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Coping Methods For Progressive Supranuclear Palsy & Home Remedies For It?

Progressive supranuclear palsy may be mistaken for other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.(1)

PSP is linked to a mutation in the gene MAPT, which helps to produce the tau proteins and is located on chromosome 17 (17q21.1).(2)

Coping Methods For Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Progressive supranuclear palsy can cause various problems which go on increasing as the disease progresses. It is because there is no potential cure available for this condition. Coping methods are essentially modified in ways according to the requirement of the patient. In a person suffering from problematic eye movements, eye rehabilitation and balancing therapy are taught to prevent the fixation of gaze and cope with the potential risks arising from it.

If the progressive supranuclear palsy patient is suffering from painful neck dystonia or sialorrhea then it is very prudent to use a drug known as botulinum toxin A which not only helps to improve the dystonia but also control the sialorrhea. It can greatly affect the quality of life because of the reduction in the pain and increase in the extent of movement.

In a case suffering from pseudobulbar palsy which causes difficulty in eating also known as dysphagia, it becomes very important to maintain and monitor the diet of the individual. The patient should be given a well-balanced diet till the time he can swallow but usually after 1 or 2 years, dysphagia becomes so evident that patient is unable to swallow anything. In such conditions, a gastrostomy is done to feed the individual.

Although it is not a method which improves the quality of life but is essential for the survival of patient.(3)

In chronic illnesses such as progressive supranuclear palsy, it is very important to maintain a social circle that would help to cope with various adversities in the journey of condition. It helps to build the moral support and a daily routine and keeps away the psychiatric illnesses such as depression, anxiety, etc.

Home Remedies For Progressive Supranuclear Palsy?

There are few of the steps given below which can be followed at home to help with the conditions like progressive supranuclear palsy –

Maintain a daily routine of putting eye drops repeatedly to prevent the dryness which may cause corneal blindness. Provided the living space with wooden grab bars to reduce the frequency of falls. Avoid climbing stairs because it would be very difficult for a person with downward gaze palsy to descend from the stairs. The use of a heavy walker is recommended to prevent the person from falling backward.(4)

In the diet, there must be the presence of all the nutrients to prevent the development of any of the deficiency diseases. According to a recent study, coenzyme q is known to benefit in the few cases of progressive supranuclear palsy and helps to improve the cognitive abilities of the patient. Foods rich in coenzyme q such as organ meats like heart, liver, kidney, certain fish like trout, herring, sardines, vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, fruits like strawberries, oranges, legumes like lentils, soybean, and various nuts like pistachio are added in the diet chart.(5)


Progressive supranuclear palsy is a chronic disease and may produce debilitating effects on the quality of life. It is very important to maintain a social network and group of close people with whom you can hang out and share the distresses you are facing. It helps a person to keep psychological issues such as depression etc. aside and go on in life.

Various home remedies can be tried and other homely supportive measures can be taken to reduce the difficulty and burden of life on such an individual.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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