You can go out and enjoy the morning sun. It is a natural source of vitamin D, which our body and bones need the most to grow taller. Regular sun exposure not only ensure healthy bones and vision but is also one of the best factors that can help attain a good height.
  • Healthy Posture – A good posture is important to raise the height potential, which is undoubtedly one of the crucial factors that can help attain a good height. While you walk, stand or even while sleep the posture should be correct, you should not slouch. A correct posture demands you to stand and sit erect, with the abdomen sucked in, shoulders set back and the chest pushed forward. The chin should be kept in an upright position. A right posture boosts confidence and also helps you grow tall.
  • Water – Water helps keep you hydrated and healthy, which is required to attain a good height as well. If the body is not hydrated enough then it may not benefit from the exercises done. It is therefore very important to drink plenty of water, to stay fit, healthy, and tall.
  • Frequency of Meals – Having small meals regularly helps improve the metabolic process. The food eaten determines the spurt in height. It is important to have a healthy diet routine to attain a good height naturally.

These are some of the factors that can help attain a good height. Following the above simple steps can actually help you achieve the perfect height. Set your routine right and eat well, it will give you a healthy life and make you achieve what you desire the most. Apart from this, certain conditions may interfere in height and growth of children, in which case, medical consultation is necessary.

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