Health Benefits of Plums During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best phase in every woman’s life. Every woman in her pregnancy looks for keeping self and the baby in het womb healthy. Fruits are one of the most crucial foods essential for everyone, and most importantly for every pregnant woman. If you are pregnant and are looking for some seasonal fruits health benefits then you will be amazed by some of the best health benefits of eating plums during pregnancy. In this article we will talk about the health benefits of plums during pregnancy.


Plums are among the most tasteful fruits which help to maintain both your body and body healthy. They are highly rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Potassium and fibers. Apart from these, both fresh and dried plums contain 2 phytonutrients known as Neoclorogenic and Chlorogenic acid; which have strong antioxidant qualities which destroy free radicals attacking human cells.

Plums have natural sugar content in it which makes it have high energy properties. Plums are important because of various reasons. They contain the phenols and several other beneficial compounds which protect the natural layer of fat that make up the human brain. Plums are also essential for improving healthy life by banishing tiredness and stress. More about the health benefits of plums during pregnancy would be discussed in the following arrays of the article.

Health Benefits of Plums During Pregnancy

Health Benefits of Plums During Pregnancy:

Here below are some of the best health benefits of Plums during pregnancy.

  1. Plums Prevent Premature Labour:

    One of the major pregnancy fears for women is going in to premature labor. Premature labor can mean many things and also can lead to stillbirth. If you want to keep away from premature labour then you can take plums during your pregnancy. Plum contains a fair amount of magnesium which relaxes your muscles. This can in turn aid you avoid premature contraction and labor.

  2. Plums Prevent Constipation and Haemorrhoids:

    During pregnancy most women face the problem of constipation. It is that during this time, all those additional hormones and the growing uterus take a huge toll on the digestive system of the pregnant women, making it very sluggish. This leads to the problems like constipation, bloating and haemorrhoids. Plums, being rich in fiber, help it ease your bowel movement and thereby make you feel better.

  3. Enhances Bone Health:

    Plums can be very useful in enhancing bone health. They are loaded with Vitamin K which along with calcium and vitamin D, keeps your bones healthy and strong. It is essential for you to have stronger and healthier bones during pregnancy. Calcium contents are highly essential for you to consume during your pregnancy as it also aids in developing your baby’s skeletal structure. So, adding foods rich in calcium, vitamin D can be beneficial for you during pregnancy. Thus, plums make a good food for pregnant women

  4. Eliminates Stress and Fatigue:

    Many women during their pregnancy complain about tiredness. Though the exact reason is not known yet there are various ways to come out of this tiredness, stress or fatigue condition. Adding plums to your diet during pregnancy is a great way to kick of energy as they are rich in potassium and antioxidants.

  5. Prevents Blood Clotting:

    Plums are also helpful in preventing blood clotting. These fruits contain a huge amount of vitamin K which are actually known to prevent clotting of blood.

  6. Enhances Immune System:

    Plums can be beneficial in improving the immune system. It is very true that during pregnancy we all do not desire the most common illnesses like flu, cold etc. So, taking plums, which are known to be rich in vitamin C and also known to strengthen the immune system; is the best way to keep away from illnesses during pregnancy.

  7. Helps in Managing Gestational Diabetes:

    Gestational diabetes is pretty common during pregnancy. In case you are pregnant and want to avoid this condition of gestational diabetes then you need to ensure that your diet consists of foods with low glycemic index. Plums are one of the best fruits you can consume so as to prevent and manage Gestational diabetes during pregnancy, because of their low glycemic index.

  8. Regulates Blood Pressure:

    A high blood pressure or preeclampsia can be really fatal during pregnancy. Plums are rich in potassium content which can regulate blood pressure. Apart from this, the fiber content present in plum can also help in reducing the risk of preeclampsia. Thus; taking plums during pregnancy are beneficial in regulating blood pressure and keeping safe from the serious effects of high blood pressure.

  9. Prevents Heart Diseases:

    Plums can be helpful in preventing heart diseases. They are low in fat content and also they do not contain saturated fats; which can increase the risk of heart attack via the increase of cholesterol. So taking plums during pregnancy can be helpful in preventing heart problems.

  10. Prevents Cancer:

    Plums are known to be beneficial in preventing various types of cancer, because of the reddish-bluish pigments(known as antocyanin) present in the plums. Preventing cancers in pregnant women is highly essential for the mother and the child, so taking plums regularly can help in combating cancer.

  11. Improves Memory:

    It is also known that plums are beneficial in improving memory. Eating at least 3 plums each day helps you in eliminating damaged cells that affect your memory. This is because of the antioxidants present in the plums. So, pregnant woman can be benefited by eating plums in keeping a sharp memory which is essential for them

  12. Plum Helps to Combat Anaemia:

    Pregnant women have chances of suffering from anaemia because of various reasons. However, taking plums regularly during pregnancy can combat anemia. This is not because of the increased iron content but because of the action of vitamin C which is involved in the absorption of iron in th digestive organs that in turn plays a crucial rol in preventing and treating iron deficiency anaemia.

  13. Plum are Ideal for Diet During Pregnancy:

    Plums are low in calories and this makes them a perfect food to be added in your regular diet if you are pregnant. Each plum contains at least 30 calories. These calories from plums can be easily burned only by 4-5 minutes of swimming.

Side Effects of Eating Plums During Pregnancy:

Though plums are known to be highly essential during pregnancy; yet there may be few side effects of plums which must be known. Below are few side effects of eating plums.

  1. Kidney Stones:

    Plums are loaded with oxalates and thus, if you are prone to kidney stones you must avoid taking plums as they can increase the chance of kidney stones and other related symptoms

  2. Contains Zero Calories:

    Plums contain zero calories. However during pregnancy you need extra calories so as to gain weight and also to help your baby grow. Taking too many plums may fill your stomach up but won’t provide much-needed calories.


Eating plums during pregnancy is generally safe and healthy. However if you are worried or have any other medical conditions then do talk to your doctor and get his or her advice on the same. Talk to your doctor, especially if you have kidney stones before eating plums.

It is not just about the plums, but be sure you take a healthy and well balanced diet during your pregnancy.

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