Key Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water In The AM!

“If you have lemons with you, squeeze it in a glass of water. That’s the health drink every morning!” Do you take lemon water every morning after bed? Are you aware of the benefits you get from taking lemon juice or lemon water during the starting hours of the day? Well! This article will let you know about the list of benefits we get from lemon and lemon water. Go through an eye read on the following array of the content to know about the wonders of drinking lemon water in the AM every day.

Key Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water In The AM! - Infographic

Lemon Water And Its Key Ingredients That Benefit The Body And The Skin:

Lemon water contains ingredients like the water, Vitamin C, Flavonoids, Ascorbic acids etc which help greatly in keeping a healthy body with beautiful looking skin. Lemon water can either be taken with or without honey added to it. It has a greater benefit when taken in the morning or at night before bed in empty stomach. More about the lemon water and its benefits can be known in the following sections.

Why Is Drinking Lemon Water Considered Very Beneficial?

As we have discussed about the key ingredients of lemon water in the previous paragraphs of the article, here we will be discussing about the role of these ingredients present in the lemon water which helps our body greatly.

  • Water assists you in increasing the metabolic level of the body significantly.
  • Vitamin C in lemon helps in weight reduction, improving immune system etc
  • Flavonoids present in lemon helps in weight loss and protect the body from the excessive producing of cholesterol and triglycerides by the liver.
  • The acidic content present in lemon helps in lowering the absorption of sugar from the food you intake. Lemon water is highly effective in maintaining the blood sugar level in diabetes.

Why Take Lemon Water In The Morning?

Why Take Lemon Water In The Morning?

Now let us consider the fact that taking hot lemon water in the morning can actually benefit the body and various system of the body. Let us know why it is recommended to take lemon water during the AM.

  • Your body has not received the water since 6-8 hours during the night while you were at sleep. Now, the body requires exactly what aids in recovering and being hydrated. Lemon water in its hot condition can be the best source of health drink you can provide your body in the morning.
  • Before you eat your first meal in the morning or before half an hour of your breakfast, give your digestive system something healthy to prepare for the coming meal. Lemon water after bed helps your digestive system function better all throughout the day.
  • Your brain needs a fresh start every morning so that it can power you all throughout the day. Treating the brain with hot lemon water is surely a great idea.
  • Lemon water in the morning helps your liver function great all throughout the day and help rest organs function in an optimal way.

Advantages Of Taking Hot Lemon Water Over Cold Lemon Water:

Though one can prefer taking lemon water either hot or cold; it is recommended to take hot lemon water in the morning after bed. The digestive system and all the internal organs of the body has ability to rejuvenate by themselves all the night and thus a cold water is not the exact wake-up drink for your body.

Key Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water In The AM:

  1. Drinking Lemon Water In AM Helps In Keeping The Body Hydrated: A full mug of hot water with lemon juice in it taken in the morning helps greatly in keeping the body hydrated. Your body remains free from water all throughout the night and hot lemon water after bed can help you in the hydration process greatly when it begins in the morning. Though plain water can also be taken for improving hydration, lemon water is more effective for its various other benefits to the body.
  2. Lemon Water In The Morning Helps In Weight Loss: Lemon water is also known for its wonderful benefits in reducing weight. Lemon juice actually helps you in avoiding hunger. So when you take a glass of lemon water in the morning you are likely to feel less hungry and keep limitations on your diet. This would help you in reducing weight.
  3. Lemon Water In The Morning Helps In Improving Immune System: “Protect the system that protects you!” It is important to keep very good care of the immune system for it protects our body and serves in fighting against foreign ailments and keeps us free from diseases and illness. Taking lemon water in the morning can help you take care of the immune system for it contains an adequate amount of Vitamin C in it.
  4. Lemon Water In AM Helps In Better Digestion: Healthy and easier digestion is possible through the lemon water taken in the morning. Lemon water actually assists you in digesting the breakfast and thus allows your body to absorb the nutrients in a better way. Lemon also helps in releasing the stored up toxins from the digestive system of your body.
  5. Lemon Water In The Morning Is Beneficial For Liver Health: Lemon water is also known for being beneficial to the liver. It helps flush the liver out every morning when you take the lemon water after your bed. Isn’t it real good to treat your liver that treats all the internal organs of your body? Give your liver a treat of lemon water every morning!
  6. Lemon Juice Helps In Enhancing The Brain Function: It is known that taking lemon juice in the morning help you bring down the body’s pH level towards the alkaline side. Though lemon or lemon water tastes acidic, it has alkaline effect in the body when drunk. A cup of hot lemon water in the morning will get you a fresh start to the day and you feel at the best of your body.
  7. Lemon Water Helps In Maintaining Acidity Level Of The Body: Now, though lemon juice tastes acidic, when consumed it provides an alkaline effect to the body. Thus, taking lemon water in the morning greatly aids you in maintaining the pH level to the alkaline side. How about taking a glass of lemon water every morning and keep away from the problems of acidity all throughout the day?
  8. Lemon Water Helps In Managing Asthma And Respiratory Issues: Ascorbic acid present in lemon acts greatly in managing asthma and respiratory problems that occur in human body. The ascorbic acid actually demonstrates the anti-inflammatory properties in lemon. Moreover there is also the presence of iron which helps in strengthening the immune system.
  9. Lemon Water Juice Assists In Lowering The Hunger Pangs: Lemon contains pectin fiber. This makes it possible for one to reduce his hunger with the lemon water juice. It suppresses the hunger and is also a healthy drink with surplus of vitamin C.

Benefits Of Lemon Water With Honey:

  1. Lemon And Honey For Reducing Cough And Cold: Because of the presence of anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and antifungal properties in lemon and honey; a mixed juice of the two acts as a wonderful syrup for cough and cold.
  2. Lemon And Honey For Glowing Skin: Lemon and honey together are also beneficial for a better glowing skin. This is due to the fact that both lemon and honey contains anti-oxidants that help in skin health. Applying a face pack of lemon and honey mixed together in the equal proportion and allowing it to hold on the face for at least 20 minutes before washing with cold water can provide you with a gentle and glowing skin you would love to have forever.
  3. Lemon And Honey For Healing Wounds: Because of their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, lemon and honey are helpful in healing the minor wounds.

Now that you are aware of the wonderful benefits of taking lemon water in the morning; why not stick to a daily routine that begins with a glass of hot lemon water for better body and mind?

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