How To Stop Bedwetting In Adults?

About Bedwetting In Adults

Bedwetting may be a common problem in children across the globe but there are many adults in the United States who also have a problem with wetting the bed at night. This condition is medically termed as nocturnal enuresis. There can be many causes for bedwetting in adults, namely an overactive bladder, a urinary tract infection, bladder irritation and many more. This condition is normally seen in people above the age of 60 who have a problem controlling their bladder before they can go to the restroom. This in medical terms is called as urinary incontinence.

While medical conditions causing bedwetting in adults can be treated with medications, there are certain lifestyle changes which the affected individual can incorporate in his or her daily lives which can definitely address the problem of wetting the bed at night in adults. This article gives a brief overview of some of the treatment options for bedwetting in adults.

How To Stop Bedwetting In Adults?

How To Stop Bedwetting In Adults?

As stated, there are certain lifestyle modifications that an individual can incorporate in the daily life which can be extremely beneficial for an individual who has a problem with wetting the bed at night. These lifestyle changes are:

  • Limited fluid intake especially before going to bed at night
  • Abstain or consume in moderation any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, especially before bedtime
  • Timed voiding is extremely essential when it comes to controlling bedwetting at night in adults. The individual needs to go to the restroom every couple of hours even if he or she does not feel the urge to urinate to prevent wetting the bed.
  • Completely empty the bladder before going to sleep even if the urge is not wake up at night to urinate and therby prevent wetting the bed.
  • Some elderly people utilize adult diapers in case if they urinate so that they can prevent soiling their clothes which is also a viable option for adults who wet the bed at night.

In cases where bedwetting in adults is caused by a medical condition then there are medications which can help resolve the issue.

For people suffering from irritated bladder, use of anticholinergic medications have shown good efficacy in preventing an individual from wetting the bed at night.

For urinary tract infections, antibiotics may be given to treat the infection and prevent an individual from wetting the bed at night. A medication called desmopressin acetate is known to slow down the production of urine at night. This can also be taken at the discretion of the healthcare provider to prevent bedwetting in adults.

In some rare cases, sleep apnea is also known to cause bedwetting in adults, getting a sleep study done and getting treatment for the condition can also help prevent adult from wetting the bed at night.

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