Best Blood Cancer Treatments

Blood Cancer refers to the disorders affecting the blood, lymphatic system and bone marrow. Blood Cancer affects the blood cells, its production, and functions. The cancerous cells start in the bone marrow that is the main source of producing blood. With such disorders, the production and function of red blood cells get interrupted and develops cancerous blood cells.

The cancerous cells affect the normal functions and prevent defending serious bleeding. The stem cells in the bone marrow mature and divide into three types of blood cells, i.e., white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. For the growth of abnormal type cells in the bone marrow, the blood production process gets interrupted.

The major types of blood cancers are Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma. It is essential to learn about the types of blood cancers and distinguish those.

Leukemia: Leukemia is caused due to high production of abnormal blood cells in the bone marrow. The abnormal blood cells affect the production of red blood cells and the platelets.

Lymphoma: Lymphoma affects the lymphatic system. The abnormal lymphocytes develop and become lymphoma cells that grow without any control in the lymph nodes and several other tissues. The lymphatic system removes the excess fluid from the body and makes the immune system stronger. The lymphocytes are the white blood cells that fight against the infections making the immunity power stronger.

Myeloma: Myeloma blood cancer affects the plasma cells. The plasma cells are white blood cells that produce disease-fighting antibodies. Myeloma cancerous cells affect the production of the plasma cells that weaken the immune system.

The treatment of blood cancer varies with the type of cancer. Monitoring different symptoms and performing the tests, the oncologists detect the type of blood cancer and determine the most effective treatment. The oncologists also note down the patient’s age and the multiplying speed of the cancerous cells before determining the best treatment.

Best Blood Cancer Treatments

Best Blood Cancer Treatments

Chemotherapy– The oncologists also suggest Chemotherapy for treating leukemia. The experts use anti-cancer drugs with an aim to destroy the cancerous cells preventing the possible damages to the normal cells. The drugs stop the development and production of the cancerous cells. The drugs used in chemotherapy for blood cancer usually are taken intravenously. The oncologists inject or infuse the drugs into the vein.

There are three stages of Chemotherapy for treating Leukemia, i.e., Induction Therapy, Consolidation Therapy, and Maintenance Therapy. The Induction Therapy is the initial phase of Chemotherapy which lasts around 4-6 weeks. In this initial phase of blood cancer treatment, the oncologists aim to destroy maximum abnormal white blood cells. The patient is said to be in remission when no signs of abnormal white blood cells found in the blood.

The second phase of Chemotherapy for treating blood cancer begins after remission. Consolidation Therapy destroys the left out cancerous cells in which the experts use different drugs.

Maintenance Therapy is the last stage of Chemotherapy in which the oncologists diagnose the patient and implement the treatment techniques for destroying the remaining cancerous cells.

Stem Cell Transplantation- The process of replacing damaged or destroyed stem cells from the bone marrow with healthy stem cells is a critical technique. The experts transplant the healthy blood-forming stem cells into the body collecting it from healthy circulating blood in the bone marrow or the umbilical cord blood. The Stem-Cell Transplantation treatment technique is not the first choice of the oncologists for treating blood cancer. Stem Cell Transplantation gets done in an operating theater with general anesthesia. After the transplantation of stem cells into the bone marrow, the cells will slowly increase the number of blood cells.

Radiation Therapy- Radiation Therapy is a treatment technique implemented for destroying cancer cells. This technique helps in getting relieved from pain and discomfort. Radiation Therapy is also preferable before stem cell transplantation after analyzing the patient’s condition. The radiation treatment shrinks the cancerous tissues, and the patients feel relieved from pain.


The oncologists determine the type of blood cancer and the stage of cancer before finalizing the best effective treatment. It is advisable for the patients to seek oncologist’s advice after detecting the symptoms of blood cancer. Ignoring the symptoms will lead to severe problems and affect the patient majorly.

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