7 Ways In Which Cantaloupes Help You To Get Beautiful Skin And Gorgeous Hair

Cantaloupes are also known as muskmelon. Cantaloupes are summer fruits that are used in cooking and in beauty treatments too. Cantaloupes add flavour to the meal and have a sweet taste to it that is liked by many. Cantaloupes contain various nutritional contents like antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and carotenoids that are very good for skin and hair health. Cantaloupes are usually grown in large numbers from the months of June to August.

Brief Facts About Cantaloupes

  • Cantaloupes are rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin K.
  • Vitamin A present in the Cantaloupe helps to keep the hair healthy and moisturized.
  • Apart from being healthy and nutritious, Cantaloupes have various beauty benefits too.
  • Cantaloupe is rich in beta-carotene; a content that is found in all yellow coloured fruits.
  • Cantaloupes contain 90% of the water that keeps the hair and skin hydrated on consuming it.
  • Cantaloupes contain Vitamin B1, Vitamin B5 and B6 too.

Cantaloupes help to lose weight, as they are rich in water content, especially in removing belly fat. This also keeps the body weightless and removes all toxins.

How to Use Cantaloupes?

Cantaloupes can be sliced and taken. Cantaloupes can also be taken as a juice to keep your body healthy. Cantaloupes can also be used in beauty treatment by making a pulp of the inner flesh or only the puree can be taken and can also be applied directly on the skin for good effect.

7 Ways In Which Cantaloupes Help You To Get Beautiful Skin And Gorgeous Hair

7 Ways In Which Cantaloupes Help You To Get Beautiful Skin And Gorgeous Hair

Cantaloupes Serves as a Skin Moisturizer

Cantaloupes contain 90% of water. When it is applied on the facial skin as a mixture or as a puree or just by cutting the cantaloupes and rubbing a piece of cantaloupe on the skin, it will hydrate the skin and keep it moisturized.

Ingredients: A piece of cantaloupe: As pulp or as puree or as a whole piece

Procedure: Cantaloupe can be applied on the skin to keep the skin moisturized. You can take a puree of cantaloupe or you can just cut a slice from a whole cantaloupe. Hold the hard outer skin of the cantaloupe and gently massage the face with it. In this way, the Cantaloupe will increase the moisture content within the skin. Cantaloupe also reduces dry skin and keeps the skin tight. The Vitamin B, betaine and choline content in the cantaloupe is good for the skin and keeps it rejuvenated.

Cantaloupes Provide A Glowing Skin

Ingredients: Cantaloupe puree, yoghurt and oatmeal.

Method: Make a mixture of the above ingredients, so that it can be applied as a face mask to get beautiful skin. Slightly dampen your face and then apply the Cantaloupe mask on your face. It can also be applied to your neck. Allow the Cantaloupe face mask to stay for 10 minutes and then gently massage your face. You can now remove the mask from your face and neck with lukewarm water. The Vitamin A, Vitamin B, present in the Cantaloupe helps to maintain a good skin glow. Intake of cantaloupes and external application, both have a double effect on the skin. Internally, the Cantaloupe removes toxins and adds nutrition to the body which also gives you beautiful skin.

Externally, the beta-carotene of the Cantaloupe makes the skin glow with the same colour as the yellow-coloured fruit.

Cantaloupes Cleanses the Skin

Ingredients: Cantaloupe pulp; half-a-spoon of sugar.

Method: The cantaloupe serves as a skin cleanser. The beta-carotene content in cantaloupe helps to clean the skin from the various impurities and ailments. A brisk rub with cantaloupe pulp in an upward and outward direction helps in improving blood flow under the skin and keeps the skin healthy. Cantaloupe removes dead skin cells and impurities attached with pimples and acne. Cantaloupe removes all oxidative damages to the skin. The sugar crystals help to rub away all impurities found on the skin, including dry skin and makes your skin beautiful.

Cantaloupes Prevent Skin Problems like Freckles, Dark Spots, Blemishes

Ingredients: Juice from one piece of cantaloupe.

Method: Extract juice from one piece of cantaloupe. Apply the cantaloupe juice on the skin where there are rashes or skin disorders like dark spots, blemishes, acne and freckles. Give your skin a gentle massage and allow it to stay for five minutes. If there are abrasions, burns or open wounds, do not massage. Wash your face with warm water and pat it dry. You can feel your skin becoming fresh and clean. Spots and freckles will slowly disappear with regular use of cantaloupe juice. Collagen is increased in the body through amino acid proteins that is most useful for the bones and skin.

Cantaloupes Prevent Premature Aging

Ingredients: Pulp of one piece of Cantaloupe; Olive oil or Yoghurt.

Methods: Take the pulp of cantaloupe and mix it well with olive oil or yoghurt. Apply it on your face and hands, especially in those areas where there are wrinkles or dark spots. Usually the areas around the eyes, neck and around the mouth get wrinkled soon. Allow it to stay for about 5 to 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Dry your face with a soft towel. The vitamin content present in cantaloupes like Vitamin A and Vitamin C helps to strengthen the skin. The antioxidant properties like phytochemicals and carotenoids keep the skin supple, as all free radicals that destabilize the skin cells are rectified. They improve the skin elasticity too. You can use yoghurt to make the cantaloupe mixture. But if you have allergies like wheezing, it is best to use olive oil. But allow it to remain for less duration, to protect the body from chillness. Vitamin C present in cantaloupe helps in collagen formation, which is very effective as an anti-aging factor for your skin.

Cantaloupes Promotes Skin Elasticity for a Supple Skin

Ingredients: Pulp of Cantaloupe from one piece.

Procedure: Take the pulp of cantaloupe and apply it on the face. Massage the face well in strong circular movements. If your skin is too dry, you can add yoghurt to it. If your skin is too oily, you can add a spoon of all-purpose flour or just the pulp alone. As you massage the mixture into your skin, you can feel the skin texture becoming soft with the rich water content from the cantaloupe. It increases the collagen content to keep the skin supple, as it has Vitamin C. It also keeps the skin regenerated and fresh, with the presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. You can use this face pack once a week continuously for a month, to feel its effect.

Cantaloupes Provide Beautiful and Long Hair

Cantaloupe promotes good growth of hair, as it is very nutritious to the body and this nutrition passes on to the hair also. The anti-oxidative compounds in the cantaloupe keep the hair healthy. The scalp feels rejuvenated and clean. Cantaloupe prevents hair loss, while promoting hair growth, as it is rich in Vitamin B.

Cantaloupe as Hair Conditioner

Ingredients: Cantaloupe: 1 cup of mashed cantaloupe

Method: The presence of vitamins and minerals in cantaloupe helps in keeping the hair well-conditioned. Cantaloupe strengthens the hair growth and keeps the skin moisturized and nourished. The antioxidants that are rich in cantaloupes are good for hair growth. When applied on the scalp, it keeps the scalp free from dandruff and dry skin. When applied to the strands of the hair, it keeps them clean and provides a bounce to the hair. It changes listless hair into shiny and gorgeous hair that has a bounce to it. Wash your hair well after massaging the mashed cantaloupe into it and see the difference.

Cantaloupes have many beauty benefits that have to be tried to be enjoyed and benefitted.

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