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How Do You Stop Paraneoplastic Syndrome From Spreading?

The paraneoplastic syndrome refers to a set of signs and symptoms i.e. syndrome as well as consequence of cancer in the body of a person. However, the phenomena, in this case, take place because of humoral factors i.e. cytokines or hormones secreted by an immune system in opposition to the formed tumor.

Paraneoplastic syndromes are common among middle age and old patients. Even they often present with patients suffering from the lymphatic system, ovaries and breast, and lungs cancers. In some of the cases, symptoms associated with paraneoplastic syndromes highlight even before the patient undergoes with the diagnosis of any malignancy.

Under this paradigm, tumor cells express their tissue-restricted antigens or neuronal proteins to activate an anti-tumor type of immune response to become rarely, partially or completely effective to suppress the growth of tumors as well as the related symptoms. With time, the respective tumor immune response breaks its tolerance and starts to regular tissue expressing the neuronal protein.(2)

How Do You Stop Paraneoplastic Syndrome From Spreading?


The mechanism associated with paraneoplastic syndrome varies among cases. However, in most of the cases, pathophysiological outcomes often take place with the formation of any tumor. These syndromes often take place with related cancers because of activated immune systems. Under this type of scenario, the body of an individual produces antibodies to deal with the tumor by binding and destroying the affected tumor cell directly. Paraneoplastic disorders often take place in those antibodies, which cross-react with regular tissues and destroy them.

Management Of Paraneoplastic Syndrome

Paraneoplastic syndromes associated with the cancer nervous system often remain resistant to any of the immune modulator treatment options, excluding a few of the isolated cases. Even in most of the cases, patients become severely disabled during the diagnosis that they fail to get effective results from any specific treatment. Early rapid progression followed by stabilization highlights the occurrence of irreversible neurological damage at the time of diagnosing the paraneoplastic syndrome. A few of the research reports revealed that most of the patients have obtained benefits from intravenous immune globulin when they underwent the treatment within only a few weeks period of the onset. Because of this, discovery, as well as treatment of any underlying tumor, remains the mainstay of paraneoplastic syndrome.(1)


To conclude, we should say that we could take different steps to stop the spread of paraneoplastic syndrome to other body parts. However, the ultimate result depends on individual cases in cancer patients.


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