Lip Augmentation: Facts, Types, Pros, Cons, Should One Opt For It?

Girls who have learnt paying total importance to their looks, have always known the fact of how important it is to have a fuller, plumper and perfecting looking lip. Someone has rightly said, “If something that can get on top of my outfits, then it would be my fuller red lips.” So, as a true fact, Lips do play a crucial role in the total beauty of a feminine face. So it is obvious that women do take very good care of their lips and make them look filled with totality. There is a popular cosmetic therapy, growing with its likeliness in current days, especially amongst the celebrities who want to enhance their lips and give them a fuller appearance to increase the X-factor in self and make them look at the best of their womanly looks. This popular cosmetic therapy is a procedure which helps in enhancing the lips and makes them look fuller and plumper, is termed as Lip augmentation. This lip augmentation procedure can be either surgical or non surgical. Now, though lip enhancement surgery has been accepted in a wide range, yet there have been many studies which have come up with a lot of cons about the lip augmentation procedure and it has been noticed practically that it might be risky many-a-times. So, here in the current article we will be discussing on the lip augmentation procedure and also make a clear note on the pros and cons of the same that would surely help you out deciding about if to continue with the lips you are born with or want to enhance them to give an additional beauty dose to your face.

Lip Augmentation

The Lip Augmentation Procedure In Brief (Facts and Types)

There is a strong belief that, “Fuller, plumper and enhanced lips are signs of beauty & youth.” It has been a major concern in modern women who have smaller lips and who want to make them look complete and filled with the richness of beauty & youth. This is where there is always a craze in the lip augmentation procedure, where people love to know about the facts associated with this kind of cosmetic therapy, research on the benefits and look upon the risk factors. So, in this section we will know about the types and the facts of the lip augmentation procedure.

Facts about Lip Augmentation:

Anything that enhances the beauty of your lips, makes them hold the grace of youth and gets the complete, fuller appearance; is known as the lip enhancement or the Lip augmentation procedure. There are some known facts about the process which makes you understand the cosmetic treatment in a good way. Check out a few of the facts on Lip augmentation.

Facts about Lip Augmentation

  • This is a worldwide accepted process taken as the cosmetic treatment for enhancing the beauty of the lips, growing them to fuller & plumper ones.
  • Lip augmentation can be done through the surgical process or also can be non surgical procedures.
  • Fat injections and Collagen injections are the two most common injectable fillers that comes under the non surgical treatment process; where the fat & collagen are absorbed by the lips to give successful results.
  • There is lip plumper used to enhance your lips without surgery.
  • The surgical procedure for lip augmentation is a permanent procedure and comes under the cosmetic surgery method where implants are used to give the lips fuller and attractive appearance.
  • The entire process have its pros and cons.(which will be studied in the later part of the article)

Types of Lip Augmentation:

As mentioned above, the lip augmentation can be of surgical as well as non surgical procedure. Let us study them both and get to know about the effectiveness of all the methods of lip augmentation.

Lip Augmentation Non Surgical Procedure:

“Not all beauty requires surgery.” Nonsurgical way for enhancing lips, or making the lips look fuller, plumper and more attractive; helps in gifting the best of beauty to your lips without surgery. They may be done via injectable fat or injectable liquid collagen or may be done with the use of lip plumper.

  1. Lip Plumper: Lip plumper is temporary cosmetics that provide you the lips you actually look for. Applying lip plumper on your lips keeps your lips attractive, enhanced and fuller or plumper for at least a minimum of 6 hours. The whole thing here is, when you apply the plumper in your lips; the blood supply to your lips increases and your lips starts receiving an increased blood quantity. This enhanced level of blood in lips helps them look complete or fuller.
  2. Injectable Fat Filler: The non surgical procedure for lip augmentation, make use of fat injections into the lips that aids in growing fuller & wholesome lips. Injecting fat into the lips helps in increasing the volume and thus makes it look bigger, fuller and turn attractive. To your unbelievable surprise; it has got no greater side effects as the fat used in this process is taken from your body itself. That means the body fat is used as the fat injection into your lips. This is to be noted that it can last for only 3-4 months.
  3. Injectable Collagen Fillers: Liquid collagen is most popularly used for growing the size of the lips in the lip augmentation process. This procedure also lasts for 3-4 months. However, as it is an animal-based lip augmentation method; there is a need for undergoing some pre-treatment tests on your skin for checking any allergic reaction before undergoing the process.

Lip Augmentation Surgical Procedure:

“Something which your lips can achieve permanence, is the lip augmentation via cosmetic surgery!” Surgical way of enhancing lips, making them look fuller, bigger, and complete; helps in getting the permanent result and thus considered as the permanent way for lip augmentation.

Here the synthetic materials are used as implants for the cosmetic surgery where the implants are processed or placed into the lips via surgery and helps to improve the bulk. There is a varied range of sizes available in the implants which can be chosen as per the size of your mouth to fix them perfectly.

Pros of Lip Augmentation:

There Are Some Benefits Of Lip Augmentation, Which Are Noted Below:

  • The patient can get back to normal work life in some hours after the non surgical way of treatment; while within a week in case of the surgical process. This clearly means there is no big waste of time or need to rest long.
  • The high graded and long lasting implants get you a natural feel to your lips and also as they are the natural human tissues, there are no chances of rejection.
  • These implants are easily inserted into the lips and have no greater risk while implanting.
  • The non surgical fat or collagen injection and the temporary lip plumper used for the lip enhancement; are actually impressive in their result which can help the patient come up with attractive, fuller, bigger and plumper lips with the shining absolute beauty in them.

Cons of Lip Augmentation:

Now, “Every coin has two sides!” Lip augmentation, though is accepted worldwide by many people, yet there are some noted side effects or risks involved in this procedure; especially in the surgical process. Here below are some of the noted risk factors of lip augmentation.

  • People undergoing the surgical procedure for lip enhancement; meet with a greater risk of coming up with a comic appearance in lips in case the size of implants do not fit properly. This in turn may lead to the need for some other treatments after the cosmetic surgery.
  • Surgery may also lead to the risk of excessive bleeding and swelling in lips for many days.
  • Surgery in lips gets extreme pain in some cases. Though the pain is temporary, yet it may last for a longer period.
  • The lip plumper used for temporary lip enhancement may get a burning sensation in lips in some people.
  • Redness, itchiness, irritation etc are some of the common side effects in collagen injections due to allergic reaction.

Lip Augmentation: Should One Opt For it?

Someone has rightly said,”Everything that is done in life has a risk involved with it.” So, lip augmentation is no way an exception. But again, “Those who think about the risks usually live their life in prison.” It is not about encouraging someone to go for lip augmentation and get those smaller lips look bigger and sexier; nor is it about demotivating somebody not to go for the cosmetic surgery of lip augmentation for it has involved risks; but it is all about setting you free to decide for self, if you want to go with this procedure of lip improvement or want to avoid. Because, “Beauty is not about advice, it is about self choice.” So, go for expert consultation, do more of research on the process of lip augmentation; but at the end, follow what your own heart and believe in your own words. Remember, “It is always about your own lips, so the final words must always be yours!”

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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