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Ever Heard Of Eyebrow Extensions? Why Is It The New Fad? Let’s Find Out!

What Are Eyebrows?(1)

Eyebrows are the tufts of hair growing above your eyes and are very useful when you want to express something; happiness, anger, disappointment etc. Eyebrows contribute a lot towards facial expressions and also in communication. Eyebrows also help in keeping the eyes clear as they prevent sweat and dirt from falling into the eyes directly. Eyebrows also help in defining ones looks and facial features and can make your face look more attractive. Different people have different types of body shapes, sizes and colors; and the same applies to the eyebrows.

Why the Need for Eyebrow Extensions?

Some people can experience hair loss from the eyebrows, and there are different causes for this. Some medications and medical conditions can cause eyebrow hair loss.(2, 3, 4)

One of the popular eyebrow look that most of us desire are well-defined and full eyebrows to make your face look attractive. For people who are not naturally blessed with such eyebrows, eyebrow extensions come to their rescue by emphasizing the look of their brows.

Eyebrow Extensions, the New Craze; what are Eyebrow Extensions?(5)

Eyebrow extensions are artificial or imitation of natural hairs and are made of synthetic or mink hair. These synthetic hairs are directly glued with the use of surgical adhesive onto your natural brow hairs and also to the skin surrounding the eyebrows.

This procedure of eyebrow extensions is gaining a lot of popularity as more and more beauty enthusiasts are discussing this procedure and many people are choosing this route to improve the appearance of their eyebrows. There has been quite a growth in the number of beauty salons which are performing eyebrow extensions.

The Procedure of Eyebrow Extensions

Eyebrow extensions are applied by a beauty professional in a salon and they are apparently done one strand at a time. There are a few beauty enthusiasts who apply eyebrow extensions at home with the help of application kits. The procedure of eyebrow extensions is quite time consuming and requires lot of patience and expertise and is best done by the experts. Let’s discuss how Eyebrow extensions are applied n detail.

  • Type of Eyebrow Extensions: First you have to decide what type of eyebrow extensions you want, such as synthetic or natural mink fiber.
  • Color of Extensions: After this, the color of your extensions will be matched to your natural eyebrows.
  • Tweezing and Shaping the Brows: The beautician will wash and dry your face after which they will tweeze your brows into the desired shape you want and then lightly outline your brows with the help of an eyebrow pencil.
  • Applying the Extensions: Next, the process of application of individual eyebrow extension strands is started, where every strand is coated in adhesive and then to stuck to the skin or to the existing eyebrow hairs.
  • Average Time Taken for the Procedure: The duration of the process of eyebrow extensions depends on the number of extensions you want and can take anywhere between half-an-hour to an hour and sometimes even more.

How Much Do The Eyebrow Extensions Cost?

The cost of the Eyebrow Extensions procedure depends on the number of extensions one gets. If the strands used are less, then the ball park for a subtle eyebrow extension can be around 50 dollars and for more extension it can go a few hundred dollars too.

What is the Longevity of Eyebrow Extensions?

The eyebrow extensions typically fall off on their own after about a week to two weeks. If the eyebrow extensions are glued to the natural eyebrow hairs then they can last for a few weeks before coming off.

What are the Benefits of Eyebrow Extensions; Especially Over Other Similar Procedures?

Eyebrow extensions have only one benefit or purpose, that of beautifying the overall look of your face by making your eyebrows more dense and appealing. A good pair of shapely eyebrows adds a lot to a person’s face. Eyebrow extensions are also noninvasive; especially when compared to other forms of procedures done to enhance the eyebrows, such as microblading. However, one should bear it in mind that the eyebrow extensions procedure is not completely studied by cosmetic researchers.

The benefits of eyebrow extensions over other similar procedures are:

  • Eyebrow extensions cause little-to-no discomfort.
  • There is very less risk of side effects with eyebrow extensions.
  • The cost of eyebrow extensions is less than other similar procedures.
  • There is no down time or recovery time in eyebrow extensions.
  • The application time is also relatively quick.

Are There Any Precautions When It Comes to Eyebrow Extensions?

Most of the times, getting eyebrow extensions is a hassle free procedure, as it is a noninvasive and a simple procedure. However, it also has some precautions, which one needs to keep in mind just like other cosmetic procedures.

  • Do not touch your eyebrow extensions, as this will lead to them falling off quickly.
  • Do not wet your eyebrow extensions for at least 24 to 48 hours.(5)
  • Eyebrow extensions are a temporary enhancement to your natural eyebrows.

If you want to continue to have the same eyebrow appearance, then you have to keep getting new extensions every fortnight or so and this can cost you significant amount of time and money.

Eyebrow extensions are good for people who have sparse eyebrows, uneven eyebrows or no eyebrows and getting these extensions allows for a healthier, fuller and more attractive look.

Eyebrow Extensions vs. Nanoblading or Microblading: Which Is Better?(6, 7)

Nanoblading and Microblading are similar procedures where your eyebrows are beautified, but are of semi-permanent nature where pigment is added to the skin under the eyebrows. Nanoblading and Microblading are also quite popular in the cosmetic world for people looking to change the style and shape of their brows.

Just like eyebrow extensions, nanoblading and microblading also serves the purpose of adding more fullness and color to the brows and hence making you look more attractive.

  • Microblading: In the microblading procedure, there is a tool used which has small needles on it and it is dragged across your natural eyebrows. These tiny needles prick shallow lines into the top most skin layer, and these lines mimic the shape of individual eyebrow hairs. After this, pigment is added in the lines to match the color of the eyebrows.
  • Nanoblading: The nanoblading process resembles the traditional tattooing procedure. In nanoblading, a needle is rapidly inserted into the external layer of the skin as opposed to being dragged on the skin.

Nanoblading and Microblading are also not permanent and only last about one to three years after which touch ups are needed. However, they last more than eyebrow extensions for sure.

Eyebrow extensions are inexpensive when compared to nanoblading and microblading; however, the cost of eyebrow extensions increases if one wants to continue to maintain the result of the eyebrow extensions.

An initial nanoblading or microblading session can cost anywhere between 400 to 800 dollars and lesser amounts for touch ups after a year or more.

On the other hand, as the results of nanoblading and microblading are semi-permanent, so it is hard to change your look if one is not satisfied or happy with the resultant eyebrows.

Eyebrow extensions may cost more in the long run; however, the advantage they have over nanoblading and microblading is that they are non-invasive in nature. Eyebrow extensions do not have any recovery time, discomfort or risk involved; however, nanoblading and microblading carry all the above risks along with more aftercare involved when compared to eyebrow extensions.

What are Other Eyebrows Enhancing Treatments?

Some of the other methods to get thicker eyebrows are:

  • The simple and traditional way of using an eyebrow pencil for filling the sparse or uneven eyebrows.
  • Using eyebrow-enhancing serum.
  • Eyebrow tinting.
  • Eyebrow lamination, which is also known as “eyebrow perm.”


Eyebrow extensions are one of the many methods where one can enhance the appearance of eyebrows. Eyebrow extensions may not be long lasting and cost more for maintaining in the long run, but they make up for these cons by being easy to perform, noninvasive, with a lesser risk of side effects and discomfort.

If the daily use of eyebrow pencil to fill in your eyebrows is tedious for you; and nanoblading and microblading do not appeal to you, then eyebrow extensions just might be the thing that you are looking for. However, make sure to get it done by an expert from the beauty industry.


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