Has Your Teenage Son Picked Up Unhealthy Vices : Here Is How to Get Them to Stop

It’s easy to see the world through the eyes of your child, but you can’t be with them 24/7. You must let them explore their own interests and find their own way. That said, here are some tips for what parents can do when they find out that their teen has picked up unhealthy habits:

1 – Be A Role Model

It’s important that you are a good role model for your son.

If the person who is supposed to be the most supportive and loving parent in your son’s life is smoking, drinking excessively, or using drugs, it can be difficult for him to say no when he sees this behavior being modeled in other places as well.

It’s also important that you set an example of how to stay healthy by eating right and regularly exercising yourself. This will make it easier for your teen to realize how much better they feel when they eat well and exercise often instead of getting into unhealthy habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol excessively regularly.

2 – Set Clear Boundaries

Your son is at the age where he can be impulsive and make decisions that have far-reaching implications. Be sure to set clear boundaries for your teen’s activities, both online and off.

Explain the consequences of breaking the boundaries, such as losing access to his phone or computer, taking away his video games, or even grounding him from going out with friends. The more you communicate clearly about limits, the better chance you have of preventing unhealthy behaviors in your teen!

3 – Help Them Discover Their Strengths

The best way to help your teen understand the importance of being strong and healthy is to show him how his strengths can help him be successful. Self-confidence goes far when you’re trying to teach them to resist peer pressure!

If your son is good at math, help him find ways in which that skill can make his life better. For example, if he wants to go into engineering but doesn’t like physics or chemistry, encourage him to take the classes that will teach him about how things work (physics and chemistry).

You’ll also want to share with your son stories of people who overcame challenges using their strengths.

Your child must understand that there are many kinds of intelligence, not just book smarts but also social intelligence, athletic ability, or artistic talent.

4 – Help Them Learn Healthy Coping Skills.

As you can imagine, it’s not easy for your teenager to grow up in a world that can be so cruel and judgmental. They must be very careful about what they do and say because they never know when someone may try to humiliate them or kick their ass. So, it’s important that they learn healthy coping skills to help them deal with stress.

There are many things you can do as a parent:

  • Make sure your child has a support network of friends and family who are there for them when things become too much for them to deal with on their own (and believe me, there will be many times like this!).
  • If they don’t already have one, find some opportunities that would allow them to meet new people who share similar interests and goals—people who will listen without judging them or making fun of their mistakes (or even worse… gossiping about those mistakes).
  • Help teach your child constructive ways of dealing with stress such as listening to music or talking through feelings rather than turning towards drugs/alcohol/social media.

5 – Be Patient and Ask for Help

When your teen is struggling with a vice, it can be easy to become frustrated or angry. But remember that they are still a child, and they need your love and support.

Try not to blame yourself for their choices and instead focus on the positive things you have done as a parent. It’s also important not to give up on them if they don’t change right away or at all—if you do, then it’ll likely make them less likely to open up again in the future when they really need help.

If you notice that your child has picked up an unhealthy habit like smoking or drinking alcohol, don’t just ignore it because these issues are often signs of bigger problems such as depression or anxiety.

Ignoring those problems could lead your child down a dangerous path before he even realizes what’s happening around him! If this situation happens in your family, visit this link for help.

6 – Talk to Them About the Media and Celebrity Culture

It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t protect your teen from everything, and they need to learn how to make their own decisions.

If your son has picked up bad habits from celebrities or other media sources (like smoking), talk with him about how these behaviors are harmful—and what it’s like when he sees his favorite Hollywood stars behaving badly.

Some things they just must learn themselves through their own experiences and mistakes

They need to learn how to make good choices and solve problems. There are some things they just must learn themselves through their own experiences and mistakes.

For example, they will learn from their own mistakes when they find out that smoking cigarettes is bad for them, or that drinking alcohol can lead people into making bad decisions. All parents hope that they learn these lessons beforehand but that’s not always the case.

Some kids may not listen when you tell them something is wrong or dangerous. However, if they experience it for themselves then maybe it will sink in better than if you had told them about it in advance of their actions.


We hope that you find this post helpful and reassuring.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it is that parenting a teenager is hard work.

You don’t have to be perfect and there are no shortcuts; but with a little bit of patience and plenty of love, your young ones will eventually find their way back to being the amazing people they are meant to be.

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