Sources of Protein

Miracle foods are plenty and we need not blame the pesticides, pollution and so on. By letting your mind open to new avenues and being little objective in picking the right food, getting ample protein in your diet is pretty easy. We aim to make it much easier for you to get sufficient proteins from the sources available easily. Know about the sources of protein.

Sources of Protein

Sources of Protein

So let us begin on this interesting journey to find the protein rich foods which are the power-house performers. From the following sources of protein, you can choose your favorite ones.


Tuna fish sounds great and with its amazing protein content, it tops the list of sources of proteins. This sea food is low in calories and being a popular dish, you can find it in a store near you. This protein has high levels of omega 3 fatty acids as well which makes it nutritious and rich in anti-oxidants.


Eggs are considered to be complete food with plenty of nutrition making you energetic right after your workout. Being a source of proteins and vitamins, the anti-oxidants in it also help you get a good blood flow and glowing skin. Being a brain food, it also keeps away the risk factors of Alzheimer’s and dementia. I won’t advocate taking egg whites only as it is the complete egg which delivers you the kind of health you seek to have.


Chicken, nothing can compete with chicken when it comes to protein-rich food. You can eat it in varied form but try it in roasted form without the skin. While it is a good source of protein, it is best to combine it with salads and fiber to keep your digestion intact.


Sprouts are locally available and you will be saving a lot on your pocket as well. You may take sprouts in various forms like roasted or soaked and relish it well with pomegranate and apples flakes. You will love the taste if you can mix in some spices and lemon zest. Rich in protein, you will also get vitamin C and fiber through sprouts which keeps your digestion intact. Sprouts are indeed good sources of protein and a great pick for vegans.


Pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds are other good sources of protein, also having zinc and iron which is tough to find in other foods. These seeds are easily chewable and you may also add these in powdered form in your shakes or vegetable serving, there is nothing which you can miss out when it comes to deriving nutrition from these seeds.


Peanuts are power-packed sources of protein, which should be taken cautiously to avoid any ailment related with digestion. Being highly delicious, you will tend to take it more and when it comes to losing weight, you will find it effective too. You may also take peanuts for its high magnesium content and fiber and peanut butter also enables you to get good strength too. Munch it with your evening tea or apply peanut butter on a bread slice to enjoy your protein-rich diet working for you.


Handful of soaked almonds will give you the strength and vigor. Equipped with healthy fat, it contains essential nutrients which keep you healthy and full of energy. With rich protein content, it works wonders for your brain health and keeps your digestion is good condition as well.


Lentils, there is nothing to compete with a bowl of lentils which is basically a legume that ensures high level of protein in the safest form. You can combine lentil with rice or veggies to get enough fiber and ease your digestion. While lentils are good sources of protein, they are also rich in folate and copper. If you are a vegetarian, there is nothing better for you than lentils! You may also try other lentils such as kidney beans, chickpeas and soybeans.


Oats are very healthy and quite delicious as well, this food is loaded with vitamins and fiber, which makes it very nutritious. Not just fiber, but they are good sources of proteins too. You may have this wonder-food in the morning to keep yourself energetic throughout the day.


Milk, there is nothing better than a glassful of milk and being high on nutrition, you can enjoy it if you have no lactose intolerance or allergies. Even if you find it tough to digest milk, just add a tbsp. of some good supplement which makes it easier to digest it and helps with the absorption of vitamin D as well. Milk and milk products are good sources of proteins; so include them in your daily diet.

Greek Yogurt

Greek food can be very effective for those who feel less on energy levels. Immerse some fruits in it like strawberry or apple for taste and make sure that yogurt has a thick consistency that can make you energetic in no time. If you find it tough to digest, mix yoghurt with salt and sugar and feel hydrated and supple throughout the day.


Broccoli is nutritious, protein packed and comes with many important nutrients like vitamin C and fiber. The bioactive nutrients in it also help in protecting the cells from degeneration and prevent several diseases. Being a rich vegetable source for protein, it serves as a good option for those who do not prefer meat products.

So, in this guide, we have come with every kind of protein rich source which can be found at a local food grocery. So, pick from these good sources of protein and enjoy them with the kind of taste and nutrition you desire.

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