How Long Does it Take for Probiotics to Start Working?

Microorganisms have always been of great help to us humans. The microorganisms that provide benefits to your health when consumed are called probiotics. While many of us are interested in knowing more about probiotics, it is also important to know the duration probiotics take to start showing healthy effects. Here we have a detailed understanding and discussion about how long it takes for probiotics to start working.

The term, probiotic or this concept was introduced by Elie Metchnikoff, a Nobel laureate. He proposed this concept when he found that the peasants in Bulgaria who consumed yogurts happened to live longer. Because this place happened to be a utopia for microorganisms as they can flourish in our gut with these foods that we provide and then they return us this favor.

He suggested this idea long before it came to be when he told that because these microbes depend on the food we provide, we can find out steps to grow a flora of useful microbes rather than harmful ones. These ideas all took shape into what we commercially have today as probiotics. There is still research going on to find its full potential as it has been able to cure a lot of diseases. Curd, yogurt and whey are some of the commonest products, we consume as probiotics.

How Long Does it Take for Probiotics to Start Working?

How Long Does it Take for Probiotics to Start Working?

Here comes the ultimate and the most important topic of discussion, so let’s see how long these probiotics take to start working in our body and show the healthy effects. This question can be answered only depending on the type of probiotic that you plan to take. Usually, people take a decision to choose a probiotic depending on their nutritional needs and requirements. These needs can tell you if you need them for a short time services and quick term or if they are needed for prolonged periods of time so that their effect can be for long in our bodies. So based on such criteria, these probiotics can take;

  • As short as a meagre 2-3 hours or
  • Prolonged periods like even weeks.

Those that have short term impact or take short time to start working include the probiotics that are made of DNA or parts of the cell. In most cases, it is observed that if probiotics are consumed as a natural part of your diet, for example yogurt, it can show a steady improvement. Including such foods in your daily diet is recommended to ensure proper digestion, which helps to prevent gastric troubles and boost your immune system. However, a prescribed dose of probiotics may be needed, if you have certain health problems.

Commercially prepared probiotics may be of great help when you need to improve your digestive problems or fight particular health problems. Depending on the amount of bacteria in them and your health condition, it can show effects within few hours in some cases, while it can take longer for some.

Thus, depending on the type of probiotic, for someone who is accustomed to regular intake of probiotics it may take less time for probiotics to start working. On the other hand, for a person with faulty diet habits, probiotics may take a longer time like few weeks, to start working.

How Probiotics Work?

Let me brief you on how probiotics work. Actually, when these types of probiotics are consumed, they are treated as foreign objects by our body and they are excreted out of our bodies as soon as possible as they are taken to be as potential threats. So these types of probiotics actually trigger an immune response in a very short time in our body, thereby providing quick relief

Safety Matters

Actually, these probiotics must be thoroughly checked out for their safety levels before consuming. Studies suggests that there haven’t been problems from the live forms of probiotics. But the dead ones must undergo proper scrutiny and must be checked for safety levels before being deemed as a safe probiotic. And it has been suggested by certain reports and studies that those who sell these probiotics in the name of providing health benefits must be provided in correct and sufficient amounts.

Keeping the date of expiry in mind and the requirements at least a minimum of 106 CFUs per ml or colony forming units per ml of bacteria must be provided and these amount to around 108-109 cells of the probiotic.

Another important factor is the health and safety of the person who takes these probiotics and how much it affects their body from consuming this. There are lots of studies being done on this every day. And another major fear of researchers is the usage of the parts of cells that include the usage of the DNA and their affect. So no matter if the probiotic has its effects very fast or if they are slow and take much time, the person who is going to use them must have some idea and knowledge before opting to go for one of these.

Thus, when you think about how long it takes for probiotics to start working, you know that depends on the variety of probiotics. So you shall know, both the types of probiotics exist. Some take very long time while some take very short time but provide quick relief also. Some are slow and take many weeks to even start their activity but they stay for longer periods of time. The others are quick to be activated but then they stay for a very short time in the body as they are made to leave although their impact is good.

So both are available, but the users need to be aware of their body’s requirements and the functions of both of these before opting for one of them. That’s how, these probiotics work and the time is based on your body requirements.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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