14 Strategies To Deal With Stress After A Long Work Day

It can be quoted as a bad sign if your job is giving you some post work stress or workday stress that compels you to punch the walls down. When the anxiety follows you from your workplace, the situation becomes quite difficult to handle and it may interfere with your health as well as relationships. Even your work performance can suffer as you will not be able to manage the activities and recharge to carry out all the necessary tasks that have to be submitted on time.

Strategies to Deal with Stress after a Long Work Day

In today’s times, finding and using various ways to reduce the workplace stress is merely not enough. As there is a proven fact that the stress can never be eliminated, it is better to find some new ways to reduce the impact of stress even after a tiring day at your workplace. If you are counting yourself in those groups of people who have a hard time in coping with the stress at work, then these 14 strategies might be of great help to de-stress after a long work day:

  1. Write Down Your Achievements of The Day: Take some time to relax and embrace your glory. Studies have shown that people who spent some time writing about their success and glory showed lower levels of stress at the end of the work day. All the tiny achievements can be written down in a diary, just to relieve the work related stress out of the mind without any limitations.
  2. Don’t Make a Habit of Carrying Work to Home: Carrying forward the office work at home can be counted as a major evil in giving rise to boundless stress levels. When you manage your workload on time, no job will seem too hard or tough to accomplish. The work that you carry at home will often put you in deep stress that will prove to be disturbing for your family, friends and relatives. When you do not complete work on time, your mind will keep wandering elsewhere while you are at home. If you are looking forward to meet the daily deadline, try waking up early in the morning to finish it or else leave the stress behind and complete the work after getting back to office.
  3. Prepare an Evening Schedule to Look Forward to: Rely on romantic dinners, fantasy footballs or your favorite sitcom to get relief from stress after a long work day. In short, plan something that will allow you to be occupied rather than thinking about work. When you have the after-work time planned well, you will not be struck with boredom. When our mind gets bored, it often tends to think about those matters that have been left behind and it in turn triggers anxiety.
  4. Change to Comfortable Clothes After The Work Day: The functioning of our mind and body often works in sync with the clothes we wear. When you finish work, get rid of that suit and tie and focus on wearing something that is comfortable for you. De-stressing is the key, so you need to cue your mind that the workday has already ended and it is time for you to relax by pushing all the stress aside. This can help you in managing the stress levels and indulge in an activity that relaxes your mind completely.
  5. Wash Your Hands: Even if the workday is over, some people often find it difficult to switch with their other daily chores. You may even go back in time where you were in a meeting and have made some wrong decisions in favor of the subject. By simply washing the hands with mild soap and water, the mind can be cleared of disturbing thoughts and the slate can be wiped cleaned. This may sound silly, but studies have shown washing hands can help in clearing the mind of doubtful thoughts and concentrate on other things thereby providing relief from work stress.
  6. Give Yourself a Break From Work: Most people often find it difficult in dealing with the post-work stress. This is due to the fact that they have to take care of the work that is unfinished and have returned home without completing it on time. If you are this kind of individual, then you will have to make an effort to leave work behind-both mentally and physically. It has to be remembered that when you are at home, your family is of prime importance. Your co-workers and the boss have to be left behind as your after-work time is for your kids, wife and family members. Do not make work your entire life and focus on other things as well.

  7. Take Time Alone: To get rid of anxiety and pressure that comes along with the work stress, it is necessary for some guys to spend a little time alone so that the mind can stay peacefully. This can be helpful for those who have a lot to handle and deal with different people for an entire day at work. At such times, tell your wife or husband that you will help them later in preparing a meal and allow your mind to rest a little. This transition will help you in switching from such tedious situations and you will be able to relieve the work stress as well.
  8. Take a Shower With Warm or Cold Water: Some people often find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep after a long and tiring day at work. In such instances, taking a warm bath can be of great help. Step into the bathroom and take shower. Let the warm water take away all the long work day stress from your body and mind, which will render a soothing effect on you. This will contribute to a better sleep and you will feel rejuvenated while waking up along with an unusual vigor.
  9. Water the Plants or Get Involved in Garden Work To Get Rid of Work Stress: It is true that garden activities can often take away some energy from a person’s body. Experts have suggested that nature has the ability to take away stress from the body and making a person realize that the worries can be tackled easily. Various flowers and plants are a live example that life yet has beautiful things to unfold and stress will eventually reduce. Rather than wasting time in worrying about things, wear your gloves and head towards the garden area for gardening.
  10. Get into a Fitness Routine: Exercise is the best way to relieve the body from all types of stresses and can cure anxiety as well. When a person tends to exercise on a regular basis, the hormones that are essential for keeping the mind happy will be generated in huge amounts. It does not matter when and what type of exercise you love to do. You can either go for an early morning jog or indulge in an evening exercise series. As long as you are a part of an exercise plan, your mind stays out of all the work related stress and your body stays fit too. This way, the symptoms of anxiety and stress can be averted. Thus, a better balance between the body and mind will be maintained with a regular exercise.

  11. Spend 15 Minutes Time in Meditation: Transcendental meditation and yoga can be of great help in relaxing the mind completely. This will also tend to grant an individual some deeper sense of realization about the things that are being undertaken in his or her daily life. With a regular meditation, the anxiety and the stress levels can be managed without any hassles. Moreover, concentration while meditating can be effective for you to completely relax and take away the stress from your mind. In short, work related stress and anxiety can be alleviated from the mind in natural ways rather than relying on some medications that come with a host of side effects. When you tend to spare some time for meditation, it will become easier for you to handle things in a better way without too much of work related worries. It sets the mind in a trance and soothes it entirely with monotonous breathing patterns.
  12. Talk About Your Day With Your Spouse: Speaking about disturbed and stressful events at work place can help you in venting the thoughts that are troubling your mind. When you keep on speaking about the stressful events over and over again, the anxiety can be reduced. If you find something that has happened unusually or out of track at work place or had a hard day at work, speak about it. A frustration in its lower or sublime levels can be too easy to handle and forget. When you will not verbalize the situation, it might become difficult to handle in the future.
  13. Read Your Favorite Novel: Reading your favorite book can be counted amongst the most effective ways for getting rid of stressful issues at work or the stress of a long work day. Avoid reading from an eBook reader or a soft copy of the book. Pick a book with hard or soft cover. Relax in an armchair and let your mind travel through the story that is mentioned in the book. This will help your mind in relaxing and you will be able to save your eyes from harmful radiations of your device as well. Reading can help in relaxing the mind as it fills them with positive feelings.
  14. Get Rid of Your Digital Devices Before Bedtime: Switching off the devices completely can crash the career of some people. You might not get messages from your boss and might miss out on important things as well. Nevertheless, when you constantly keep on checking your phone for any news, you will not be able to separate your mind from such thoughts. Thus, the work will occupy your personal life as well. Understand the right work methods and even if you have to manage working for some time, be sure to reduce the frequency of checking your phone. Stick to the plan until you become habitual with it.

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