Prevention of Bronchitis in Children & its Home Remedies

Bronchitis is a condition in which, the windpipe and airways inside the lungs get inflamed. Usually, as the air passages get irritated or infected, the mucus lining gets inflamed, which may lead to persistent bronchial cough in children. Bronchitis is the condition where the entire respiratory system as well as the lungs get affected severely. Bronchitis in children can prove to be serious in some cases. Bronchitis can be seen in people of all age groups and adults can also be equally affected.

The symptoms of bronchitis in children are quite similar to that of asthma and hence extra care and prevention must be taken if the child is diagnosed with bronchitis. There are two types of bronchitis – chronic and acute. Acute bronchitis may last for a short while, whereas chronic bronchitis may be serious and may demand long term medical care.

Bronchitis in children is more common as many children lack the required immunity, which can make them more prone to allergies and infections. There are several factors that are responsible for causing bronchitis in children including, infections from bacteria, virus or others or exposure to allergens, pollen, inhalation of dust or chemical pollutants. Such factors are usually triggers, which block the air passages, causing irritation and results in bronchitis in children.

Prevention of Bronchitis in Children

Prevention for Bronchitis in Children

Certain measures can be taken for the prevention of bronchitis in children.

  • Parents must keep their children in an environment that is free from smoke, pollutants and dust particles.
  • Regular cleaning of the house is necessary to keep the house free from dust, mites and other allergy or infection causing bronchitis in children.
  • Bed sheets, carpets, toys and other usable items must be washed well or vacuumed regularly.
  • Food substances that seem to trigger bronchial cough must be avoided to prevent bronchitis in children.
  • Humid or cold weather can sometimes trigger bronchitis in children. So extra precautions should be taken during these weather conditions. Keeping the room warm, wearing appropriate clothes and winter wear can help.
  • Wash hands regularly can help to prevent infections leading to bronchitis in children.

Home Remedies for Bronchitis in Children

Some home remedies for bronchitis in children can be useful to manage the condition in some cases.

  • Rose Hips – Rose Hips are the most commonly used home remedies for bronchitis in children because it is a rich source of vitamin c and bio-flavonoids which are helpful for loosening the mucus. Rose Hips are easily available in several decaffeinated fruit-flavored teas which can be given to the children with bronchitis.
  • Cranberry Juice – Cranberry Juice is very helpful in fighting viral infections because it weakens the capability of the infection causing germs to adhere to the cell. You can mix an ounce of cranberry juice with rose hips tea or lemonade as it is the perfect combination and known for its protective role.
  • Elderly Syrup – This syrup is widely used in Israel because it shares similar properties as cranberry and grape which are helpful for fighting viral infections. As viral infections are known to trigger bronchitis in children, preventing viral infections can help.
  • Green Tea – It is power packed with bio-flavonoids which is known to enhance the anti-infective properties of the mucus lining. Children will love to drink green tea if an ounce of lemonade is mixed with it and enjoy the benefits of this great home remedy for bronchitis.
  • Licorice Tea – It is easily available today in specialty stores in the market. This is one of the widely used home remedies for bronchitis and common cough.
  • Honey – Many doctors recommend a teaspoon of buckwheat honey to soothe the cough caused due to bronchitis. But, honey is only recommended to children above 1 year of age for the risk of gastric trouble is high in younger babies.
  • Turmeric Powder – Turmeric powder is the most commonly used home remedy for bronchitis in children. You may mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder into a glass of milk and take it 2-3 times a day for best results. For more effective outcomes, it is necessary to offer the milk and turmeric drinks early in the morning with empty stomach and at bedtime.
  • Hot Fomentation – Hot fomentation on the back and chest of the child can help relieve the impact of bronchitis in children. It is the most common and natural home remedy for bronchitis and can offer instant relief to the child.
  • Rubbing of Chest – You will come across with a variety of chest rubs that comprise camphor compound and eucalyptus. However, it is important to check which one suits best regarding specific fragrances; rubbing over sensitive skin and consumption of it must be avoided.
  • Thyme Leaves – It is found that thyme leaves are very helpful home remedy in reducing the severity of bronchitis in children. You can simply put 1 tsp of thyme leave into a tea bowl and add hot water into it to make a cup of tea and leave it to cool down sufficiently. Add honey to this tea and a great home remedy for bronchitis in children is ready.
  • Ivy Juice Syrup – This is also an effective home remedy for bronchitis and is easily available today at health food stores. You may drink this syrup to get relief from the cough in bronchitis.

Although there are several home remedies available for bronchitis, it is necessary to follow medical advice. The best way to treat this condition is to take enough rest. Prevention of bronchitis is equally essential. Chronic bronchial cough or any worsening of symptoms must be reported for immediate medical assistance.

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