What Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive?

The stressful and hectic life everyone is leading has affected many in various ways. Some have effect on their health, some on their social life, some on their personal life and some on their sex life. Many people complain that they have a low sex drive which makes them even more frustrated. It is important to know what’s killing your sex drive and take the necessary action.

What Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive?

What Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive?

Clinical experts suggest that a healthy sex life gets affected by many factors, small and big, eventually reflecting the harmony of the relationship. You may wonder what’s killing your sex life, but may not feel free to seek medical and psychological help for such issues. Studies and researches have been conducted by doctors and psychologists to help people who feel their sex life is not as healthy as before. For such couples, many experts conduct counseling sessions to help find any emotional or psychological reason behind their low sexual desires. Apart from emotional and psychological reasons, medical reasons may also affect your sex drive.

Some of the possible factors that could be killing your sex drive include:

Lifestyle Affects Sex Life

For having a rich and comfortable lifestyle, people strive and work harder. Hectic professional life leads to stressful days and nights affecting the physical strength and mental calmness of a person. Due to hectic professional life, people have to work late into the nights making them lose sleep eventually affecting their physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation affects the level of testosterone in the body affecting the sex drive.

Effect of Snoring

A tired and hectic day may lead to snoring at nights. If you or your partner snores it may be a matter of concern. Snoring is a sign of sleep apnea which is said to affect the testosterone levels directly. Lack of testosterone means a low sex drive and interrupted sleep for both the partners. Lack of proper sleep can also lead to weight gain, which can be an important factor killing your sex drive.

Depression Can Directly Affect Sex Drive

Depression seems to be hitting every other person these days. This is majorly because of the stressful and challenging lifestyle. In depression a person is always in a low mood and has low or no energy. This can kill your sex drive, in addition to increasing your risk for other illnesses.

Dehydration Affects the Libido Too

Dehydration is common during summers, due to exercises or over exertion and illnesses. Dehydration also causes headaches as well as vaginal dryness, affecting the sex life and making orgasms harder to achieve. Dehydration can increase the risk of high blood pressure and high blood sugar level making things tougher. It is advisable to consume 4 to 5 liters of water every day to keep themselves hydrated and for the body to function normally.


Oral contraceptives can sometimes affect the sexual desires among many. It is not necessary that contraceptives are suitable for everyone. They may affect the hormonal balance in the body. This may lead to alterations in the libido, which may be killing your sex drive. Studies have shown that women who take oral contraceptives may have low sexual desires and orgasms as compared to those who do not.

Medical Conditions and Sex Drive

Medical conditions like heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure, thyroid, fever or infections in genital area can kill your sex drive in both men and women. Such medical conditions can affect the energy causing issues like erectile dysfunction among men and lack of orgasm among women. Certain medicines like those for depression, high blood pressure or other conditions can affect the central nervous system. This too could be one of the factors killing your sex drive.

No Physical Activity Leads to Low Sex Drive

Exercise in any form is extremely important for everyone. Zero or little exercise can have negative impact on the sex drive. Exercise can rejuvenate your body bringing energy and flexibility. Apart from keeping fit, exercises or yoga can enhance sexual pleasures and stimulate the blood flow in the body making it more energetic. This helps to achieve orgasms easily. Hence it is advisable for both men and women to stay fit and keep practicing one or the other exercises daily.

Effect of Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking not only the overall health of a person but also affects the sex life. Smoking and alcohol bring about problems like obesity, heart diseases and poor lung functioning. Smoking affects the veins in the body affecting the blood flow to genital areas causing low sex drive and inability to achieve orgasms in both men and women. Alcohol is said to lower the libido and affect the orgasmic function among men and women. You need to keep a check on such habits and make changes as they can be major factor killing your sex drive.

Consumption of Caffeine is Not Good for Sex

Caffeine is known to affect the normal bodily functions like indigestion and blood flow. Excessive consumption of caffeine can affect the sleeping patterns of the body making it more prone to diseases like heart issues, high blood pressure and excessive weight gain eventually affecting the libido. Caffeine is also said to aggravate anxiety conditions in many leading to depression. This can directly affect the sexual desire and orgasmic function among men and women.

Eating Fatty Food

Fatty food contains excessive saturated fats that affect the health in many ways. It mainly affects the smooth functioning of the heart. Over intake of fatty food can lead to blockages in the heart. This affects the blood flow in the entire body, in the genital area as well, affecting the erectile function or orgasmic function.

Apart from the mentioned reasons, sex drive can be affected by many other reasons. Medical reasons in women like thyroid, polycystic ovary syndrome and obesity can lead to a low sex drive. For men, obesity, diabetes and insomnia can be found in men. The stressful life leads to many such issues. Improper sleeping and eating habits as well as excessive smoking, drinking and consumption of caffeine can lead to many emotional and physical health issues. In addition to these, negligence of personal life and intimacy can also lead to low sex drive eventually. All such medical, dietary and lifestyle factors can be killing your sex drive, so you need to be more cautious. Make appropriate changes and maintain your health and sex drive; seek medical help, if necessary.