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Can Paraneoplastic Syndrome Go Away On Its Own & What Are It’s Natural Remedies?

Can Paraneoplastic Syndrome Go Away On Its Own?

Paraneoplastic syndrome is usually associated with some underlying pathology like a tumor but sometimes they can get cured automatically without any intervention to be required[1]. Some paraneoplastic syndrome is transient like fever, anorexia, cachexia, pigmentation, rashes, etc., these can get cured or goes away on its own without any treatment. Because of being transient these symptoms may not affect the patient to a great extent. But the paraneoplastic syndromes decreases the quality of life, morbidity is increased and can decrease the life expectancy to a great extent even if the tumor is not so malignant or dangerous.

The paraneoplastic syndrome is itself a rare phenomenon in occurrence as only 8% of the people are found to be affected by them after some underlying cancer for its reactionary products destroys the normal environment and processes of the body[2]. The chances of paraneoplastic syndrome going away meaning getting corrected are quite high. Sometimes only the removal of the causative agent and its treatment can correct the paraneoplastic syndrome without requiring its specific treatment.

What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Gastrointestinal paraneoplastic syndrome can result in diarrhea, constipation, irregular bowel habits. This can be improved by isabgol which is a completely natural substance. Also, mesna is used in some cases to improve the symptoms. Electrolyte disturbances are pretty common in such syndromes and can prove fatal if not treated. ORS solution is a common mode of treatment in such conditions. Other things that could be used are rice water, dal water, khichdi, daliya, lemon water, lemon tea, etc.

For weight loss, the diet should be maintained adequately with a high level of proteins and fats and a slightly lesser amount of carbohydrates to make it a calorie-rich diet by using calorie dense foods like nuts, butter, etc. Anorexia can be treated by frequently using lime water. Nonvegetarian foods like ok meat, fish, eggs, etc. can be given which are easy to digest and do not put a strain on the digestive system.

The rheumatologic paraneoplastic syndrome has symptoms like joint pain, inflammation around joints, bone pain, etc. These can be treated by the application of hot water bags to relieve pain and inflammation. Early morning stiffness can be reduced by a warm bath, early morning exercise or walking.

Many paraneoplastic syndromes are usually associated with low proteins in the body due to either increased loss of protein or increased uses of protein which can be fulfilled by using protein-rich foods. High protein diet includes foods like meat, eggs, liver oil, fish, etc. for non-vegetarians and dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, soy products, etc. for vegetarians. Other common protein-rich foods include pulses, few bowls of cereal, nuts and beans, etc.[3].

Few paraneoplastic syndromes are associated with various type of anemia like chronic anemia, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, etc. which can be corrected by increasing folic acid and iron intake in the diet. Folic acid rich foods include nuts like almonds, cashew nuts; green leafy vegetables, liver, etc. Iron-rich foods include green leafy vegetables, cereals, jaggery, guar etc.


Paraneoplastic syndromes sometimes can get well automatically without treatment and many of them can be treated by simple homemade remedies. But prevention remains the key for the decreased incidence of the paraneoplastic syndrome because some tumors are associated with specific syndromes which can be predicted beforehand and the factors responsible for them can be eliminated early. Early detection of the vague symptoms prescribed by the doctor and not belonging to the tumor-related organs should raise a suspicion in the minds of a patient and their caretakers and they should inform their doctor at the earliest about them. Although natural remedies are used for paraneoplastic syndromes these are not some sort of medicines, these are only the dietary materials. No ayurvedic or other medicines are recommended in paraneoplastic syndromes as they made do more harm than good.


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