Effects of Junk Food on your Child

When we speak of Burgers or Pizzas, they seem to be mouth watering dishes. This is especially true in case of children. The ease with which we get junk food like those mentioned above along with its price and the taste is quite a good option to keep the children happy but the downside of Junk Food in regard to the overall health of children is something which very few people understand.

Children who have a habit of eating junk food on a frequent basis pay a heavy price in the long run as frequent consumption of junk food may lead to a variety of different problems both mentally and physically. Eating junk food is very addictive and to make the children shy away from them is very difficult once they have been habituated to it. Eating Junk Food may not only lead to early obesity in children but it may also affect the overall immunity of the child resulting in the child being frequently sick due to some or the other illness or infection.

Eating junk food may also lead to certain psychological effects in which the child may have low self esteem and end up suffering from depression which may prove very costly. The following article gives a brief overview of how Junk Food Affects Children Negatively.

Effects of Junk Food on your Child

Effects of Junk Food on your Child

We have spoken above about the various downsides of eating junk food, especially in children. Below mentioned are some of the points on how junk food affects a child negatively.

Focus and Concentration: Studies have shown that diet plays a very important role in how a child does academically. Junk food is extremely high on sugar content and saturated fats and this sucks out all the energy from the child and also negatively impacts the ability of a child to concentrate and focus on studies or tasks at hand for a long period of time resulting in them scoring not according to their real potential. This is just one effect of how junk food impacts a child negatively.

Physical Activity: As much as studies, physical activity is also very essential for children for their overall development but children who frequently consume junk food do not get the essential nutrients which make them physically inactive and thus make them more lethargic making them unable to participate in any form of physical activity. This is yet another harmful effect of junk food on your child.

Obesity: This is another condition which can arise out of eating junk food regularly. This is more so for children as proven by studies conducted by various researchers. In fact it is proven that junk food is a hazardous precursor for Obesity and children who eat junk food regularly are at an increased risk for becoming overweight and obese at a very young age which will torment them not only physically but emotionally as well since they will not be able to partake in any rigorous physical activity and emotionally also they will be quite down. The risk of obesity is increased when consuming fast foods as they contain a lot of saturated fats, carbohydrates, and added sugars in a single meal, which is too much for the body of a child to handle and this fat slowly starts to get stored in the body resulting in obesity.

Chronic Illness: One of the harmful effects of children eating junk food is that they are more susceptible to falling fall sick than their peers. Children who binge on junk food are at increased risk for developing cholesterol and heart problems at a young age due to the amount of fat and cholesterol present in junk foods. It may also result in premature diabetes.

Low Self-Esteem and Depression: Children with good self confidence and a high self esteem tend to do better than children who are low on self esteem. Regularly eating junk food can make a child overweight in no time and this dents the self confidence of a child in a big way. Along with obesity there are other factors like inability to concentrate hard and focus on studies leading to low grades also adds to the already low self esteem of the child. As times passes, what starts as low self confidence and low self esteem grows into depression which may have disastrous results, including suicidal or homicidal ideations and in some cases may even lead to attempts at harming oneself.

In conclusion, it can be clearly said that while Junk Food may be good on price and pleasing to the taste buds, it has detrimental harmful effects on your childs over development and health.

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