12 Incredible Uses of Micellar Water For Healthy Skin

You do have many cleansing waters and also toning products. Each of these products will cleanse your skin, remove makeup and also tone it up so that you get firmer skin. So what is different in micellar water that is not there in other cleansing and toning liquids? This article discusses about the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin.

Incredible Uses of Micellar Water For Healthy Skin

12 Incredible Uses of Micellar Water For Healthy Skin

Micellar water is a liquid that has micelles in it. These are small particles which act like a sponge. They help to grab the dirt and the makeup that you have put on the skin. It dissolves the impurities but at the same time, hydrates the skin. When we use water to cleanse our skin, it can wash off the makeup but will not help to hydrate the skin, this is where micellar water works well. It is gentle on your skin and works without rinsing and is a perfect pack to carry with you on trips. The way to use micellar water is just to apply some on a cotton pad and then wipe your face with it. Along with the makeup, it also clears your skin of dirt and oil that remains on the skin.

Here are the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin:

Micellar Water Helps To Provide A Glowing Skin

One of the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin is that it offers a glowing skin. Apart from drinking plenty of water using micellar water to keep your skin hydrated is the best way. Micellar water keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated while cleansing it. So even while removing makeup from your skin including oil and dirt, it is perfect in keeping the moisture intact.

Micellar Water Helps To Prevent Acne, Blackheads and Whiteheads

Why does acne form? The reason is the underlying dirt and oil that remains on the skin. When dead skin cells join up with the oil and the dirt, they are not able to be cleansed. The sebaceous gland is the place for the acne to develop. The first stage is the whiteheads or the blackheads. These then develop into painful pimples. To overcome this whole problem, use micellar water regularly as it removes the first stage problem of dirt, oil and dead skin cells. This way the pores won’t be clogged and acne won’t develop. This is one of the important 12 uses of micellar water for healthy skin.

Toning Action of Micellar Water

Owing to its properties, micellar water can be used as a toner as well. Since it removes all the oil and the dirt, it leaves your skin glowing and clean. This too is one of the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin. So the next time you want to use a toner to clean your face, just dab some micellar water on a cotton pad and wipe it over your face.

Maintaining ph Balance of your Skin

One of the must-mention uses of micellar water for healthy skin is its use to maintain the pH balance of your skin. Since this is not an alcohol-based cleanser, it is perfect for even sensitive skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and does not add unnecessary oil content to the skin.

Micellar Water is best for Makeup Removal

This is one of the best makeup removal products in the market. You just need to dab some on a cotton ball and then wipe your face with it. The eye makeup like mascara and eyeliner can be easily removed with just one swipe. Keep the eyes closed when you are cleaning mascara and eyeliner. Lipstick is another item to remove easily from your lips without a struggle. Just hold the cotton pad on your lips and swipe to the right or left. The lipstick will come out easily. It keeps your lips hydrated and does not dry them. This is one of the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin.

Quick and Easy Use of Micellar Water

Among the various skin care products, there’s nothing more easy to use than simple micellar water. If you are one of those who doesn’t like to wash off makeup before bed, then micellar is your best bet. So, even if you end up coming to bed with makeup on, there should not be much problem. Micellar water will take care of your skin problems. Just keep a bottle near your bed and wipe off the dirt before you say goodnight. This is all done without the use of water, which is undoubtedly one of the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin.

Perfect Makeup With Micellar Water

It’s normal to make mistakes when doing makeup. You may mess up with your mascara or concealer. Instead of washing your face with water and starting all over again, just use micellar water on the problem area. This will clean the area and you can start over with ease. This is an easy solution and one of the wonderful uses of micellar water for healthy skin.

Micellar Water As the Perfect Alternative of Face Wipes

Micellar water is the great substitute for face wipes. Face wipes have some amount of chemicals in them that can harm the skin and even dry it out. They are also a costly option as compared to a bottle of micellar water. So, the best option for your skin is micellar water. Hence it is listed in the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin.

Micellar Water Is Extremely Travel-Friendly

The best part about the micellar water is that it is very travel-friendly. Since you can carry it easily in your purse or travel kit and use it without the need for water, it is one of the best products while travelling. You can just use the micellar water without a cotton pad too. Just take some on your hands and clean your face. Since it hydrates the skin, you don’t need to carry a separate moisturizer either. Thus, being travel friendly is one of the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin.

After Workout Cleansing Action Of Micellar Water

Choose to take micellar water pack in your gym bag or carry bag whenever you do any physical exercise. The sweat that builds up on your skin and the dirt that it accumulates can cause troublesome pimples and acne. The best way is to clean the skin immediately. Micellar is the most useful product for this as it can be used without water.

Micellar Water is An Amazing Substitute For Hand Sanitizer

Sone of the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin is that it can be sude to clean your hands. Since micellar is great for removing the dirt from your skin, it can be substituted for a hand sanitizer as well. The best part about this is it will keep your hands soft and supple while cleansing them. So next time you are out of hand sanitizer, just use some micellar water and you are good to go.

Micellar Water Helps To Clean Makeup Brushes

A great use of the micellar water is to clean your makeup brushes. Just put them in a bowl having micellar water and your brushes will be clean and germ-free. All the build-up of makeup will easily be cleaned. So, do clean your brushes regularly with micellar water.

The good thing about using micellar water is that it is alcohol-free and also chemical free, so the residue of chemicals from soaps that you would have used to clean the brushes will not affect your skin later. While these are the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin, an important fact is that it can be used for all skin types.

Micellar Water For All Skin Types

Since micellar water is so popular, it is made for different skin types. So you can find micellar water for oily skin as well as for sensitive skin. So, choose the right one for you and go ahead and keep your skin happy. Each of the different types of micellar water will cleanse and hydrate your skin without changing the pH balance of your skin. Let’s have a look at the effects of micellar water on different skin types:

For Oily Or Combination Skin – Oily skin is one where the skin always looks shiny and there is oil on the chin, nose, forehead and all the other areas. People with oily skin suffer from pimples and acne a lot as the dirt gets trapped in the oil and then cause pimples. Combination skin is one where the forehead and the nose and chin, also called the T junction, are oily and the rest of the face is dry. So people who have a combination skin have to be more careful. They cannot dry the skin too much because then the cheek area will get dehydrated. So if you fall under these two categories then you must be extra careful not to remove too much oil from your skin.

This is where micellar water comes in picture. The oil and dirt that are removed by this water, do not affect the pH balance and so the hydration of the skin is intact.

People with oily or combination skin should use micellar water as it cleanses the skin and removes excess oil from the oily parts of the skin. It leaves the skin supple and soft without drying it. With the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin, people with oily or combination skin benefit from using micellar water. So use micellar water to get your perfect skin.

Micellar Water For Sensitive Skin – People with sensitive skin are always worried about their skin and skin routine. Sensitive skin is the type where chemicals, fragrances and other products cause a reaction on the skin. This may be in the form of rashes, pimples, acne, etc. People with sensitive skin need to take extra care of their skin so that it does not break out into any form of infection. The skin products that they use should not contain chemicals, drying agents and fragrance etc.

Micellar water is the perfect solution for people with sensitive skin. It is gentle and free of any fragrance and offers 12 incredible uses for healthy skin. There are no chemical ingredients that are used in the making of this water. Since it was created as an alternative to the harsh tap water, it is mild and a great product for sensitive skin.

Micellar Water For Dry Skin – Dry skin condition is the type where the skin has minimal oil secretion. This leads to the skin being very dry and rough. Here people need to apply lots of moisturizers and creams to keep the skin hydrated. Chemicals in skin care products can damage the skin and lead to sensitive skin.

Since micellar water is free of harsh chemicals and keeps the skin hydrated, it is great for people with dry skin. It does not dry the skin further and with its incredible uses, helps to have a hydrated, healthy skin.


These are some of the wonderful ways in which micellar water can be used. It is easy to use and works for everyone. With the 12 incredible uses of micellar water for healthy skin, it is now one of the most sought-after products for many people. You can carry a micellar water pack while you go to work or any other place. This way you can clean your face of impurities and leave easily for the next destination.

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