The History of Nannycare Formula : How It Came to Be

Nannycare is one of the few baby formula brands that trace back to an interesting yet innovative history. We’re certain that knowing Nannycare’s origin story will help you make a better-informed decision about your infant’s diet.

About Nannycare

Before we get into the roots of the formula brand, let’s have a quick overview of what the formula offers. As you already know, Nannycare is an infant formula brand prepared primarily from goat milk. Owing to its primary protein, Nannycare Stage 1 is suitable for infants finding it difficult to adjust to cow milk-based formulas.

On top of this, Nannycare has made its customers (and the animals) promise to use sustainable farming techniques. So, naturally, the formula you receive is rich in nutrients and organically made with love.

Once Upon A Time…

The Rise Of Goat Milk

The tale of Nanny care goes back as…well, goat milk. In most parts of the world, including the UK, cow milk has a lot of popularity and is considered the only suitable base ingredient for baby formula.

Several ages ago, the case wasn’t much different either, and that is when goat milk came into the picture. In the late 1980s, researchers explored the possibility of using goat milk to make baby formulas instead of cow milk. After a few necessary measures (enriching the milk for missing nutrients), goat milk was introduced as a suitable alternative.

Goat Milk Came To Britain

In 1991, the owners of Nanny care decided to familiarise British families with the novel concept of goat milk formula. This was done with the hopes that parents would have a broader choice over the supplemental or substitute diet for their infant. And that is how the now-popular infant formula brand came to be!

Nanny care did its best to spread awareness about the benefits of goat milk over cow milk, i.e., relief from CMPA, lighter on the stomach, and easier to suggest.

Nannycare succeeded in its mission!

Struggles Paved The Way

Nannycare continued to conduct proper clinical trials over their formula to ensure the UK regulatory body of their standard. These trials repeatedly confirmed that it does not compromise on quality and is 100% safe to use.

You may be surprised that Nannycare is the sole goat milk formula in the UK, backed by scientifically conducted clinical trials. As a result of these trials in 2014, now parents all across the globe trust Nannycare even with their eyes closed.

Nannycare Now

Nannycare offers several variations in their goat-based infant formulas, and there’s an option for everyone to choose from! You also don’t have to worry about transitions as appropriate follow-on stages until toddlerhood is available. So start with Nannycare Stage 1 today and allow your little one to enjoy the creamy and delicious formula in its supplementary diet.

Nannycare Stage 1 is the perfect source of nutrients with organic ingredients for your little champ; believe us when we say you won’t regret making this choice!

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