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7 Unexpected Asthma Triggers

About Asthma:

The treatment of asthma in majority of the cases depends on identification of the various triggers that an individual may be prone to. Literature suggests that people have different theories when it comes to identification of triggers which can cause an asthma attack. People come up with various triggers perceptions which cannot be correlated with actual asthma triggers and allergy tests.[1]

There are various mechanism available to help understand different asthma triggers better but the research is still ongoing to pinpoint what are the various sources which trigger an asthma attack In this paper, we provide an overview of psychological mechanisms involved in the process of asthma triggers identification. This will allow better management of asthma patients.[1]

Studies suggest that asthma and other allergy related medical conditions have been on the rise in the western world. Studies estimate that about 12% of people have a diagnosed asthma while around 30% of the general population suffers from various types of allergies which include food, environmental, and even asthma.[1]

Just like environmental allergies, the symptoms of asthma occur when the body responds to certain triggers. While some of the these triggers like smoke, dust, perfumes, and food are quite common and well known to the patients there are also certain triggers which are unexpected and no really known to cause asthma. This article gives a brief overview of some of the unexpected triggers for asthma.[1]

7 Unexpected Asthma Triggers

7 Unexpected Asthma Triggers

  1. Thunderstorms: It may sound unusual but thunderstorms have been known to be an asthma trigger. Studies have shown that emergency room admissions post a thunderstorm rise significantly for asthma attacks.[2] The reasoning behind this is that pollen which is a known asthma trigger ruptures during a thunderstorm. This releases plenty of allergens in the air and is carried away by the wind blowing at high speed during a storm. These allergens then enter the house and if an asthmatic patient is around, it triggers an asthma attack.[2]
  2. Heightened Emotions: Severe emotional states like intense crying or laughter can also be a potential trigger for an asthma attack. This is because both of these activities have a tendency to block the airways. This makes breathing difficult and thus causing an asthma attack [2].
  3. Stress: This is yet another unexpected trigger of an asthma attack. A health journal published in 2015 estimated that there was a significant rise in asthma symptoms in people who were under extreme distress. When an individual is under extreme stress it is common to feel the chest tightening and problems with breathing. This reaction of the body to stress is what triggers an asthma attack.[2]
  4. Aspirin: This may come as a surprise but aspirin also is a potential trigger for asthma. Studies have estimated that approximately 15-20% of people tend to have asthma symptoms after taking aspirin. This has been opinioned by none other than American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. These symptoms gradually worsen and take the shape of a full blown asthma attack requiring emergency room intervention.[2] NSAIDs like ibuprofen also have the tendency to act as a trigger for asthma. A study conducted on around 50,000 newborn children found out children whose mother took aspirin while pregnant had increased chances of getting asthma than the others.[2]
  5. Acid Reflux: This is yet another unexpected trigger for asthma attacks. It is common for people with acid reflux or GERD to have pain and burning in the throat especially when lying down. When an individual with acid reflux and diagnosed asthma lies down then the acid present in the stomach regurgitates triggering off a reaction in the airways causing symptoms of asthma.[2]
  6. Alcohol: This is also a trigger for asthma. Individuals may be allergic to certain forms of alcohol or its components which can trigger off an asthma attack. Even for people who are not sensitive to alcohol or its components if alcohol is ingested with certain foods then it may also act as a trigger and cause an asthma attack.[2]
  7. Traffic: This is the most common trigger of an asthma attack which is ignored by many asthmatic patients. When in heavy traffic the fumes that the asthmatic individual is exposed to blocks the airways thus triggering off an asthma attack.[2]

Asthma Triggers


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