Can Anxiety Be Kept Under Control By Exercising Regularly?

A recent discovery shows that exercise generates new vibrant brain cells and regulates (turns them off when not required) them efficiently. This proves to be good news for all those who are sufferers of stress and anxiety.

The moment you realize that you are suffering from anxiety, you run for help. You may run to a therapist for healing or find the right doctor and get hold of the necessary medications. You may also try a variety of things that will put a stop to the occurrence of symptoms. Despite of all these efforts, you may fail to realize that managing the anxiety will be more beneficial with “Exercise”. This is the only method where you will not get a bag full of side effects. It will in fact make you healthier!

Can Anxiety be Kept Under Control by Exercising Regularly?

When you are struck with anxiety or stress, exercise might be your last resort. But once you are motivated to follow the right routine, exercise can be a real game changer. Exercise helps in reducing the adrenaline rush in brain by controlling the production of hormones. Also, it stimulates the feel-good “endorphins” production. Exercise also decreases the level of anxiety and improves the mood of a person. It helps in increasing the level of activity in the serotonergic system.

People should realize the fact that exercising daily helps in reducing the stress levels considerably. There are many studies on this particular subject and they have indicated that there is a strong link between the anxiety and exercise. Exercise will surely help a person to lead a stress free life.

Relation between Lack of Activity and Anxiety:

Inactivity in a person leads to forming of anxiety. It is a studied fact that lack of activity in a person can lead to anxiety. There are many causes which include:

  • Stress Hormone Upsurge: The body discharges a hormone called as ‘cortisol’ when you start feeling anxious. It has been found out that, when a person moves the level of cortisol depletes. When your body starts to experience anxiety, it goes into the fight or flight mode. Inactivity of body results in misfiring of the stress hormones.
  • Idle Energy: The most common reason of anxiety is the unused idle energy. If the body does not perform any activity, then it will create tension in the body. This can be observed very easily in dogs, when they do not get their regular walks they start to get anxious. If the dogs do not perform any physical activity, this could lead to formation of physical tension in the body that in turn leads to formation of mental tension.
  • Defected Immune System: To maintain a healthy hormone balance and a regulated immune system, the patients should exercise regularly.

There are also other components that can result in anxiety. If a person with anxiety does not focus on improving their health then it can create more problems for them such as regular anxiety attacks etc… People who are highly inactive experience high level of anxiety.

Exercise as an Anxiety Management Technique:

Everyone does not experience anxiety because of lack of activity. People may experience several events that can result in anxiety symptoms. Whatever the reason may be, exercise is the best way to get rid of anxiety.

The best way to cure anxiety is by doing Anxiety management that focus on performing exercises that will help in fighting the anxiety. The facts suggest all of the following:

Exercise as an Anxiety Management Technique

  • Reducing Cortisol: People who have anxiety have a high level of cortisol in the body. Exercising helps in reducing that level and will help in preventing the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Better Quality of Sleep: People with anxiety often have trouble in sleeping, but if you exercise regularly, it will help in improving your sleep quality. It is important that people with anxiety should get a good sleep.
  • Releasing “Relaxation” Chemical: Performing exercise helps in reducing the anxiety level is because of the fact that it works in the similar way as the anxiety medications. When you exercise, the body releases endorphins hormones that act as the painkiller for your body. They help in relaxing your mind as well as regulating your mood.
  • Maintaining Activity: The first thing is that a person who exercises will have less anxiety present in him. Even if the reason for your anxiety is not inactivity, it can worsen it even more. Performing exercise will definitely reduce your anxiety levels.
  • Healthy Mind: Exercise is a coping tool that will help in reviving your mental health.

There are also reasons as to why performing exercise helps in dealing with anxiety. Exercise helps in keeping you healthy physically as well as mentally. It also improves your confidence level. Exercise keeps the body functioning efficiently and will prevent misfiring of the stress hormones.

Exercising When you’re Suffering from Anxiety:

People find it difficult to exercise regularly if they are not used to it and if they are suffering from anxiety it becomesmuch more difficult for them. People who are depressed do not have the motivation that is required to perform the exercise and that too regularly. People who have social anxiety are uncomfortable at the thought of exercising in front of other people.

What Exactly You Can Do At Such Times?

  1. One Step at a Time. If you are making extravagant plans of performing the exercise for two hours or running a marathon. Then it is better that you don’t do it as it will leave you more dejected. You should set such goals that you will be able to perform.
  2. Focus on activities you enjoy. You can perform any activity that you want. It is important that you move. You should perform such activities that can be included in your daily life, such as walking in a park, playing a game with your friend, etc. You can even perform activities at home like cleaning, gardening it will help you in improving your mood. You will surely feel as if you have accomplished something after you complete the task.
  3. Workout at the time of day when your energy is highest. People have high energy levels in the morning and it is at this time that you should exercise. You can also try out dancing or walking a short distance. It will help in clearing up your mind and will definitely boost your energy level. After performing these activities for a short time you will start feeling a sense of accomplishment. At that time you can add more activities to your list and start performing them.
  4. When you perform the activities make sure that you are comfortable in the clothes that you are wearing. You should also choose an environment for exercising that gives a sense of peace and calm.
  5. After you complete your exercises you should also reward yourself this way you will be further motivated to exercise regularly. You should arrange a bubble bath or have a drink of your favorite smoothie after the exercise is completed.
  6. You can try a fun activity with your friends or family that will make the whole process of exercising more enjoyable. It will also motivate you to follow and complete your routine. When people are depressed, it is best that you have a companion with you.

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