Is Fluoride Bad for You When Taken on Daily Basis?

Fluoride enters our body through various sources; may it be from drinking water, or other sources like variety of vegetables, fruits etc, processed foods and beverages such as juices, sodas, baby foods etc. We take on regular fluoride content without knowing if it is good or bad for our health. Read below to know if fluoride is bad for you when taken on daily basis.

Is Fluoride Bad for You When Taken on Daily Basis?

What Is Fluoride?

Fluorine is a pale, highly reactive gas and is the 9th element listed on the Periodic table. Fluoride is one ion of fluorine. Fluoride is found in all natural waters to some extent. It can be very high in groundwater, depending on some factors like, the types of rocks and minerals found in that region. Drinking water is the largest fluoride source.

However, fluoride is also found in many vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, grains, milk and tea etc. Processed foods and beverages like juices, sodas, sprouts drinks, baby foods etc contain high amount of fluoride. It must also be mentioned that Non-stick pans emit a fluoride gas when heated.

So, there are a lot of sources from which fluoride can enter the human body system. Most people think that fluoride is good for treating teeth problems including tooth decay. However, it has far more dangers than it is benefits. Fluoride can actually be bad for you when taken on daily basis.

Is Fluoride Bad for You When Taken on Daily Basis?

It might be that fluoride may benefit your teeth by some means and even some dentists advice using pastes rich in fluoride content for treating some dental issues; however there are a lot of health dangers that makes fluoride bad for you when taken on daily basis. Let us know about some of the facts that science is very clear about fluoride and the health hazards of fluoride here below.

Some Facts on Fluoride That Tells it is Bad for You When Taken on Daily Basis

  • Fluoride is actually a toxic industrial waste product that is actually a poison to our body, offering no great benefits to the human body. The fluoride which is added to water supplies can be contaminated with lead, arsenic, aluminium, and other industrial contaminants. Moreover, fluoride that is added to the municipal water supplies is not pharmaceutical grade.
  • Fluoride exposure comes from tap water, many toothpaste and many antibiotics.
  • Fluoride exposure for many individual can easily reach toxic levels. If you swallow, a quarter milligram of fluoride from toothpaste, then it could be toxic and you must immediately call the poison control
  • Fluoride is a cumulative poison that has been proven to be leading cause of a lot of serious health problems such as damage to the bones, endocrine system and brain.

What Makes Fluoride Bad for You When Taken on Daily Basis?

Here are some health hazards of Fluoride that makes it really bad for you when taken on daily basis.

  • Fluoride may cause spotting on your teeth or dental fluorosis.
  • There may be skeletal flurosis from fluoride toxicity which can be crippling and even deadly.
  • There may also be serious neurological effects of fluoride when taken on daily basis.
  • Fluoride may cause brain damage and a lowered IQ
  • There may be severe eye problems, including blindness when fluoride is taken in adequate amount of daily basis.
  • Fluoride when taken on daily basis can disrupt the immune system. It is also known that fluoride inhibits antibody production.
  • There may be genetic damage and cell death because of fluoride when taken in excess
  • Fluoride may also cause impaired thyroid function, bone cancer, and several muscle disorders.
  • Fluoride increase lead absorption in the body which can be even toxic.
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