Amazing Health Benefits of Sweet Basil Seeds or Sabja

Basil leaves and seeds seem to be storehouse of nutrients containing some immune boosting properties. The scientific name of holy basil is “Ocimum Sanctum” whereas sweet basil is known as “Ocimum basilicum.” Basil seeds are becoming increasingly popular, especially for their health benefits. Let us know some of the amazing benefits of sweet basil seeds or sabja.

Amazing Health Benefits of Sweet Basil Seeds or Sabja

Amazing Health Benefits of Sweet Basil Seeds or Sabja

Sweet basil seeds or sabja may appear similar to chia seeds and holy basil seeds as these all are almost same in appearance. However, sweet basil seeds have their own deal of importance and are said to be rich in macro nutrients like proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Experts believe that sweet basil seeds or sabja are powerhouse of antioxidants that offer amazing health benefits. They not only can benefit the skin and hair, but are also good for the digestive system. Since they are harder in texture, it is better to soak them up in water before consumption. Many experts suggest taking two teaspoons of sweet basil seeds every morning to enjoy the amazing health benefits.

As the sweet basil seeds are hard in texture, they are not meant to be taken directly. They should be soaked in water overnight to let the black film over them soften making them gelatinous. Moreover, this way they take in water and become almost double their size. As a beginner, if you are thinking of taking them, soak about two teaspoon full of them in a glass of lukewarm water and take them up with the water. Warm water would add to the benefits as it would allow the antioxidants to release fully and also aid in digestion.

Sweet basil seeds or sabja do not have any prominent smell or taste, hence, can be added in a variety of dishes to enjoy the health benefits. Blended with a smoothie, infused in lemonade or sprinkled over custard, they can add freshness and appearance to your recipes. To turn your calorie loaded dish healthy, sprinkle a handful of them and you are ready to go.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of sweet basil seeds.

Sweet basil seeds or sabja are widely used in Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda, owing to their amazing health benefits. Soon they have become popular even in the Western countries.

Sweet Basil for Weight Loss

The most appreciated amazing health benefit of sweet basil seeds is that they help you lose weight. These seeds contain alpha-linolenic acid that is extracted from omega-3 fatty acids. This acid can help to improve fat burning metabolism in the body thereby helping to get rid of the extra fat accumulated inside the body. Moreover, being rich in fiber, basil seeds help to control appetite preventing you from taking those unnecessary calories. Adding them over a fruit salad, a cup of plain yoghurt or simply a glass of plain water could be good way to manage your hunger cravings.

Powerhouse of Nutrients

Known to be rich in almost all major macronutrients, consumption of basil seeds could be a blessing for your body. The most amazing health benefit of sweet basil seeds or sabja is that it can keep illnesses at bay. Proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and essential fats are loaded up in these seeds making them an important ingredient in traditional medicine.

Regulates Body Heat

You might be surprised, but sweet basil seeds are a perfect way to beat the summer heat. In some countries, they are infused in with drinks to prepare a perfect summer cooler. Being the best natural coolants, they can help to maintain body temperature and therefore, are widely used in preparation of milkshakes, lemonade and refreshing drinks. This is yet another amazing health benefit of basil seeds as they can protect your from sun stroke.

Controls Type-2 Diabetes

Having properties to regulate blood sugar, sweet basil seeds or sabja can be helpful for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. These seeds can dampen the process that involves conversion of carbohydrates into glucose, thereby helping to control sugar levels. Drinking them soaked in a glass of milk in breakfast can start your morning with energy and give you amazing health benefits.

Provides Relief from Stomach Upset and Constipation

Known as a natural detoxifying agent, sweet basil seeds have an important role to play in bowel movement. In case you have been suffering from constipation, the seeds can come to your rescue. Drink them with a glass of milk before bedtime to get relieved from constipation. Moreover, they can also help in providing relief from acidity and gas trapped within the gastrointestinal tract responsible for bloating and heartburn. With these amazing health benefits of sweet basil seeds or sabja, you can have a health tummy and keep gastric problems away.

Helps in Respiratory Disorders

Respiratory issues like bronchitis, asthma can take a toll on your health. But thankfully, sweet basil seeds can help in providing some relief. Drinking contortions with these seeds could be helpful. You can mix one teaspoon of honey in a teaspoon of grated ginger and about 1 teaspoon of sweet basil seeds. Bring it to boil and drink it once in a day for a couple of days. It will keep you away from cough, cold, influenza and also help to relieve nasal congestion.

Stress Control

Known to produce a calming effect, sweet basil seeds can provide some relief from stress build-up. This is the reason they are used in aromatherapy. Incorporate them in your drinks or breakfast to start your mornings on a healthy note for improved mental strength, better mood and reduced levels of stress. These amazing health benefits of sweet basil seeds or sabja can be well appreciated when clubbed with their role in stress management.

Amazing Skin Health Benefits of Sweet Basil Seeds or Sabja

Sweet basil seeds or sabja can thankfully provide some great skin benefits too. These can help in detoxification acting as natural cleansers, keeping acne, pimple, rashes and blackheads away from your skin. Being rich in anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, sweet basil seeds can lower the risk of such infections keeping your skin stay healthy from within. To get a glowing, healthy and acne free skin, consider using ground sweet basil seeds in your home made packs and be blessed with beautiful and healthy looking skin.

You can use basil seeds in various ways and enjoy the amazing health benefits they have to offer.

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