Weight Loss Apps On Android

Weight Loss Apps On Android

In the current trendy world of fashion and lifestyle, each one of us wants to be at the best of our shape and remain at the peak of our health. In search of perfect shape, slim and trim fit body, we all usually try out best finding out the absolute fitness activities specialized for weight loss and look for the proper diet and eating habits for managing a healthy lifestyle. Speaking in general, “Dieting and weight loss activities” have been one of the most common searches among today’s fitness conscious mass.

Weight Loss Apps On Android

In the latest world where healthcare and technology is running hand to hand in a great manner; one need not have to worry much about finding the perfect solution to a healthy & fit body or to have a great solution for the absolute figure. Now, loosing few pounds keeping your life simple and spending no or pretty few dollars is a matter of just few finger tapping over your android screen! Wondering what exactly we want to explain here? Well! All we are to discuss in the current article is about the most popular android applications for dieting and weight loss that can be used in your daily schedule of fitness and get some real positive results on the same. So, read the following array of the article to find out how android apps for dieting and weight loss can benefit you and look for some of the most popular and effective android apps for dieting and weight loss.

Benefits Of Installing Android Apps For Dieting And Weight Loss In Your Android Phone

Benefits Of Installing Android Apps For Dieting And Weight Loss In Your Android Phone:

If you are giving a thought on how the android applications can actually help you in weight loss or know about the appropriate dieting, then here are some of the points you can check out for getting the benefits of installing android apps for dieting and weight loss in your android devices.

  • The android apps are the most cost effective way one can help self in weight loss and dieting.
  • You get benefits of knowing the best of weight loss diet and exercising tips right with the touch of your fingertip on your android screen without the need of switching on your desktop or moving out of your home.
  • These apps are also available for free.
  • Such android apps also hold a great number of motivational tips and excellent inspiring reminders for dieting and weight loss which help great. For they say, “Success depends on the zeal to work for it!”
  • Android apps for diet and weight loss are easy to download from the Google Play and quick at installation.
  • The dieting apps gets you free and efficient diet plan for losing weight and managing a fit body.
  • Every day tracking of weight help you work effectively on your weight loss workouts and follow the weight loss diet quite more effectively on a challenging manner for better progress and success.

Some Of The Most Popular Android Apps For Dieting And Weight Loss:

  1. Weight Journal: Isn’t is great to know, now you can have your daily weight calculated and plotted brilliantly with the help of your smartphone? Weigh Journal is one such app that works on android platform and helps you know your weight every single day.


    Rating: 4.3 stars

    Look below for the app features:

    • It plots your weight on a crystal clear graph and lets you know the weight every day.
    • The app plots your every day progress and this lets you know where you lack and where you go strong so as to be more of motivated while working on weight loss exercises.
    • You can get to know your all crucial body mass index with this stunning android app.
    • You can import and export your data at an ease.
  2. Nutrino: A popular diet specific & weight concerned application comes with the name Nutrino. This is a wonderful app that lets you knowhowmuch calorie you need to take a day and what are the exercising requirements for you so as to keep your weightoncheck.

    Pricing: Free apps

    Rating: 4.2 stars

    Look below for more of the features of the app:

    • The app allows you to know about how much calorie you are consuming every day and how much you should consume each day for a proper weight check.
    • You need to put your general body statistics and get to know all you want about your diet and also workout requirements.
    • You can share your progress via various social networking sites, emails etc.
    • The best part of the app is, it asks you for your favorite dishes, you need to mention what all you take in your diet, when and how much you take. Then the smart app tots up and shows you the perfect menu for you. So, imagine, your meal plan is all done by your smartphone!
  3. Weightwatchers’ mobile app: If you are following the weight watcher plan diet on your regular routine, then this app is going to helpyougreat!

    Pricing: Free apps

    Rating: 3.5 stars

    Features Included With The Weightwatcher’s Mobile App:

    • You get to know about the weight watcher’s plan diet right through this app.
    • You get your daily weight and calories consumed and expended per day.
    • This app works at the best only when you have online subscription to the same.
  4. My FitnessPal: This is the best diet special android app which will let you know what diet would help you be in shape you want.

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 4.3 stars

    Below Mentioned Are Some Of The Special Features Of My Fitnesspal App:

    • It lets you know how much calorie in diet is needed for you to consume each day so as to maintain the shape perfect. You simply need to provide your general statistics including height, weight, gender and age and get what you need in your diet for your fitness and proper weight.
    • The app also calculates the weight loss per day. The weight loss is plotted clearly in a graphical manner.
    • You can add your friends to the app and that makes the best of fun with the application.
  5. My Diet Coach: If you want to have a wonderful control on your diet and stay on track with the appropriate dieting and eating habits, this android app is just the one you must look for an immediate download.

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 4.6 stars average

    Look Below For The Special Features Of This Application:

    • This is an android app which aids you in motivating self for proper diet and eating habits which would help you keep health, fit and be checked by your weight.
    • It gives you virtual rewards for being on your exact track and “doing the right thing”
    • It has features of Reminders and also they can be customized, i.e. you can add your own diet reminders.
    • The app contains features of Perseverance Tips, where you can simply touch the button on the android screen you are meeting with any problem and you get excellent motivational and effective tips on the same.
    • There is a feature for Motivational watchers, which displays the motivational photos, your motivational quotes and your goal reminders.
    • You can set your own track and challenges and accordingly work on the same.
  6. Loose it!: This is a brilliantly popular app that helps you know about dieting and weight loss to its best.

    Pricing: Free app.

    Rating: 4.7 star average

    Features Included In The App Are Mentioned Below:

    • The app has a wonderful list of food and working activities.
    • You can track the nutritional value of a number of foods.
    • You can also add new values to the app.
    • The app also builds the perfect recipe for you with the recipe builder features.
    • The app also features a free barcode scanner.
  7. iTrackbites:

    Pricing: $2.99

    Rating: 3.8 stars

    Look Below For The Special Features Of The App:

    • The app assigns scores and points to the food for its healthy contents and also assigns the scores to the weight watchers who are on the run of losing weight.
    • Input of data is made possible where the users can input the food score or points to any food not in the list.
  8. Foodeducate:If you are one of those diet conscious persons who wants to be very much informed about his diet and foods, all you can do is look for this awesome app that runs in android as well as iPhone platform.

    Pricing: Basic app is free, while the ‘Plus” version costs $3.99

    Rating: 4.5 stars

    Look below for some important features of the app:

    • The app allows you to know the nutritional content of the packed foods you take. You can simply take the photo of the barcode in the packaged food and the app will let you know the nutritional grade values (A,B+…) as calculated by dieticians.
    • The app all also lets you know the positive and negative features of the food and allows you to know its healthier alternative.
  9. Diet Point Weight Loss Coach:This is one more crucial diet guide app which helps you fine in your weight loss path.

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 4.3 stars

    Features Included In The App Are Mentioned Below:

    • The app lets you know about more than 130 diet plans for weight loss.
    • The app holds innovative reminders and complete list of grocery included for you to assist you in losing weight.
    • You can get in touch with community of people who are on the same run of weight loss.
    • It provides the weight-loss estimate for each of the diet plan
    • There are more than 500 supportive and motivational tips for weight loss.
    • Weight tracker and weight monitor included.

If you are one of those dedicated personals who is concerned about healthy dieting and weight loss, then show your craze by downloading and installing these applications in your android device and get the best out of your weight loss journey!

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