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Alternative Treatment Options For Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia gravis is a condition in which the voluntary muscles in your body get weakened and quickly exhausted. This happens due to a loss of communication between muscles and nerves. Symptoms of myasthenia gravis can be managed with conventional and alternative methods of treatment.

Alternative Treatment Options For Myasthenia Gravis

Alternative Treatment Options For Myasthenia Gravis

Not everyone with myasthenia gravis requires a treatment. For those who do, Conventional treatment methods are available. The conventional treatment methods may include treatment with cholinesterase inhibitors, corticosteroids or immunosuppressants, plasmapheresis, antibody therapy, surgery etc.

If you would like to support your conventional treatment methods with another therapy, you can try various alternative treatment options.

Respiratory Muscle Training-

  • Studies show that those with myasthenia gravis who undergo breathing training have less breathing problems and develop more endurance
  • This training focuses on improving the strength of muscles that are responsible for the breathing process
  • This method may help in lowering the risk of getting myasthenic crisis.(1)

Planning Your Day-

  • People with myasthenia gravis tend to get too exhausted towards the end of the day
  • This may keep some tasks unfinished and make you overwhelmed
  • To avoid that, it is better to plan your day ahead and do the most tiring tasks at those times of the day when your energy levels are high, such as in the mornings or after waking from an afternoon nap.(1)

Planning Meals-

  • If you are facing a difficulty in chewing or swallowing, it is helpful if you eat small and frequent meals instead of eating one full meal and tiring your muscles out halfway in between
  • For excessive swallowing problem it is better to eat soft, mushy meals that present a low risk of choking on morsels

Making Changes In Your Home Or Workplace-

  • Install railings or bars near staircases, so that you do not get tired easily and the risk of tripping gets lowered
  • Keep the floors clean and clear the clutter, so that there are no obstacles while you are walking on the floor
  • Get someone to clear the paths and sidewalks

Use Machines-

  • Avoid doing manual work whenever possible
  • Using power tools can make you less exhausted
  • Consider using less physical effort and more mechanical efforts

Eye Patch-

  • If you suffer from diplopia or double vision, getting an eye patch can help you get rid of this problem
  • Switch the eye patch between eyes throughout the day and when reading or watching tv
  • This will help in avoiding strain on one eye

Avoid Showers-

Taking baths instead of showers can spare you a lot of efforts, as there will be no need for standing and bearing your weight, also there won’t be many hand movements up and down

Avoid The Triggers-

  • There may be certain factors that may act as triggers for some people suffering from myasthenia gravis
  • These triggers may include factors like anger, pain, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, stress, illness, extreme temperatures, hot foods and drinks, alcohol, quinine and some other chemicals, etc.


Diet may play a major role in myasthenia gravis. People with this condition tend to gain more weight. They may also suffer from bone loss. There may be other side effects from medicines, like nausea and vomiting and fluid retention. Some diet changes can help you alleviate these symptoms-

Eating more of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help a lot in providing anti-oxidants that fight free radicals. Also, this will ensure that you consume less calories and keep your weight in check.

  • Avoiding fatty, spicy, hot foods can help in cutting down on triggers
  • Avoiding high-fiber foods if you are having an upset stomach or diarrhea can help in keeping these symptoms in check
  • Foods rich in potassium like bananas, potatoes can help in myasthenia gravis
  • Cut down on salt, packaged foods, canned goods etc.(1)
  • Treatment of myasthenia gravis may be supported with alternative treatment options to manage the condition.


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