Benefits of Soursop Leaves: Skin, Hair, Gout, Sleep, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Blood Disorders, Hypertension

Alternative sources of medicine have become extremely popular in the recent times as there is no use of man-made chemicals. These natural substances are very useful and beneficial in treating a number of health problems. One of the most popular natural substances in this regard is Soursop. It is a broad-leafed evergreen, flowery plant with large prickly green coloured fruit that is native to the forests of Central and South America, Africa and the Caribbean, and even in Southeast Asia, where it is also cultivated commercially.

Soursop is also known as Graviola and its scientific name is Annona muricata. The fruit has a very delicious sweet and sour taste that somewhere has a similarity with a combination of the tastes of strawberry and pineapple. The slightly acidic white, juicy, pulpy and soft flesh of this fruit looks similar to that of custard apple.

Benefits of Soursop Leaves

About Soursop Leaves:

Soursop is one of those plants that are extremely rich in medicinal properties and every part of the plant, including the fruit, the leaves, the roots and even the bark of the tree has amazing medicinal values. However, the soursop leaves, amongst these, need special attention as they have properties to treat a number of health problems, physical ailments as well as hair and skin troubles.

Skin Benefits of Soursop Leaves

  1. Soursop Leaves are Beneficial for Healthy Skin

    If you have pimple problem, eczema and other skin problems that result in rashes, boils and eruptions in the skin, it can be treated well with the application of soursop leaves. Making a paste of the fresh and young soursop leaves and applying the raw soursop leaves paste directly on the eruptions and problematic areas will reduce the problem significantly, treating it within a very short span. It certainly is quite painful to apply the paste raw, but the effect and result is amazing and fast. Application of this paste on the affected area and drinking the concoction while fasting will ensure that problems like eczema and oedema are treated.

  2. Anti-ageing Beneficial Property of Soursop Leaves:

    Soursop leaves, just like the fruit itself is a rich source of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. It works extremely well in fighting the free radicals, which are the root causes of ageing and also in promoting a number of skin infections and disorders. Application of soursop leaf paste and consumption of the concoction on a regular basis is quite beneficial for the skin in delaying ageing. Vitamin C can also deal with wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration of skin.

Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Healthy Hair

  1. Soursop Leaves are Beneficial in Treating General Hair Problems:

    From dandruff to hair fall, split ends to rough and damaged hair and even greying of hair, soursop leaves have the power to treat all the general hair problems. Making a paste of the soursop leaves and applying it on to the scalp and making a tea of the leaves to use it as a rinse is exceptionally useful for the hair. The vitamin C of the leaves helps in treating dandruff and hair loss.

  2. Benefits of Soursop Leaves in Treating Head Lice:

    Those, who suffer from head lice problems and cannot get rid of them, can be highly benefited with the soursop leaves. Making a paste of these leaves and applying it raw on the scalp and rinsing the hair with the tea of these leaves can help you eliminate head lice fast and easy.

Other Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves:

  1. Soursop Leaves & its Benefit in Treating Cancer:

    According to an article that was published in 1997 in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry by the Cancer Centres of America, the chemical composite of Soursop leaves were found to be more effective than chemotherapy treatment in prohibiting the growth of cancerous cells. About 12 different types of cancer were fought well with the consumption of the juice of these leaves. These included breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and others.

    Research studies have shown that the Soursop leaves have been 10,000 times more effective in fighting and prohibiting cancer growth than any other potential treatments. Not just in prohibiting the growth of the cancer cells, but also in dealing with the side-effects of chemotherapy, these leaves have been very effective. The most beneficial aspect of this natural ingredient is that it has no harmful effect on the healthy cells of the body. The journals and papers published in The Health and Sciences Institute, clearly pronounced about the harmlessness and absence of side-effects, while the leaves treat or deal with cancer. For that, Soursop leaves are boiled in water and the patients suffering from cancer is given this potion twice a day for about two weeks.

  2. Soursop Leaves are Beneficial in Treating Osteoporosis, Back Pain and Other Rheumatic Ailments:

    Back pain and pain in other parts of the body is a very natural phenomenon. It can be caused by osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Soursop leaves have a very high calcium and phosphorus content. Hence, they can easily prevent bone troubles like osteoporosis. For that, the juice of the leaves must be consumed regularly. However, in relieving the rheumatic pains like the pain of arthritis, applying the paste of these leaves on the affected area can be very beneficial. For treating rheumatism and other arthritis related pains, the smooth paste of these leaves must be applied twice a day.

    To reduce back pain, you need to boil about 20 soursop leaves in 5 cups of water and reduce it to about 3 cups. Drinking ¾ cup of this water once every day would treat back pain. If the leaves are handy and it is not possible to make the concoction, you can simply chew them and it will reduce the excessive pain, with its analgesic properties.

  3. Benefits of Soursop Leaves in Treating Gout:

    Another bone problem that most people suffer from is gout. For treating gout, the extracts of the soursop leaves are very useful. To make the concoction, take 6 to 10 of the soursop leaves and clean and wash them. Cut them or tear them in such a way that the juices and contents within, come out. Boil the leaves in 2 cups of water and let it simmer, until the water is reduced to 1 cup. Drink this concoction twice a day. It works great in reducing uric acid, which is the root cause of gout, in the body.

  4. Soursop Leaves Can be Beneficial in Treating Ulcers:

    Not just the bone problems, but soursop leaves have the medicinal properties to reduce the size of ulcers or boils in the organs of the body and also treat them completely. Even if the ulcers are external, the paste of these leaves can be applied raw on to the ulcers. The paste of these leaves can reduce the inflammation of mouth ulcers almost instantly.

    In case of internal ulcers, you need to boil these leaves in water and drink the water to reduce the inflammation, the size of the ulcers and also to treat them. However, for best results, only young leaves should be used.

  5. Benefits of Soursop Leaves in Treating Blood Disorders:

    Soursop leaves have a very high iron content. Hence, if these leaves are used for making tea or a concoction and are consumed every day, it will reduce a number of blood disorders like anaemia. Consumption of the soursop leaf concoction increases the red blood cell count.

  6. Soursop Leaf Benefits in Treating Hypertension:

    Hypertension, which is a consequence of high blood pressure, is an alarming factor for the ensuing health troubles. If left unnoticed, it can cause heart problems and if the pregnant women suffer from this problem, it might lead to the death of the infant. Hence, a natural ingredient like soursop leaf can be very useful in naturally reducing the high blood pressure back to normal, without any side effects; rather with many other health benefits.

  7. Soursop Leaves Can Help Treat Sleeplessness:

    Those, who suffer from extreme stress and sleeplessness, can use soursop leaves for promoting sleepiness. Soursop leaves have Trytophan, which is a chemical that can effectively promote sleepiness. These soursop leaves can be used for aromatherapy and they can infuse the properties of Tryophan in the body; thus promoting sleep.

  8. Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Lowering Body Temperature:

    Soursop leaves are used as natural treatment for lowering body temperature. For treating fever and to reduce body temperature, you can add soursop leaves to the bathing water. People in Africa use this in bathing water in order to stay cool and to keep the body temperature low.

  9. Soursop Leaves Can Help Boost Immnity:

    Annohexocin, annocatalin, linoleic acid and anomurine etc. are some of the key elements that can fight the attacking diseases and protect the body from illness. Soursop leaves have these elements in abundance and hence, they work as an amazing immunity booster. Drinking the concoction of soursop leaves for about a month will show the immunity system growing better.

  10. Soursop Leaves help in Fighting Infection:

    Those, who repeatedly suffer from viral and bacterial diseases, can be benefited with the antibacterial and anti-viral properties of soursop leaves. If you suffer from such ailment frequently, regular consumption of soursop concoction will help in faster recovery, making the immunity strong.

  11. Benefits of Soursop Leaves in Treating Diabetes:

    A natural and side-effect free remedy to keep diabetes and blood sugar level at bay is to consume the soursop leaf concoction daily.

    Hence, it can be inferred from these widespread benefits of soursop leaves that not only the fruit, but also the leaves of soursop are of much use. Certainly the fruit is much eligible to be in your diet, while the leaves must be used to keep off the diseases and health, skin and hair problems at bay.

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