A neck brace is generally used for immobilization and also to reduce neck pain. The primary goal of neck braces is to prevent or minimize motion of the cervical spine. Though neck braces can be used for neck pain, one must note it down that it can sometimes add more pressure and may also result in several other side effects in some individuals, especially when worn for a longer period of time. In this post we will know about the duration for which one must wear a neck brace. Buy Neck Brace

How Long Should You Wear A Neck Brace?

How Long Should You Wear A Neck Brace?

A neck brace, also known as cervical collar is a medical device that is used to support a person’s neck. Many people are advised by their doctor to wear a neck brace to reduce neck pain or other conditions that require immobilization of the neck. Now, how long do you have to wear a neck brace? Well a straight answer to this would be that you need to wear your neck brace all throughout the day, every day for at least one week in case you have a mild neck pain that requires a relief. You can then gradually decrease the use of the neck brace.

If you have any other condition, (like after a surgery) that requires you wearing a neck brace, you must wear it all the time, unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, until your spine has healed, which may take somewhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. You must remove the neck brace while sleeping. Buy Neck Brace

It must be noted that if the neck brace is worn for a longer period, it could have a number of side effects, like soft tissue contractures, loss of proprioception, muscular atrophy, thickening of subscapular tissues and coordination. Moreover, wearing a brace all the time could also result in psychological dependence in the user.

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