Is Neck Brace Good For Neck Pain?

There are many individuals who experience neck pain at some point of the time. In many cases, neck pain occurs due to poor posture. However, sometimes, injury from fall, whiplash or contact sports can also result in neck pain. It must be mentioned that most of the time neck pain is not a serious condition and it can be cleared away in a few days. But, in some cases neck pain may indicate serious injury or illness and must require a doctor’s consultation.

Among the US residents alone, 50% to 70% of people will experience neck pain at least once in their lives, which is as many 1/3rd are affected every year and about 10% suffer from occasional neck pain at any given time.

There are different ways to treat neck pain. In case you suffer from a mild neck pain, or in case your doctor has suggested, you can wear a neck brace for your neck pain. Read below to know if a neck brace is good for neck pain.

Is Neck Brace Good For Neck Pain?

Is Neck Brace Good For Neck Pain?

The neck braces are also known as Cervical collars. Neck braces for neck pain, can be of different types, ranging from the simple wrap-around model, to the nearly rigid kind of brace. It depends on the cause of your neck pain, which brace you would wear.

Generally, neck braces are used to manage the neck pain. It is commonly used under the supervision of a trained physician. What a neck brace exactly does is, it keeps your head relatively still while you recover from an injury. As the neck brace helps your neck support the weight of your head, the soft tissues present in the neck have a chance to heal. So, yes, a neck brace is good for neck pain.

Neck braces have been around since the ancient Greece and Egypt. Years ago, soft neck braces were used for minor neck sprains causing neck pain. The theory was, when there is an injury to the neck, it must be immobilized until it heals. This would rule out any further pain or injury. In a study it was reported that as many as 76% of the patients reduced their neck pain using neck brace. However, there is no evidence of long-term outcome.


Commonly, neck braces can be used for pain management purposes and it can be good for mild cases of neck pain. However, it is essential to have an accurate assessment of the condition that might be causing your neck pain. You need to seek consultation from a doctor; especially when it comes to wearing the neck brace. This is because, there can be some side effects of wearing a neck brace, especially when worn for a longer period of time. Remember, a neck brace is only a temporary device for healing your neck pain.

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