Know the Signs of Lung Infection & Its Treatment, Prevention

Lung infection as the name indicates affects your lungs and is caused due to a number of microorganisms called as virus and bacteria. Even if you are suffering from asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis or bronchitis there are high chances that you might suffer from lung infection as well. Getting it treated at the initial stages is a must because if signs of lung infection get severe then things can get worse thus affecting your overall health as well. This is the reason that you should be careful and get it diagnosed even if you are not sure of it. Delayed treatment can put you in trouble and your life at risk. So if you wish to know more about a lung infection, you have come to the right place.

Signs of Lung Infection

Signs of Lung Infection

As already discussed above that lung infection or also known as lower respiratory tract infection is caused due to viruses. It usually affects people whose immune system is weak, more commonly the kids and the pregnant women. It can be of two types, acute and severe depending upon the condition as diagnosed by the doctor. Usually, the signs of lung infection can differ from person to person but some of the common signs that you can look into are given below.

So these are just a few signs of lung infection that you can look for. The best thing is to note down the changes that you are feeling. It proves quite helpful as you will be able to provide exact information to the doctor. In this way, they will get a clear idea whether or not you are suffering from lung infection. Therefore noting down the signs of lung infection can really prove beneficial during the diagnosis.

Tests to Diagnose Lung Infection

If you come across any of the above symptoms or are suffering from high fever with a lot of fatigue and body ache it is high time that you seek the assistance of the doctor. If you have any other symptoms along with the above, you can share the same with your doctor. Once the doctors talk to you, they will identify whether you are suffering from lung infection or not. There might be a few tests that need to be done for surety and these will be recommended by your doctor only. This is the reason that you should consult your doctor and do not compromise in any way.

There are two types of examinations which are done to identify whether the person is suffering from lung infection or not. The first is the physical one wherein your doctor will ask you some questions and accordingly take the decision. In the next, you will be advised for a few laboratory tests like rapid strep test. You may be tested for swine flu as well. But the decision is made by the doctor as they best understand you and provides the right guidance you are looking for.

Treatment for Lung Infection

Depending on your condition, the doctor can advise you different kinds of treatments so as to get rid of lung infection. Some of the treatments for lung infection that you may be prescribed by the doctor are:

  • Antibiotics can be suggested by the doctor as it not only helps you to bring down the fever but reduce other symptoms of lung infection as well. In case the lung infection is acute then antibiotics can really do well in overcoming the infection to the large extent. Your doctor will suggest the dosage as well as the guidelines to take the medicines in a proper way for long lasting relief.
  • If you are suffering from too much of a cough due to lung infection then medicines can be given for that as well. This medicine can work for a sore throat as well and give you a lot of relief.
  • In case the lung infection is caused due to any virus then antiviral medicines can be given for the same. This will depend on your doctor as they will analyze your condition and then suggest the best treatment.

If the symptoms of lung infection do not come down your doctor may hospitalize you and keep under observation. This is done so that you can receive the right treatment and the doctor can check how the treatment is affecting you. So do as said by the doctor as they are better aware of your health condition and will put their efforts to make you healthy again.

Prevention of Lung Infection

As we all know that prevention is better than cure, so make sure that you follow a healthy life and eat a good diet to keep away from all kinds of infections including lung infection. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can follow:

  • Give complete rest to your body or else it will become weak and more prone towards attack of microorganisms
  • If you smoke, get rid of it as it one of the major reasons of lung infection.
  • Hot compress is one of the best ways to avoid mucus thus offering you complete relief. Congestion in nose or throat can create lot of trouble but hot compress can do wonders for you.
  • Even taking a warm bath is highly fruitful if you find difficulty in breathing. This will give you a relaxed feeling and you will be able to breathe properly.
  • You can make changes in your diet as well and include healthy diet which is good for the body.
  • Replace your normal tea or coffee with green tea as it is not only healthy but helps you to overcome infections as well. If there is any kind of swelling in your lungs green tea will be helpful in this concern.
  • Drink warm water because it eases your sore throat and you are able to get a soothing feeling. This can be done by everyone in your family.
  • Include broccoli, garlic, ginger etc… in your food because all these are very healthy and can have a lot of effect on the lung infection .
  • Regular steam inhalation can go a long way in preventing common causes of lung infections.

So this was all about lung infection and what should be done to combat it.

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