9 Incredible Benefits Of Tamanu Oil To Preserve Your Hair Health

Have you heard about Tamanu oil? If not, then you are missing a wonderful natural product for your hairs. Tamanu oil is one shot solution for healthy hair and scalp. With its immense benefits, Tamanu oil alone can solve various hair issues.

Tamanu oil is a wonderful oil, which is rich in nutrients, such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid. These elements make this oil highly advantageous for scalp and hair health. Many popular shampoos and conditioners include Tamanu oil as an ingredient.

9 Incredible Benefits Of Tamanu Oil To Preserve Your Hair Health

Given Below are 9 Incredible Benefits of Tamanu Oil For Hair Health:

Tamanu Oil Provides Shine and Volume To Hair

Shiny hairs always enhance the beauty of our face. Use of serums and other hair care products, which contain harmful chemicals, tend to diminish the natural hair lustre.

The use of Tamanu oil replenishes the natural sheen of the hair.

Apply few drops of Tamanu oil on your hair before a shower. You can warm the Tamanu oil a little bit and massage gently on the scalp with your fingers and till the tips.

Keep it for some time and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. You will surely love your silky shiny locks. In addition to extra shine, Tamanu oil will also give a nice bounce and volume to your hair.

Hair Loss Treatment With Tamanu Oil

One of the incredible benefits of Tamanu oil to preserve your hair health is fighting hair loss. Hair loss can be a depressing situation. Tamanu oil helps in growth of hair to boost your self-confidence. Regular massage of scalp with Tamanu oil is quite beneficial in fighting hair loss and development of new hair strands and stronger locks. A hair growth serum can be made using Tamanu oil to achieve desired results.

Ingredients Required:

  • 2 tablespoons of tamanu oil
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoon of Jamaican oil
  • 4 drops of lavender oil
  • 4 drops of cedarwood oil
  • 4 drops of thyme oil
  • 2 drops of geranium oil

Mix all of the above well and apply it gently on hairs. Then keep it for overnight. Carry out Tamanu oil hair treatment regularly to see the difference. You can use it on daily basis also as a moisturizer and hair growth supplement.

Strong And Nourished Hair For Different Styles with Tamanu Oil

Hair plays an important role in making one’s face more impressive. One can tie hair in multiple ways to suit the occasion or attire. To keep up to the standards of ever-changing fashion, the styling of hair is a must. For this, one tends to try multiple hair treatments, hair colouring, smoothening, curling and what not. Under these conditions, proper and regular care of hair becomes very important.

Apart from this, extreme and varying weather conditions, air pollutants affect hairs and make them lose their natural strength. Regular use of Tamanu oil keeps hair nourished and strong to maintain the natural integrity of the hair and keep you ready for new hair styles.

Anti-Inflammation And Anti-Fungal Properties Of Tamanu Oil Provides Relief From Lice And Other Scalp Issues

Getting rid of lice and other scalp problems is yet another incredible benefit of Tamanu oil to preserve your hair health. Having Lice affects hair growth greatly. To treat this problem, gently apply Tamanu oil on the scalp and keep it for about half an hour. With its anti-microbial properties, Tamanu oil aids in getting rid of lice. Tamanu oil is effective in fighting scabies as well. Tamanu oil acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent for the scalp. Hence Tamanu oil effectively treats eczema or psoriasis affected the scalp. Scalp affected by these two problems creates itching and redness of scalp and in some cases, it is also painful. Tamanu oil is very beneficial in overcoming such adverse scalp conditions.

For better results, prepare a mixture of Tamanu oil (one-and-a-half tablespoon) and a cooling essential oil like peppermint oil (4 drops). Apply this Tamanu oil mixture to your scalp gently and wash your hair after half-an-hour. This Tamanu oil treatment will surely provide cooling relief to your scalp.

Tamanu Oil Fights With Fungal Infections To Treat Dandruff

Malassezia, the fungi is the root cause of dandruff. Tamanu oil gives dandruff free scalp by directly fighting with these fungi and recovers dehydrated hair. Tamanu oil also helps in healing other fungal infections.

A mixture of 3 drops of thyme oil, 3 drops of cedarwood oil and 1 tablespoon of tamanuoil can be used for treating dandruff. Apply this mixture on the scalp and leave for 1-2 hours. Wash your hair with an anti-fungal shampoo. This is an easy treatment for achieving healthy scalp. Getting rid of dandruff is an incredible benefit of Tamanu oil to preserve your hair health.

Moisture Retention With Tamanu Oil To Make Hair Silky And Manageable

Dry, frizzy hair can end up spoiling your complete outlook. Tamanu oil can do wonders in moisturizing damaged hair. Tamanu oil can actually provide results similar to the popular chemical smoothening treatment of hair in a naturalchemical-free way.

To obtain the much-needed moisture, try adding some drops of oil in your shampoo/conditioner. Tamanu oil can also be applied to freshly washed hair to attain required moisture and smoothening of hair.

Dandruff is also one big reason for dry scalp. As we have already discussed, Tamanu oil fights dandruff to give you healthy scalp and in turn, frizz-free manageable hair.

Tamanu Oil Is a Great Hair & Scalp Cleansing Agent

Stearic acid and amino acids are being used in most of the hair cleansers. Tamanu oil possesses these constituents naturally. So it makes Tamanu oil quite good for the scalp as well as hair cleansing. Tamanu oil effectively fights bacteria and removes dirt, which otherwise go unnoticed. Effective cleaning properties of Tamanu oil protect hair from damages caused by pollution.

Tamanu Oil Treats Split Ends

Tamanu oil helps in tackling the problem of split ends, which is yet one more incredible benefits of Tamanu oil to preserve your hair health. Strong chemicals and extreme environmental conditions add to the problem of split ends. Split ends are a sign of unhealthy hair. Proper measures should be taken while stepping out so that the hair becomes immune to harsh weather conditions.

Apply Tamanu oil on the locks, especially focusing on the split ends. Regular use of Tamanu oil will give smoothening effect and hair will be free from split ends. For better results, hair should be trimmed once in 3 months to get rid of split ends.

Proper Hair Conditioning With Hydrating Tamanu Oil

Are you looking for an effective hair conditioner? Why not try Tamanu oil for hair conditioning as well. Now no need to put extra money on expensive hair conditioners as Tamanu oil is a perfect natural and an incredible hair conditioner.

You can use Tamanu oil twice a week as a hot oil treatment. Leave Tamanu oil for a few hours after application and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Silky and well-conditioned hair is the result of using this incredible Tamanu oil, which will make you feel confident and charismatic.

Some Tips to Incorporate Tamanu Oil in Your Hair Care Regime:

We have already discussed basic and simple ways to apply Tamanu oil. But before applying Tamanu oil, you need to decide the right amount required. You need to consider the condition of hair strands and scalp, like how much frizzy they are or how much you find them damaged. There are certainly other ways as well so that you can get maximum advantages from Tamanu oil. Tamanu oil can be used along with other hair products. It is worthy enough to add a few drops of Tamanu oil in hair masks or conditioners. Tamanu oil should be mixed thoroughly with a hair mask or conditioner to reap the maximum benefits of nutrients present in this incredible oil.

Tamanu oil can also be diluted with other nourishing oils like sunflower oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil, grape seed oil or hempseed oil for healthy application to hair and scalp. Considering the high cost of pure Tamanu oil, diluting it is an economical option. All properties of Tamanu oil will remain unaffected by the addition of any of the oils.

Tamanu oil has a nutty smell. A few drops of lemongrass oil, patchouli or ylang-ylang oil can also be added to obtain a sweet smell.

The most interesting thing about Tamanu oil is that it can be applied on dry as well as wet hair strands. When using Tamanu oil for oiling hair before washing, then consider tying the hair in a braid or bun. This can be followed by covering with a towel or wear a plastic cap. This will help in better absorption of Tamanu oil and improved blood circulation. This will help in strengthening roots and follicles.

Some Probable Side Effects of Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil is considered to be safe for topical application. But there can be rare cases of allergic reactions to some people. So if irritation, itching or redness of scalp is observed after Tamanu oil application, you need consultation from a dermatologist. In such cases, use of other tamanu oil containing skin care or hair care products should also be avoided.

People allergic to tree nuts should not use tamanu oil. Tamanu oil is prepared from pressing nuts of Calophyllum inophyllum tree.

Pregnant and nursing women should not use Tamanu oil. It is always recommended for them to consult their gynaecologists before incorporating any new product into their lifestyle.

Tamanu oil must not be used after the specified expiry date, which is normally 2 years from the date of packaging. Please note that use of tamanu oil after expiry date may adversely affect scalp and hair.


In order to preserve as well as rejuvenate the natural beauty of your hair and keep the scalp dirt free and disease free, add Tamanu oil in your hair care routine. The beauty of Tamanu oil is that it can be used as an individual product for hair rejuvenation. So, enjoy its enormous benefits to keep your hair healthy to adorn your personality.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:March 7, 2019

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