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Some Cures to Deal With Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be difficult to manage, although there are different treatment options available. The treatment depends on the types of hemorrhoids and may be specific for prolapsed hemorrhoids. This article deals with how to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Basically, hemorrhoids are of two types – the internal ones which are found in the lower rectum region and the external one which affects the anus and grows in the skin around it. The internal ones are generally painless whereas the external ones lead to skin irritation and can be really painful.[1] It is important to know how to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are classified as prolapsed ones when they affect the rectum and produce a flange beyond the rectum. They are a form of internal hemorrhoids and can be classified into four grades depending on their severity. The prolapsed hemorrhoids are basically painless but if there is pain, it may be due to various causes. The commonest cause is the formation of an intense swelling which has originated within the hemorrhoids. Moreover, thrombosis within the veins of the hemorrhoids is related with intense pain. At times the hemorrhoids can even become strangulated. In this condition, the blood supply gets blocked with an increase in pressure in the anal sphincter. [2]Some Cures to Deal With Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Some Cures to Deal With Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

With proper self-care, it is possible to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids and the symptoms can be reduced to a great extent. Focusing on the diet, planning a regular healthy routine and other self-care procedures can help to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids. It is also important to maintain proper bowel habits to ensure smooth passage of stools and avoid straining at stool. How to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids is a commonly asked question. In mild cases of prolapsed hemorrhoids, some of the home remedies and lifestyle modifications can help a great deal. Below are given some cures to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids:

  • Eat Fibrous Food – Lack of fiber in the diet is one of the main reasons for hemorrhoids. Hence, one of the important ways how to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids is to increase fiber intake. It can help in reducing the venous engorgement and the swelling of the veins can reduce naturally. Moreover, the fibrous content of the food facilitates easy passage of stools, which also reduces pain and swelling. A fiber rich diet helps improve overall digestion and the health of the gut, thus helping to manage prolapsed hemorrhoids.[3]
  • Exercise – It has rightly been said that exercise is the ultimate solution to almost every health problem. With correct exercise, almost every condition can be cured. Performing aerobics or walking for at least five minutes every day can lower the pain caused due to the hemorrhoids and can help in curing the condition by relaxing the blood vessels.[4] It also helps improve digestion, prevent gas troubles and ensures smooth passage of stools. Hence, one of the effective ways to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids is to exercise regularly.
  • Maintain Regular Bowel Habit – Excrete the fecal matter as soon as you feel the pressure. Delaying the release would only cause the fecal matter to exert an immense pressure on the blood veins leading to an increase in the pain. An important way to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids is to maintain good bowel habits and clear up the bowel regularly.
  • Take Sitz Baths – It is considered to be one of the best methods to deal with hemorrhoids. This bath needs to be performed in a sitting position. In this bath, the buttocks and the hips should touch the ground with hot water being splashed over them. It is believed to relieve the blood vessels and increase the blood flow thereby helping to get rid of the clots formed in the vessels. When considering how to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids, having sitz bath for a minimum of 20 minutes after you your bowel movements can help.[5]
  • Be Extra Soft with Affected Area – Special care needs to be taken while wiping the affected area. It is important to avoid the use of any hard and tough towel or even patting that area dry. A blow dryer can be used gently to simply dry off the moisture from that place. Moreover, the application of ice or cold water to the anal region or the affected area can help reduce the pain and swelling.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy – In some cases, hemorrhoids are detected when they reach grade IV stage. At this stage, sitz baths and even the medicines fail to provide relief. The condition worsens as the days pass by, with an equally awful pain in the anal region. In such a condition, surgery, hemorrhoidectomy is the best option to get rid of prolapsed hemorrhoids. This surgery has proven to be very successful to get rid of hemorrhoids.[6]
  • Staples – It is yet another surgical process to get rid of the condition and may be used to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids. It mainly helps control bleeding when passing stools. The surgeons with the aid of a stapling machine, bring the hemorrhoid veins back to their natural position through this procedure. With this being done, no pressure will be exerted on the veins on the discharge of the bowels. Hence the bleeding will stop and the patient will be relieved from the pain.[7]

At the end, it is advised to look for the symptoms of prolapsed hemorrhoids to take timely action and avoid complications. With the knowledge of how to deal with prolapsed hemorrhoids, it is possible to manage milder cases. However, for any condition, it is best to follow medical advice and treatment, if given.


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