15 Other Jobs You Can Do with a Medicine Degree

DID your parents push you to study medicine, even though you hate blood? Are you halfway through your medical education and still wondering what it was like to be a doctor? And you start to receive more and more hometasks thinking what if somebody could “do my nursing homework“. Perhaps you are just starting your medical degree and have not found a job. No matter what your situation may be, there are many alternatives to traditional medical careers. Not only can you find work in the health field, but also in other areas such as education and research. These are just a handful of roles that medical graduates can pursue.

15 Other Jobs You Can Do with a Medicine Degree
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1.Public Health Worker

Public health refers to the protection and promotion of the health of the population. You could be responsible for preventing the spread or environmental health hazards of infectious diseases, or for implementing strategies to increase efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and accountability in your health service.

2. Health Journalist

Journalism is a highly competitive field. However, journalists with scientific credentials and experiences have an advantage over those who are mostly arts- or social-sciences-trained. Some doctors do this work as an adjunct to their clinical work. You may need to acquire additional training or experience to launch a successful journalism career.

3. Medical Teacher

You could be a medical educator, supporting students and doctors or educating the public. If you’re looking to make a difference in the education of many people, this is the right job for you.

4. Clinical Forensic Medical Examiner

This is an interesting path to follow if you are a trained doctor. As a forensic physician, your job is to examine the lives of others. Forensic pathologists are qualified to conduct medical examinations on the deceased.

5. Crowd Doctor

This is a great career choice for those who enjoy helping others, but aren’t interested in working in a hospital environment. Crowd doctors offer medical coverage to those who are attending large events that take place outdoors or in stadiums.

6. Medical Photographer

This is a job that will let you combine creativity with medical expertise. For patient care and general marketing, medical photographers can use both video and photography.

7. Medical/ Pharmaceutical Researcher

Medical research is a rapidly developing field. Medical researchers are responsible for conducting experiments and analysing the results in order to discover more about the human body, and possibly develop treatments. This could include work in the pharmaceutical industry, academia or hospitals labs, research centers, medical research charities, and other related fields.

8. Exercise Medicine and Sports

Sports and Exercise Medicine is a newly recognized medical speciality. It is concerned with treating injuries and medical conditions that may arise in athletes who engage in vigorous physical activity.

9. Volunteer Work

Medicine has always been vital to improving the health of people in poorer countries or those in need. For qualified doctors, there are many volunteer opportunities abroad.

10. Medical Sales Representative

You might be interested in the dynamic and goal-driven world of medical sales if you are looking for a job as a sales representative. As a medical sales representative, you will be a liaison between healthcare professionals as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

11. A Legal Advisor

Medical-Legal advisors are responsible to manage cases in their specific area. They might be called upon to appear in court cases, conduct workshops, write articles, or give lectures.

12. Occupational Physician

This job could be for you if it interests you to help people who have suffered a medical injury or illness return to work. You may also be required to provide health advice, education, or training to organizations and individuals in order to prevent injuries and ensure safety at work.

13. Transplant Coordinator

These professionals coordinate all activities related to organ donation or transplantation. They can work in collaboration with medical, paramedical, and non-medical personnel. They might be involved at various stages of organ donation and transplantation, including meeting with donors and recipients and following-up care. It is a combination of administrative and medical tasks.

14. Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging Director

Radiology/diagnostic imaging directors are responsible for overseeing medical imaging programs, such as MRIs, CT scans and xrays. Their job is to ensure professional standards are met.

15. Investment banker

Investment banks assist companies in obtaining funds and provide advice regarding mergers, acquisitions, and equity research. Healthcare equity research analysts can use their medical expertise to offer advice on specific parts of the healthcare industry, such biotech companies.

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