What are the Benefits of Spirulina Powder and How to Use it?

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is one among the super foods consumed by humans. Essentially the spirulina is a dark and deep green aquatic plant which is supposed to be the best nutritious dietary supplement for humans. This is an organism which has a single cell and it belongs to the cyanobacterium family – this is actually an algae, but this is a scientific name given to this bacteria. As compared to any other natural foods the Spirulina has 10 times more nutrition concentration which can keep the humans fit and fine all across their life. The cyanobacterium is also popularly known as the blue-green algae – we may seem to hear this name for the first time – but the amazing fact is that this algae is available all across the globe easily.

They thrive in climates where there is lots of sunlight and a good amount of warmth. We can get the Spirulina naturally from the lakes – the reason why they breed in lakes is that there is high alkaline in the lake water – this essentially means there is a lot of salt which helps the breeding of blue-green algae. The spirulina powder is salty in taste because it grows in the salty water; in school we have learnt about photosynthesis – this is the same process because of which it gets deep green color for this algae.

What are the Benefits of Spirulina Powder?

What are the Benefits of Spirulina Powder?

The spirulina is mistaken as a herb because it has found to be extremely beneficial to the human beings. They have the power to increase the immunity of the body and especially for kids – since it is a bacteria – it has the ability to kill the bad bacteria in the body and keep a child healthy. Here are some of the major benefits of using spirulina powder –

  1. Protein Rich Food

    The first and foremost benefit of spirulina powder is that it contains a large amount of protein. Many studies have shown that it is important for the vegetarians to have these algae since they do not have meat. This is a very rare plant where we will find a tremendous amount of protein. The spirulina powder contains all the required amino acids which are required to form complete protein food. The protein from this powder is very easy to digest as compared to the animal fats. The main advantage here is that this powder provides you with better digestive system – which is the base for a healthy body.

  2. Fatty Acid Benefits of Spirulina

    Fatty acids are equally important for our body. But we should remember that they should be got from the right source in our body. The spirulina powder contains all the essential fatty acids required for our body. When we check the clinical studies, you will find that spirulina contains DHA, ALA, and GLA. These are the major fatty acids which are required to keep the body healthy. We would wonder the role of fatty acids – if we wish to have a healthy brain and heart, you need to have ample fatty acids in your body. The spirulina is the best natural source of fatty acids.

  3. Vitamin-Packed Super Food Benefit of Spirulina Powder

    Nowadays we are so much used to each junk food and ready to eat foods because of which we lack a lot of natural vitamins. The result being we suffer from many types of diseases. The doctors then advise us external medicines which can compensate for the natural vitamins. But why to go for such medicines which give you side effects in the long run when we have the option of spirulina. We can get ample amount of Vitamin – B, C, D, E and iodine from spirulina powder – the iodine is required for better thyroid functioning.

  4. Spirulina Powder is Beneficial for Proper Body Functioning

    Besides the vitamins minerals also have a major role in your body functioning. We can get the minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, and manganese from spirulina powder.

  5. Easily Available

    Last but not the least – unlike the animal foods the spirulina is very easy to grow and easily available. The recent studies have termed this alga as a super food.

How to Use Spirulina Powder?

When we talk about bacteria and algae, we think how to use spirulina powder – but this is a fact – it is more like a super food and nutritious food which provides some of the best health benefits. The wet algae are dried and then it is formed into a cake. We can crush them and use it in the powder form. The loose powder of the blue-green algae can be easily eaten directly. Besides this, you can also swallow it with water. There is no specific time that you need to have it before or after meals. It will depend on your body as to how it takes. In case you wish to have it as a whole meal then have it as breakfast.

With the advancement in the technology, the spirulina powder is now available in the form of capsules also. Here you need to note that the capsules have to be taken before either 30 minutes or 60 minutes before the meals. The doctors who prescribe the spirulina have advised that we need to have some patience so that this super food starts affecting your body. It will take some time for this algae to get adjusted to the body and start showing the effects – once it is set in the body, then we need not worry any longer for any kind of diseases. Your body is excellently immune. You can also have the spirulina powder by mixing them in the fruit or vegetable smoothies – this is especially for the kids.


Spirulina though an algae has extremely useful benefits and you will understand from this article that it is a super food. In this busy fast moving time, this is the best and easy way to keep your body healthy. The spirulina ensures that your body and brain remains healthy – not only this another advantage is that it is easily available at any point of time very easily, and the cost is also not very high.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:May 11, 2017

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