Can Heart Valve Disease Be Cured?

Heart valve disease, when diagnosed has to be treated with special care in order to be cured. At present, mere medicines may not really be helpful in treating a problem of heart valve issue. What is important along with the medications are the lifestyle changes that has to be incorporated in the patient’s daily life. Such a method of treatment may help the symptoms of heart valve disease to stay at bay thereby delaying grave problems for later years. Yet, the patient may have to go for a repair or replacement surgery in a later year in order to completely get rid of the heart valve disease.

Can Heart Valve Disease Be Cured?

How to Live With A Heart Valve Disease?

As mentioned earlier that bringing lifestyle changes is an important step towards curing heart valve disease. Also, proper knowledge about the disease should be known by the patient as well as the caregiver in order to manage medical emergencies. In order to deal effectively with the heart valve disease, one should-

Type of Disease: The patient along with the care giver should be aware of the type of the heart valve disease the patient has along with its extent.

Visiting Dentist: In case the patient has to visit the dentist, the patient should inform about the heart valve disease to them.

Dental Hygiene: The patient must be aware and should responsibly take care of dental hygiene. This is because dental infection can travel to the heart valve making the condition severe.

Not Miss Medicines: The patient should be regular on taking the medications aimed to manage the symptoms of valve disease.

Be Active: The patient should try staying active by including any form of exercise in his daily routine. This keeps obesity away thereby does not create extra pressure on heart.

Regular Follow up: The patient should have the regular follow up routines with the doctor even in the absence of symptoms. This ensures the proper check-up of the heart.

Managing Infections: In case the patient notices any form of symptoms of an infection, the doctor should be immediately consulted.

Stress Management: Above all, patient should make efforts for proper stress management techniques and eat a balanced and nutritious diet.

What are the Possible Symptoms Associated With Heart Valve Disease?

It is not necessary that every patient will have the same set of symptoms in case of heart valve disease. Sometimes, the symptoms may not show up for quite some time. However, some of the general symptoms include-

Difficulty Breathing: The patient may have noticeable difficulty in catching his breath. This may be more pronounced when the patient may be doing daily activities or lying flat on the bed.

Weakness: The patient may feel extremely weak even while doing normal activities and may also complain of dizziness. Patient may also be prone to passing out due to the dizziness.

Heart Palpitations: There may be extreme and sudden palpitations without any definite cause. The patient may complain of irregular heartbeat.

Heaviness on Chest: The patient may feel a form of pressure on the heart while doing any form of activities or even if exposed to cold air.

Edema: The patient may be prone to edema. There may be swelling in the abdomen along with legs and ankles, which may make the patient feel bloated.

Weight Gain: The heart valve disease patient may gain weight for no apparent reason. Such weight gain may be rapid and uncontrollable.

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