What Are The Most Trended 90s Hairstyles In 2022

Do you need a bit of inspiration for your next hairstyle? Be amazed and check out the following examples of a decade full of memorable hair looks still trended today: the 90s are coming back strong, baby!

Best 10 Hair Styles of the 90s

You’re feeling nostalgic, but you can bring back all the glamour and taste of the 90s in the blink of an eye. Let’s look at our 10 best 90s hairstyles and try out the different styles starting from tomorrow!

The Rachel

The 90s saw a comeback of simplicity after the great 80s stravaganza. Most hairstyles of this glorious decade wanted something different compared to the crazy volumes of the prior era, but the new vogue did not let go of underlining facial traits in an exquisite manner. Even if less volume was applied, hair length and style were still adapted to the individual. That means that the rebellious, careless appearance of the 90s is nothing but that: an appearance! When it comes to the Rachel, probably the most memorable 90s hairstyle, this meant that round or squared face shapes wore longer haircuts, whereas oval face shapes kept it shorter, above the shoulders.

The Half Pony Tail

The half pony tail is classic and timeless, no doubt. However, if you add on top of it an outward brushing, you’re suddenly in the 90s. Recently trended by Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and other megacelebrities, the half pony tail is more present now than it has been in more than 20 years. If you have a squared face shape, this one will look amazing on you. You can even leave your hair very long for an amazing result. It is never too long for the pony tail.

The Two Locks Curtain

This look can have an even more tremendous effect if you dye your locks. It’s as simple as tying your hair back or brushing it while letting two strings of hair go down both sides of your face. Sexy, elegant, mysterious, no wonder it’s come back from the dead – even if many of us never thought it would. Do you remember Rogue, the female X-men character? That’s what we’re talking about. Bella Hadid is one of the most faithful supporters of this retro look, combined with a hair clip for an even more 90s sparkle.

The Middle Part

Doesn’t matter whether you like longer or shorter hair, whether you’re a man or a woman. The middle part can suit everyone. It’s modern, simple, allows you to style your hair in an impeccable way, and it looks as 90s as it gets. Remember Brendan Fraser? This look is the biggest argument in favor of simplicity as the epitome of elegance and beauty. You can add a bit of curls, or just leave it smooth. This one will look particularly good for squared, oval or round face shapes. Oblong face shapes should probably avoid it, however. And don’t worry if you’re lacking a bit of hair, the Turkey hair transplant cost leaves no excuses!

The Big Hair Clip

This was the quick way of jumping out of bed and going to work in the 90s, without looking too messy. Guess who’s back in town? Now, you’re tired of your long hair, feeling a bit lazy or don’t want to put much effort into today’s hairstyle? Who said you cannot be casual and look good? Kendall Jenner is a good example of how doing this right can have great effects. The big hair clip is not even a “neglected look” anymore. It’s stylish.

The Butterfly Hair Clips

Do you remember the cute small hair clips shaped like a butterfly? Remembering that will make many of you tear up from nostalgia. Butterfly clips were an absolute must in the 90s. You can wear them on the back or front of your hair, and combine them with locks or braids if you want to get it to the next level and add a touch of glamour. This trend is quickly rising at the moment, and you better be ready for it.

The Outwards Brushing

For years on end, smoothness has been the norm, the sole rule, but nothing lasts forever. No need to spend an hour in front of the mirror before leaving the apartment in the morning. Not as aggressive as in the 2000s and 2010s, the outward brushing goes back to the more laid back 90s that doesn’t require subjecting your hair to bad practices such as exposing it to the hot temperatures of hair dryers. But remember: the rebellious, careless appearance is just an appearance, so make sure you check Britney out for inspiration.

The Pompadour

The 90s saw a comeback of the old-Hollywood glamour, which highly contrasted with the excesses of the precedent decade. For instance, Madonna undeniably imitated Marilyn Monroe, and much of her success was probably due to that! The pompadour is a great part of this tradition, and probably the most elegant part of the 90s hairstyle. With traits of 80s stravaganza, this is only for the brave ones, and it’s back to attack!

The Posh Spice Hat

Hairstyles are also about hats, so we had to rescue this one for the benefit of future generations! Elegant and sophisticated, the posh spice hat has recently been used by Victoria Beckham, who surely knows a couple of things about style! Short and geometrical, it is easily adaptable to all 90s hairstyles on this list (without the clips, that is). Render it even more 90s by adding flipped ends, or give it a minimalistic touch, all is OK as long as you lift it up a bit up front to laser-beam through your eyes.

Spice Girls: The Mel B Hairstyle

The 90s was the decade of the Pussycat Dolls and the spice girls, but none created more hair trends than Mel B. This one’s for the brave… and curly. If you have voluminous, curly and rebellious locks, forget about the rest of the list: this will look amazing for you, and absolute 90s. Winter 2021 and 22 have seen a clear return of the Mel B, and we suspect it is just the beginning. Try to define it a little, but not excessively. Also, why not add two mini chignons and be more Mel B than Mel B herself?

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