Do Pore Strips Help With Blackheads?

Are you worried about your blackheads? Do you often listen to advises of using pore strips on your blackheads? Do you really want to know if pore strips really help with blackheads? Then read the following sections and get to know about it.

Do Pore Strips Help With Blackheads?

Do Pore Strips Help With Blackheads?

Blackheads have been always been a cosmetic concern apart from being a skin complaint. Hence, there are many quick-fix remedies, which are popular to manage blackheads. One such solution usually advised by many are pore strips for blackheads. So, do pore strips help with blackheads? A common question asked by many people.

Pore strips are popular among the people who are willing to get rid of the blackheads quickly. Pore strips are composed of a cloth or a cloth-like material having a strong adhesive on one of its side. You need to wet the adhesive side and apply the same side to the area with blackheads and let it sit for few minutes before you remove it off to see the results, where you usually see dark, hair-like blackheads “plug” that are stuck to the strip.

There is something that people feel satisfied about applying a pore strip and then peeling it off and see all the gunk hiding in the pores. Well, though it seems to be satisfying initially, blackheads do come back once again and thus you have to repeat the same process again and again. The only thing that gets stuck to the pore strip is the top layers of old skin, along with the oxidized oil, which generally appears dark.

However, the real cause of your blackheads lies too deeper in your pore. So, when thinking about, do pore strips help with blackheads, it is important to understand that using pore strips is not at all a complete process and it does not absolutely help with blackheads. Hence, it definitely is not the best way to help with blackheads.

In fact there are even some reasons why you should not use pore strips for your blackheads. Let us look at some of them.

  • They contain chemicals and several synthetic ingredients that might irritate your skin.
  • They can cause damage to the skin and also pull out, both the skin as well as the hair.
  • They are not the best solution for blackheads, and are only a temporary treatment.
  • They are really inconvenient.

Thus, this answers the query of do pore strips help with blackheads. While pore strips can temporarily help you get rid of blackheads, they do not exactly help with blackheads not do they cure them.

Blackheads are particularly more common in certain skin types. Maintaining proper face hygiene, avoiding oily and processed food, hydrating and nourishing the skin properly, etc. are some of the other measures usually needed to get rid of blackheads. In some cases, the clogged skin pores may carry infection and must be treated with medicines. Ideally, seeking medical advice, following a proper diet and lifestyle routine, apart from any prescription medicines can help to a great extent to clear of the blackheads.

If you really want to get rid of those blackheads, you should try some other means such as using a gentle cleanser, a well-formulated leave-on salicylic acid or BHA exfoliant, and also avoid using overly emollient moisturizers too often on the areas with blackheads. It is always good to see your dermatologist and take the best possible advice and treatments for your blackheads.

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