How Long Does Bronchitis Last & What To Take For It?

If you are suffering from a nagging cough due to cold, it could be the symptom of acute bronchitis. In the terminology of medicine, acute relates to the condition that remains for a short period. Bronchitis occurs if the bronchial tubes develop inflammation. These tubes are responsible for the functioning of the body as they carry oxygen from the wind pipes to the lungs.

The condition of bronchitis additionally causes wheezing and makes it difficult for the patient to catch a breath. In order to consider whether the illness is bronchitis or not, it is preferable to see a doctor who would determine whether it is an allergy or acute bronchitis.

How Long Does Bronchitis Last?

Acute bronchitis fades away on its own. But, if you are suffering from chronic bronchitis then it might take a while to completely get rid of it. Your doctor is the right person to know about the duration of the treatment and time period/ duration to get rid of bronchitis. Finding out whether the condition is acute or chronic bronchitis is of immense help. If you have breathing problems and cough for more than 6 months or a year, then it is chronic bronchitis. In such cases, the treatment is ongoing and a long-term health issue.

How Long Does Bronchitis Last?

A few people have chronic bronchitis until the end. There are those who can reduce it or treated it completely with proper treatment. Nonetheless, it reverts if the cured patient begins smoking. Curing chronic bronchitis requires medications and lifestyle changes. Improving lung functioning is essential for the overall operation of the body.

Simple Changes to Reduce Bronchitis

If you are a smoker, seeking therapy will be of help in quitting smoking. Smoking not only causes cancer but also elevates bronchitis to its peak stage. Another factor to consider is avoiding things that can cause irritation to the lungs such as dust, air pollution, and secondhand smoke. Washing hands every time before you eat is also a significant impact on lowering the infections that increase irritation to the lungs.

The above steps are helpful if you think you have acute bronchitis. If you still feel that the symptoms you experience are continuing, then it is time to look for a doctor. When you visit the doctor, you will have to talk openly about the bronchitis symptoms that you are experiencing. You will have to answer questions to such as:

  • How long have you been coughing?
  • Are there any blood signs in the sputum?
  • Have you ever felt chest tightness?
  • Do you feel wheezing when you are coughing?
  • Do you find it difficult to breathe after a short walk or run?

Based on the answers, the doctor will carry out a physical examination to pinpoint the reason behind the occurrence of Bronchitis. In most of the cases, the doctor will listen to your chest while you are coughing. It will provide him with a clear picture of the underlying reason. However, in rare cases, the doctor will prescribe you to undergo a chest x-ray, sputum culture, and spirometry.

What to Take For Bronchitis?

What to Take For Bronchitis?

For acute bronchitis, the doctor would simply recommend intake of excessive fluids and rest. Acute bronchitis fades away on its own. With the help of excessive fluids and rest, you are only speeding up the recovery process. Additional treatments may include:

  • Pain relievers can be taken for bronchitis.
  • Use humidifier.
  • You can also take cough suppressant that helps in clearing the airways.

You Can Take Antibiotics for Bronchitis

Antibiotics are helpful in fighting against several infections caused by different bacteria. However, acute bronchitis is the reason due to viral infection. Therefore, using antibiotics will be of no help.

If you have chronic ailments such as asthma, allergies, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, then you will require the need of an inhaler apart from other treatments for Bronchitis. If you are already using medicines, while consulting with the doctor, it is preferable to state the medications that you are undertaking to ensure that there will be no reaction.

Curing Bronchitis at Home

As you have understood that bronchitis can occur as acute and chronic, it is time for you to identify the same. Based on it, you will have the opportunity to choose the right treatment path. Apart from medicines and cutting down on smoking/alcohol consumption, and other products that cause irritation to the lungs, you can also find a cure at home.

To begin with, keep away from foods that are irritating, or that elevate a cough. Add breathing exercises as part of your daily routine to ensure that the lungs and the surrounding muscles function appropriately. With these few steps, you will sense a change in the Bronchitis symptoms. Chough becomes milder and drier as days pass by.

You may feel tired all through this period, but taking a rest at this time is of immense help. Do not expect to regain energy instantly.

If you see no changes or if you feel sick again, consult your doctor immediately. The occurrence of bronchitis in such cases could be due to bacterial infections.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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