Benefits of Bilberry on Skin & Eye Health, Blood Circulation

Having problem with eyes? Looking out for an effective natural remedy? Bilberry medicine can be used for improving eyesight and night vision. This plant has a historical benefit as bilberry was used in World War II by British Air Force pilots to improve their night vision. Due to its medicinal benefits, bilberry is commonly used for various eye disorders and cataract. Know the health benefits of bilberry and enjoy a healthy life.

Bilberry consists of chemicals known as tannins, which help in improving swelling, mouth irritation, diarrhea etc. There are various evidences that chemicals present in bilberry can help in lowering cholesterol and sugar levels in the body. Researches have proved that chemicals found in flavonoids in bilberry can also be used in improvement of blood circulation. Along with eye health benefits, many other health benefits of bilberry are popular.

Benefits of Bilberry on Skin & Eye Health, Blood Circulation

Health Benefits of Bilberry

Many people also believe that bilberry can be useful in treating hardening of blood vessels, improving blood flow in veins and chest pain. It is also useful in treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, gastro-intestinal problems, kidney diseases, skin infections, osteoarthritis, hemorrhoids, diabetes and urinary tract infections. It can be applied directly inside the mouth and also used for treatment of throat soreness. There are several skin and eye health benefits of bilberry which most people don’t pay attention to.

Some health benefits of bilberry include the following:

Skin Health Benefits of Bilberry

Bilberry extract juice can help in treatment of skin inflammation. It can also be used as an antioxidant. Bilberry berries are rich in phenolic compounds and offer protection against inflammation and cell damage. The extracts of bilberry can also help in prevention of plaques in arteries. It can be used to prevent the blood vessels from hardening and helps in boosting overall heart health. Researches have proved that bilberry extract can offer significant improvement of overall health and even help in boosting blood circulation to larger extent.

Eye Health Benefits of Bilberry

Bilberry is considered to be useful in improvement of eye sight including close and distant vision. Various researches have proved that many eye formulas contain bilberry as this herb provides powerful eye health benefits, in addition to other health benefits. It is a significant ingredient that can be used for both distant and close vision. There are claims that bilberry, along with vision improvement also helps to improve night vision, color perception and your ability to see distant objects.

Blood Circulation Benefits of Bilberry

Bilberry can help in improving disorders of blood circulation. Various researches have suggested that intake of around 170+mg of bilberry extract daily for 30 days can help in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency.

Consumption of around 100-400 mg of bilberry for six months can help in improvement of swelling, pain, burning and bruising related to CVI. It can also be used in treatment of various retina problems and complications of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Bilberry Dosage

It is important to understand the correct dosage of bilberry and the ideal composition of bilberry extract per dose. 10-100 mg of extract is available in the form of pill or liquid form. There are various herbal products available in the market, you can take these after proper consultation.

The typical dose of dried and ripe berries is around 20-60 gm every day. Many prefer to drink mashed berries, around 5-10 gms or 1-2 tablespoons in their tea. You can consume 160mg of bilberry extract twice every day to help in improvement of retina problems. Another form of bilberry is available known as leaf. It can be used as tea. Steep 1 gm, 1-2 tablespoons fine chopped leaf in boiled water and then strain the mixture. Be careful about usage of bilberry leaf and avoid keeping it for long term.

Medication Interaction with Bilberry

There are several medications containing bilberry and you can use bilberry leaves for decreasing blood sugar as well. It is important to understand that bilberry can interact differently with other medicines and cause significant problem. For example, if you are taking diabetes medications already and trying to use bilberry leaves alongside, it can dramatically reduce blood sugar, which may be harmful. Hence, such herbal treatments are best taken only after proper consultation and considering the existing ailments and ongoing medications.

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