6 Health Benefits of Versatile Vetiver Oil

What Is Vetiver Oil?

Vetiver oil is a popular essential oil in the entire Indian subcontinent. The name itself says that Vetiver oil is extracted from a perennial grass, the Vetiver, native to India. The oil is extracted via steam distillation of the roots of the vetiver grass. Versatile Vetiver oil has a distinct, and smoky aroma and it is greatly used in cosmetics, perfumes and also soaps. Vetiver essential oil is also used as flavoring agent in many beverages. The aroma of Vetiver essential oil has significantly soothing and calming effect. But, again that’s not all! There are several other health benefits of the versatile Vetiver oil. Let us read below and note about some of them.

6 Health Benefits of Versatile Vetiver Oil

6 Health Benefits Of Versatile Vetiver Oil:

Increases Libido:

One of the most important health benefits of versatile Vetiver essential oil is that it increases libido. Using the vetiver root oil along with some other essential oils helps in improving sex drive. It has calming effects in your senses. Moreover, it also reduces the stress levels that is caused by cortisol in your body and also stimulates the brain to secrete hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and several other related hormones that improves sexual desires.

Manages Anxiety, Stress and Depression:

Vetiver essential oil also helps in managing anxiety, depression and stress and also helps in improving the condition of memory loss or dementia and oxidative stress. This is because of the potent antioxidant, chelating, neuroprotective and anxiolytic effects that the compounds in versatile Vetiver oil contain.

Anti-inflammatory Properties Of Versatile Vetiver Oil:

We already know that Vetiver essential oil has soothing effects. So, it is known to help in calming all sorts of inflammation. The Vetiver oil is especially good at providing relief from any inflammation in the circulatory as well as the nervous system. The oil is considered to be the perfect treatment for inflammation that might be caused by sun stroke and also dehydrated skin.

Make sure to dilute Vetiver oil with any carrier oil such as the coconut oil before using it on your skin or your body. Just a few drops of the oil will be fine to be massaged onto your muscles or to the affected area.

Anti-septic Properties:

Versatile Vetiver essential oil is also known to have wonderful antiseptic properties. It prevents the growth of the bacteria known as the Staphylococcus aureus, which causes sepsis and the oil eliminates them.

Vetiver essential oil can be externally applied for promoting the growth of new tissues and thus helps in the healing the wounds. Even few drops of the essential oil can be added to the bathing water.

Vetiver Oil Benefits In Improving Immunity:

Among other health benefits, is the benefit of Vetiver essential oil in improving the immunity. The oil is rich in antioxidants and thus, it helps in enhancing the immune system by eliminating all the toxins from the body and thus also helps in fighting free radicals.

One can enjoy the benefits of the essential oil by either directly inhaling the aromatic vapors or by diffusing the oil into the air at your home.

Skin Health Benefits Of Versatile Vetiver Oil:

There are also some excellent skin health benefits of versatile Vetiver oil. The oil helps to clear acne as well as the acne marks. It has very strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In presence of the anti-bacterial properties of Vetiver oil, the bacteria that causes acne, do not find favorable condition for their growth. This provides freedom from the frequent outbursts of acne.

To use this, you can mix a few drops of the oil in your face wash that you use and wash your face. You can also mix it with other oils such as the jojoba oil or coconut oil (as both these oils are good for the skin) and apply it to your skin for rejuvenating the skin cells and getting clear, soft, smooth and well nourished skin.


So, now we are aware of some of the best health benefits of Vetiver oil. This essential oil is considered to be non-toxic and is generally safe. However, you must always consult your doctor before you decide to use it for curing any of the health conditions.

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