Can You Avoid Getting Grave’s Disease?

Grave’s disease is a serious auto-immune disorder in which there is an over production of thyroid hormones or over activity of the thyroid gland. There is no specific known cause of the Grave’s disease neither there is any specific prevention for completely avoiding the Grave’s disease.

What Happens in Grave’s Disease?

Grave’s disease is certainly an autoimmunity disorder in which the thyroid gland is likely to produce too much thyroxin hormone and leads to hyperthyroidism. The underlying cause of Grave’s disease is hyperthyroidism. And like many other auto immunity disorders, women are more affected by this disease rather than men due to some unknown reasons.

Because grave’s disease is a chronic illness it cannot be permanently cured or treated completely. It can be controlled through some life style changes and medication. The main aim of controlling Grave’s disease is to reduce the over production of Thyroid hormones and reduce the Grave’s symptoms like bulging eyes, increased appetite, weight loss etc.

Many time it happens that the other thyroid disorder also shows similar symptoms which is many times mistaken for Grave’s disease. Therefore, regular medical checkups are required if any such type of problems are seen to confirm the problem. Exact diagnosis of Grave’s disease is rather difficult but it can be made easier with changes in diet, lifestyle and proper medication.

Can You Avoid Getting Grave’s Disease?

Can You Avoid Getting Grave’s Disease?

There is no proper way until now to avoid grave’s disease from developing. Of course there are some do’s and don’ts for preventing the disease from becoming worse.

Avoid or Reduce Stress: Stress along with other reasons is responsible for causing the Grave’s disease or over activity of the thyroid gland. Studies show that around 80% of people who suffered from autoimmune disease of any kind were suffering from large amount of stress. Although there is no any specific prevention for Grave’s disease, but preventing stress can be a great contribution in reducing the chances of getting Grave’s disease.

Exercise and Activities: Involve yourself in activities which help in reducing the stress like, meditation, yoga, simple exercises or activities which make you feel light and calm you down. The exercise should be light and tolerable, there is no need of over training or else the condition will become worse. Listening to light music can also help in reducing stress.

Quit Smoking: Smoking is the cause of exaggerating many diseases, Grave’s disease being one of them. Avoid smoking; it helps in preventing the disease up to large extent. If any kind of symptoms are visible, which are doubted for Grave’s disease one should quit smoking immediately.

Proper Diet Intake: Diet plays a very important role in maintenance of Grave’s disease. Some foods may exaggerate the symptoms and some food help in lowering the flares and cause symptomatic relief. If there are any kind of food allergies in the patient it may sometime worsen the condition, therefore it is very important to avoid certain food items along with including some in your diet. This helps in reducing the symptoms. Some of the foods which should be avoided as much as possible include:

  • Food items containing allergens
  • Foods containing caffeine
  • Foods containing dietary iodine
  • Food items containing Gluten
  • The diet should be nutrient and fiber rich, which can be easily digested.

Less Use of Toxins: All of us come into contact with various toxins present in our environment each day knowingly or unknowingly. The common house-hold products, the beauty products, medicines, sprays are all chemicals and can be toxic. Therefore it is recommended that there should be minimal and a careful use of such products. The use of more and more organic products, natural products, essential oil is recommended.

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